My Superhero Lover

For some reason, when I got on, my lover had changed from Rawhide Kid to Alan Scott.

I don't WANT Alan Scott. And I can't change it back.

So here is what it was:

My Super Hero Lover is

Rawhide Kid 61.6% Match

Hey we think Brokeback Mountain must be your thing. Rawhide Kid is a well dressed cowboy whose a 'crack' shot.

Other Close Matches:

Deadpool (58%)

Cable (58%)


The Birth of Autowoman

Automan watched as Walter Nebicher work on his latest computer program. Standing nearby was Walter's wife, Roxanne, and their four-year old daughter, Lori. As the years had gone by, Wally had been able to improve Automan's powers, especially the amount of power it took for Automan to materialize in the "real" world. Where once it took most of a city's power supply, it now only took one-third of that.

Low enough for Walter to expand the team by one.

As Walter finished the program, the lights began to dim, and the house began to shake. All within the room knew what that meant: Walter's newest hologram was about to make a first appearance.

First, a red, sparkling ball --much like cursor-- came out of the computer screen. It flittered around those in the room. Then, in a dark section of the room, a figure began to form.

The figure was red in color, glowing brightly in the dark room. Then, the form solidified, revealing a beautiful, blond-haired woman. She stood for a moment with her hands on her hips, looking around her. Then, she noticed Walter and the others.

"Hello," she said.

"Welcome...Autowoman," Walter smiled.

"'Autowoman'?" she repeated, puzzled.

"Yes," Wally answered. "You are the first automatic woman, just as Automan is the first automatic man." He gestured toward the other hologram in the room.

Autowoman followed his gaze...and locked eyes with an Apollo!

Automan glowed blue, a sparkling starfield wear Autowoman's shone red. He, too, had blond hair, and was blue-eyed. He stood over six-foot-four, just four inches above Autowoman's own six feet. He had the regal bearing of a king, but kindness in his face.

"Hello...Autowoman..." he greeted her, his voice a soft tenor.

"Hello...Automan..." she answered. She smiled at him.

"Automan," Walter continued, "I created Autowoman to be not only our partner in crimefighting, but also your...mate."

"'Mate'?" the two holograms exclaimed together.

"Yes," Wally grinned. "Someone that you can be happy with."

The two superheroes looked at each other and smiled into the others' eyes. Then, they turned to Walter, and said in unison,

"Thank you, Walter!"

"Don't mention it..." Walter grinned back.

"What's your human name going to be?" Roxanne asked.

"In the human world," Automan explained, "I am known as Federal Agent 'Otto J. Mann'. You will need a human name, too."

Autowoman thought a moment. A human name? Well, it would have to end in "Mann", if Auto was going to be her mate. She looked over at her sparkling helper. While Automan's was a blue male named "Cursor", Autowoman's was a red female named "Fae". "Fae" meant "Fairy". Magic. Then, the name came to her.

"Talli," she answered. "Talli S. Mann."

"'Talli S. Mann'?" Roxanne looked puzzled.

"That's a great name!" Walter laughed. When Roxanne still looked puzzled. "Talli S. Mann. Talisman. A Talisman is an amulet."

"Ahhh..." Roxanne smiled in understanding. "I get it now!"

"Oh...yes...Autowoman?" Walter addressed the new superheroine. "This is Roxanne, my wife, and our little girl, Lori."

"Hello, Roxanne; Lori," Autowoman greeted.

"Hello," Roxanne replied.

"Hi, Aunt Talli!" Lori smiled shyly.

"She calls Automan, 'Uncle Auto'," Wally explained. "So you are 'Aunt Talli'."

"I see," Autowoman smiled.

Before the group could talk more, the telephone rang. Walter answered it.

"The Nebichers," he said. "Walter Nebicher speaking. Oh, yes, Captain. We're be right in. Yes, Agent Mann is here, too. And there's an extra person. Yes, we'll bring Lori. Yes, she'll stay out of the way. But she wasn't the extra person I was talking about. Yes, there's someone new. You'll meet her when we get there. Okay. We're on our way. Bye." He hung up the phone and turned to the rest.

"That was Captain Boyd," he said. "We're needed at the department. Come on."

"Cursor," Automan commanded. The glittering blue ball flew around Automan, creating a line drawing of clothes. The clothes solidified into a three-piece suit.

"Fae," Autowoman commanded, following Automan's example. Like Cursor, Fae fluttered around Autowoman, creating a woman's three-piece suit.

Autowoman became "Talli S. Mann" for the first time.

"Let's go!" Walter cried. As one, the group left the apartment, piling into the Autocar Cursor created. In seconds, they were on their way.

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