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"No one ever dies these days. Unless they're forgotten. Then they're dead." - Aurelio S.

Aurelio SilveraGeneral Stats
Age:Nineteen Y/O
Weight:165 Ibs

The Steam-Cloak Smith

Born sea-abroad - as most of the men from his family were - Aurelio was born the second son of Ruroni Silvera. Royals atop the blue sea specified as the "All Blue", the Silvera lineage lived a long history of world-class automotive technicians and prosperous royalty. Their situation seemed ironic. Mechanics living atop an environment that limited full flexibility for their talent. The ocean. Though the fact was, the ocean widened their range. The All Blue - a legendary sea that was prophesized to have all the sea can offer. The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, as well as varying supernatural, made up the All Blue. Though it was impossible for there to be an area in-which each of the seas crossed paths to create a single environment, the All Blue was just that.

The Silvera Siblings
The Silvera Siblings

Life forms of every sea thrived and the sea itself was the clearest in the world. The All Blue was an ideal utopia for sea creatures as a whole. It was a wonder to find and nearly impossible to graph. The only thing that leads one towards the All Blue was their willingness to find the impossible. Though that's exactly what Jariah D. Silvera did. And with his willingness, the legendary mechanic created the longest living craftsman lineage of the Seven Seas. Or eight. Each member born into the family bore - not only a natural affinity towards mechanical compositions, but, possessed varying power as well. Metahumans. And himself, Aurelio Silvera was born into the world with both such things.

Steam & Flame Manipulation

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