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Master Yoda Respect Thread Part 1

“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”

—Yoda (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)

Hello, ComicVine! After many months of research and development, my latest respect thread is finally complete! So here it is, folks: the largest collection of feats and accolades for Master Yoda himself! A special happy birthday to @darthant66 without whom this thread would not have even been started, let alone finished! So I hope you all enjoy part one of my Master Yoda Respect Thread! May the Force be with you! Respect the Grand Master!

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Master Yoda is the most venerable Jedi Master in the Jedi Order:

The trouble was, with Yoda one never knew precisely what he'd ask. The Order's most venerable Master was as much a maverick, in his own way, as Qui-Gon had ever been.

—Wild Space

Master Yoda is a famous Jedi Master renowned for his wisdom and mastery of the Force:

"Yoda is a Master Jedi renowned for his mastery of the Force as well as his wisdom. He served on the Jedi High Council in the last years of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars Yoda commanded Clone Troopers in battle until Order 66 was issued."

—Star Wars: Force Collection

"When the massive Jedi training vessel Chu'unthor crashed on the planet's surface. A triumvirate of famous Jedi Masters—Gra'aton, Vulaton, and Yoda..."

—Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology

"Yoda is a powerful, ancient, and revered Jedi Master. Yoda's Padawans included Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Luke Skywalker."

—Star Wars: Force Collection

Yoda was a legendary Jedi Master and stronger than most in his connection with the Force. Small in size but wise and powerful, he trained Jedi for over 800 years, playing integral roles in the Clone Wars, the instruction of Luke Skywalker, and unlocking the path to immortality.

— databank

Famed for his wisdom and mastery of the Force, the physically diminutive Jedi Grand Master is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

—Star Wars Trading Card Game

Master Yoda is reputed as the wisest of all the Jedi:

When the Force-sensitive Yoda first encountered Anakin Skywalker, the wisest of the Jedi expressed his deep misgivings about the extraordinary boy from Tatooine.

—Star Wars Fact Files

A wise and powerful Jedi Master, Yoda takes on the training of young Luke Skywalker, who comes to the planet Dagobah to learn the ways of the Force.

—Hasbro: Yoda action figure

...the most wise and mysterious Jedi Master of them all.

—Star Wars: The Legendary Yoda

Alongside Mace Windu, Master Yoda is the most powerful and respected Jedi Master in the Jedi Order:

Along with Mace Windu, a senior member of the Jedi Council, Yoda was the most respected and most powerful member of the Jedi Order.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Alongside Mace Windu, with whom he served on the Jedi Council, Yoda was the most respected and most powerful Master ever to have walked the corridors of the Jedi Temple.

—Star Wars Fact Files

At last, Master Yoda, the diminutive but extraordinarily powerful head of the Jedi Council, sighed deeply.

—Star Wars: Dark Disciple

That was why Mace was on the Jedi Council. That was why, except for Yoda, Obi-Wan thought him the most powerful Jedi he'd ever known.

—Jedi Quest: The False Peace

Qui-Gon brought his eyes back to Mace Windu and Yoda, the ones he must convince, the ones most respected and powerful of those who sat in judgment.

—The Phantom Menace novel

Master Yoda is the most skilled and experienced Jedi Master in the Jedi Order:

As the most skilled and experienced Jedi Master in the Temple, Yoda could hide those inconvenient feelings from everyone who knew him, but they were there.

—Clone Wars Gambit: Siege

Master Yoda possesses the wisdom, inner strength, and unparalleled knowledge of the Force to overcome nearly any challenge the Jedi Order could face:

Through his wisdom, inner strength, and unparalleled knowledge of the Force, Yoda was able to overcome nearly any challenge faced by the Jedi.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda's knowledge of the Force made him just as powerful as Darth Sidious:

Yoda's knowledge of the Force makes him just as powerful as Darth Sidious.

—Star Wars: Mysteries of the Jedi

Master Yoda is considered to be an extraordinarily powerful Jedi Master:

Nine hundred years old, Yoda had trained Jedi for eight centuries and was extraordinarily powerful in the Force.

—Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Nine hundred years old, Yoda had trained Jedi for eight centuries, and was very powerful in the Force.

—Star Wars Databank

The oldest member of the Jedi Council. Yoda is a wise and cautious Jedi Master, When Obi-Wan informs the Council of the Separatists' plans, Yoda assembles the Clone Army to subdue the rebellion. Yoda's unassuming size masks his enormous powers. His skills in The Force are not limited to wisdom and guidance, but are matched by his dexterity and fighting prowess.

—Hasbro: Yoda action figure

A being of enormous power and considerable age, Yoda comes to the end of his days on the swamp world of Dagobah, where had exiled himself for many years after the fall of the Old Republic.

—Star Wars Trading Card Game

But Yoda’s power is vast and his inner strength as steel, for the Force flows strong in him.

—Star Wars sourcebook

Yoda is an immensely powerful Jedi who can control blue crackling Force lightning.

—Star Wars: Mysteries of the Jedi

Yoda is an immensely powerful Jedi...

—Star Wars: Mysteries of the Jedi

Master Yoda possesses incomparable ability to summon the power of the Force:

Despite his diminutive size and frailty, Yoda’s incomparable ability to summon the power of the Force enabled him to greatly enhance his agility and speed.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Senator Bail Organa considers Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda to be two of the greatest and most powerful Jedi in the galaxy:

Bail parted from Obi-Wan and Yoda at the Senate landing platform. The two Jedi used their mind-clouding abilities to pass the red guards, then raised their hoods and slipped off. Bail watched them go with considerable misgiving. They were undoubtedly two of the best and most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, and they were warned and ready — but there were thousands of clone troops and security guards. If they were discovered, and it came to a battle…

—Revenge of the Sith junior novel

A young Anakin Skywalker considers Yoda to be potentially the greatest Jedi Master:

He was grateful that Yoda had joined them. The presence of the great, perhaps the greatest, Jedi Master was as deep and huge as Anakin's rage.

—Jedi Quest: The Shadow Trap

Darth Sidious, in his guise as Chancellor Palpatine, considers Master Yoda to be the greatest of all Jedi:

Palpatine enjoyed Yoda's company, because the longer he sat smiling benignly at Yoda, and the longer the greatest Jedi Master failed to recognize Palpatine for what he was, the more satisfying the situation became.

—Star Wars: The Clone Wars novel

Grand Master Luke Skywalker considers Master Yoda to be one of the wisest and most powerful Jedi ever:

Luke faced the image fully now, smiling. "On the first night we came here, Jabitha said something similar to my nephew." The Magister looked up at his words, but didn't interrupt. "She became indignant that Jacen should dare speak for the living Force. The implication was that someone so small in the great cosmos shouldn't dare presume to speak for such a powerful thing. But the fact is, the living Force can choose anyone it wants. Size is not important. Master Yoda was smaller than anyone here, yet he was the wisest person I ever met-as well as one of the most powerful Jedi Masters to ever live. You possess a power, Sekot, that is beyond the imagining of virtually all sentient beings, but that doesn't automatically mean that your connection to the Force is greater."

—New Jedi Order: Force Heretic 3: Reunion

Mace Windu considers Master Yoda to be his superior as a warrior:

"Duty calls," Palpatine said, moving to cut the comm channel. Then he paused. "Master Windu, since we are being frank with one another today, let me add that in these briefings I wish to hear your own unvarnished opinions-not what you think Master Yoda would have said. He is a great being-perhaps the greatest in the Republic. But Master Yoda is a teacher at heart. You are a warrior. Regrettably, this sad age of the world may be your time more than his."

"Master Yoda is many things, and I am not his equal in peace or war," Mace said.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Dooku considers Yoda to be the greatest Jedi to have ever lived:

Dooku knew that a Master would be judged by the prowess of his Padawan, and he wanted the best of the best. When Yoda had given his approval of the match, Dooku had been satisfied. Another step had been taken toward his goal - to surpass Yoda as the greatest Jedi ever.

—Legacy of the Jedi

Master Yoda is consistently stated to be one of, if not the, most powerful Jedi in galactic history:

"At almost 900 years old, this legendary Jedi Master, while short in stature, is one of the most powerful Jedi Knights ever. He served as a general in the Clone Wars before the rise of the Emperor forced him into hiding on planet Dagobah."

—Star Wars: Force Collection

"Yoda is one of the most powerful Jedi ever."

—Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia

One of the most famous and powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history, Yoda serves as a member of the Jedi Order for centuries, inevitably ascending to the High Council.

—Star Wars Trading Card Game

Yoda's ability to use the Force is greater than that of any other Jedi.

—Star Wars: The Legendary Yoda

Yoda was the oldest and most powerful Jedi in the order.

—Star Wars: The Sith Wars

Meet Yoda. He is the most powerful Jedi.

—Star Wars: Blast Off!

The greatest Jedi: Yoda, defender of the galaxy, master of the Force, and the greatest Jedi who had ever lived.

—Star Wars: The Legendary Yoda

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” “Judge me by my size, do you?” “Great warrior… Wars not make one great.” While he is the most powerful Jedi, it’s Yoda’s wisdom that continues to resonate with fans today. In The Empire Strikes Back, he does much more than instruct Luke Skywalker in combat or prepare him physically to fight Darth Vader; he readies his mind and tries to curb the boy’s impatience and anger, which is something that’s much harder to do. And through that, Luke — and the audience — learns that there’s much more to being a Jedi than adventuring. Of course, he also is a great warrior, as seen in the prequels, taking on Count Dooku, clone troopers, and Darth Sidious. Taken together, Yoda is the ultimate Jedi Master.


"Battle of the ultimate Masters. That’s what this fight is, as it moves from precise lightsaber combat to an awesome back and forth display of Force wizardry. The Emperor revels in unleashing his power, gleefully tossing Senate pods at the Jedi Master and cackling as he blasts his “little green friend” with Force lightning; Yoda is calm and determined, able to evade the attacks and absorb Sidious’ dark side powers. As a meeting between arguably the two most powerful beings in the galaxy, this battle does not disappoint. And it reinforces what we learn in Return of the Jedi, which is that the Emperor wants to fight, as the fight is where he thrives — Yoda learns this the hard way. While he holds his own with the Sith Lord, even the ancient Jedi cannot outright defeat him."


There came a turning point in the clash of the light against the dark.

It did not come from a flash of lightning or slash of energy blade, though there were these in plenty; it did not come from a flying kick or a surgically precise punch, though these were traded, too.

It came as the battle shifted from the holding office to the great Chancellor's Podium; it came as the hydraulic lift beneath the Podium raised it on its tower of durasteel a hundred meters and more, so that it became a laserpoint of battle flaring at the focus of the vast emptiness of the Senate Arena; it came as the Force and the podium's controls ripped delegation pods free of the curving walls and made of them hammers, battering rams, catapult stones crashing and crushing against each other in a rolling thunder-roar that echoed the Senate's cheers for the galaxy's new Emperor.

It came when the avatar of light resolved into the lineage of the Jedi; when the lineage of the Jedi refined into one single Jedi.

It came when Yoda found himself alone against the dark.

In that lightning-speared tornado of feet and fists and blades and bashing machines, his vision finally pierced the darkness that had clouded the Force.

Finally, he saw the truth.

This truth: that he, the avatar of light, Supreme Master of the Jedi Order, the fiercest, most implacable, most devastatingly powerful foe the darkness had ever known... just-didn't-have it.

He'd never had it. He had lost before he started.

He had lost before he was born.

The Sith had changed. The Sith had grown, had adapted, had invested a thousand years' intensive study into every aspect of not only the Force but Jedi lore itself, in preparation for exactly this day. The Sith had remade themselves.

They had become new.

While the Jedi-The Jedi had spent that same millennium training to refight the last war.

—Revenge of the Sith Novelization

On Coruscant, Yoda and the Emperor meet in the ultimate confrontation between the galaxy's most powerful masters of the Force.

—Hasbro: Yoda action figure

Inside the spacious interior of the Galactic Senate chamber, Yoda challenged the Emperor. The two engaged in a spectacular duel—a contest between the most powerful practitioners of the Force’s light and dark sides.

—Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Master Yoda is considered to be potentially the greatest Force Master ever:


Jedi Master, Grand Master, Master of the Order; Famous teacher; Perhaps the greatest Master of the Force ever.

—Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know (Credit to Zapan87)

Master Yoda is considered the living embodiment of the Will of the Force:

Almost 900 years old, Master Yoda was the longest living Jedi and the grand Master of the Jedi Order in the days before the Empire. He trained thousands of Jedi students in the Temple's classes and saw hundreds become Jedi Masters. Everyone on the Jedi Council was at one time his student, and they all considered him the living embodiment of the will of the Force. Perhaps only Master Mace Windu equaled him in skill and reputation—Though Master Windu argued that he was still but a Padawan compared to Master Yoda.

—Star Wars: Power of the Jedi Sourcebook


Farsight is the Jedi power to look into the future or the past and receive visions from the Force. Jedi can often perceive future events, but such visions are often unreliable as always in motion, is the future.

Master Yoda was renowned for his precognitive powers:

Yoda was also renowned for his sense of precognition, which alerted him to extreme danger in time to avert an immediate threat or take evasive action.

—Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

In addition to his age, Master Yoda’s powers of Farsight were one reason for Yoda possessing the ultimate position of authority on the Jedi Council:

Yoda was the most senior member of the Jedi High Council in every respect. His position of ultimate authority was justified not only by his age but also by his powers of perception.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda was one of the greatest practitioners of Farsight during the Old Republic era:

One of the greatest practitioners of Farsight during the Old Republic era, Yoda’s meditations often led to visions that helped guide the Jedi on missions throughout the galaxy.

—Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

Master Yoda’s wisdom in the realm of Farsight and visions granted by the Force was such that he was able to record his teachings in the Great Holocron:

Often difficult to see, the future is, like searching for raindrops beneath the surface of the water. But raindrops do fall, and discerned in the depths, they can be. Fleeting can be visions of the future, momentary glimpses of both the familiar and the strange. More dangerous are clear visions, as easy it is to confuse clarity with the truth. Truth can be murky, and crucial is perspective to any vision.

See you do from the right angle at the wrong thing, or from the wrong angle at the right thing? No perspective is fixed.

Frequently am I asked if inevitable is the future. Do visions reveal what may be or what will be? Know you will when a vision is what will be. Feel it by the Force you will. Know you will whether to chase raindrops before they fall or remain where you are. Stay where you are, and move you will anyway. Always in motion is the future.

—Master Yoda (Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force)

Master Yoda’s powers of Farsight were well known even during the time of the New Jedi Order:

His uncle's Master, Yoda, was known for his wisdom and ability to see pieces of the future. Jacen had never really felt he'd been gifted a vision by the Force, but it did seem to him as if this was just the sort of thing a vision like that would entail.

—New Jedi Order: Dark Tide: Onslaught

Luke Skywalker believed Master Yoda told him of the Ones of Mortis because he sensed that Luke would one day need that information:

Luke shrugged. "That might be a stretch," he said. "But Yoda must have sensed that I would need to know about Mortis someday."

—Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Yoda senses that Obi-Wan Kenobi will become an apprentice to a Jedi Master:

Obi-Wan felt his hopes dim. Qui-Gon had rejected so many students. What made him think that he would be able to please him?

“He won’t want me,” Obi-Wan said in defeat. “He’s seen me fight before, and he did not choose me then. No one will.”

Yoda squinted up at Obi-Wan with wise eyes. “Hummmph! Always in motion the future is. One cannot be sure, but I have sensed . . . a kinder destiny for you.”

Something in Yoda’s tone made Obi-Wan wonder. “Will he choose me?” he asked.

“On Qui-Gon that depends – and you,” Yoda said. “Come back tomorrow and fight for him with the Force as your ally. Perhaps accept you he will.” Yoda put a comforting hand on his arm. “Either way, it matters not. Leave the Temple soon you shall. But tell you I must, to lose such an apt pupil, I am sorry.”

—Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force

Yoda foresees that Obi-Wan Kenobi will fight before Qui-Gon Jinn:

“Obi-Wan Kenobi must be allowed to fight before Qui-Gon Jinn this day,” Master Yoda said, just as a bolt of lightning snarled through the clouds below. “I have foreseen it.”

—Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force

Master Yoda shares a vision with Luke Skywalker:

'Be calm,' Yoda told him. 'Through the Force things you will see: other places, other thoughts, the future, the past, old friends long gone.'

Luke was losing himself as he concentrated on Yoda's words. He was becoming unaware of his body and let his consciousness drift with the words of his master.

'My mind fills with so many images.'

'Control, control you must learn of what you see,' the Jedi Master instructed. 'Not easy, not fast.'

Luke closed his eyes, relaxed, and began to free his mind, began to control the images. At last there was something, not clear at first, but something white, amorphous. Gradually the image cleared. It seemed to be that of a city, a city that perhaps floated in a billowing white sea.

'I see a city in the clouds,' he finally said.

'Bespin,' Yoda identified it. 'I see it, too. Friends you have there, heh? Concentrate and see them you will.'

Luke's concentration intensified. And the city in the clouds became clearer. As he concentrated he was able to see forms, familiar forms of people he knew.

'I see them!' Luke exclaimed, his eyes still shut. Then a sudden agony, of body and spirit, took hold of him. 'They're in pain. They're suffering.'

'It is the future you see,' the voice of Yoda explained.

—The Empire Strikes Back novel

Master Yoda looks into the past after entering meditation:

Yoda's ears slowly drooped as he sank deeper into the Force, time melting out beneath his mind like rotten ice, setting past and present free to mix together. That proud boy in the garden sixty years ago who murmured, Every Jedi is a child his parents decided they could live without.

Little Jang Li-Li, eight years old, misting the orchids in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. A bright day, sunlight pouring through transparisteel panels, Li-Li making puffs of water with her mister and shrieking with laughter as every little cloud she made broke a sunbeam into colors, fugitive bars of red and violet and green. Master, Master, I'm making rainbows! Those colors hadn't come to mean military signals, yet, or starship navigating lights, or lightsaber blades. Just a girl making rainbows.

Dooku newly brought from Serenno, grave-eyed, old enough to know his mother had given him away. Old enough to learn one can always be betrayed.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda senses that Luke Skywalker and his sister would have a part to play in the time after the Great Jedi Purge:

Yoda’s gift of prophecy remained. He knew that the children of Padme and Anakin would play their parts in the conflicts to come, and that the little boy in particular, Luke Skywalker, would one day face his father.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda searches through the fog of the dark side to peer into the future and receive brief but vague glimpses of something worse than war:

Palpatine stared at them for a moment, then turned. “Master Yoda, do you think it will really come to war?”

Yoda closed his eyes and folded his long, flexible ears down, the better to feel the future shifting of the Force. The dark side hung like a thick fog over everything, hiding even the near events that usually were so clear, and growing more dense the further ahead he tried to look. Lightsabers flashed blue and green in the fog, but few, too few, and he caught more and more glimpses of a glowing red that no Jedi would ever wield. “Worse than war, I fear,” he murmured. “Much worse.”

—Attack of the Clones junior novel

Master Yoda senses perils worse than the Clone Wars that the Jedi Order must face:

As the end of the Clone Wars draws near, he foresees that the most significant dangers to the Jedi Order have yet to be faced.

—Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary

Master Yoda had foreseen that the Clone Wars would spread across the galaxy like a virus:

As Master Yoda had foreseen, the Clone Wars spread like an explosive virus throughout the galaxy.

—The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader

Force Concealment

Force Concealment and abilities such as Force Stealth govern the ability for a Force user to render themselves undetectable by non Force-Sensitive and Force-Sensitive individuals alike.

Master Yoda conceals his presence from Luke Skywalker:

The Jedi Master masked his presence until he was right beside the young man and his droid, and his sudden arrival startled both of them.

–Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda hides his presence in the Force from Count Dooku, despite being on the potent dark side nexus of Vjun, which would have debilitated his ability to call on the Force:

Count Dooku sat at the desk in his study, pretending to read the day's dispatches from the Clone Wars, but actually listening to the ceaseless Vjun rain tick-spattering against the windows behind him. Listening, too, with a sense other than hearing. Yoda was close by. He was moving carefully, quietly, hiding his presence in the Force; riding on its back like a leaf whirled gently down a stream. But on Vjun, the Force was bent mightily to the dark side, and every now and then the Master opposed its current. It was these moments Dooku was listening for.

Once, several minutes ago, the old Jedi had misstepped, putting a foot against the current, and the shock of it had rumbled through the very bedrock beneath Chateau Malreaux, announcing the Master's coming like a distant groundquake. Or maybe it hadn't been a mistake. Maybe Yoda wanted Dooku to know he was on his way. Since then the world had been silent. The old Jedi was moving like a water-skeeter over the surface of the Force, with nothing to herald his coming but a faint sensation of heat on Dooku's skin, as if he were a blind man at sunrise, the dawn invisible to him but for a pale, spreading warmth.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda withdrew from the Force as much as possible on Dagobah:

Yoda, meanwhile, went into hiding on the swamp world of Dagobah. Its rich biosphere did much to hide the Jedi Master, and he withdrew as much as he could from the Force.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Force Healing

Force Healing is the ability that allows a Jedi to heal the wounds of the self or others. The ability can allow a Jedi to heal wounds suffered from blunt force trauma, sharp force trauma, blaster bolt burns, lightsaber scores, broken bones, and Force Lightning.

Master Yoda instructed Luke Skywalker in the use of Force Healing:

It was time to re-create the ancient Jedi art of self-healing. Yoda's sketchy lessons left much to be imagined.

—Truce at Bakura

Master Yoda healed Jork Car’das with the Force:

Jorj Car’das, who had been forced to bring the dark Jedi to Dagobah, had been healed and advised by Yoda and sent on his way.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda states he can use the Force to ease the passing of others:

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Force Valor

Force Valor is an umbrella term that refers to the ability to increase one’s physical abilities to perform superhuman feats. Force Abilities under this umbrella include Force Jump, Force Speed, etc.

Master Yoda possesses unparalleled skill in increasing his physical abilities through the Force:

Despite his diminutive size and frailty, Yoda’s incomparable ability to summon the power of the Force enabled him to greatly enhance his agility and speed.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda possesses amazing strength and speed:

Even the diminutive Jedi's amazing strength and speed, however, is not a match for the devastating fury of a Sith Lord.

—Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia

Yoda’s capabilities with the Force give him amazing strength and speed, as well as the ability to levitate.

—Attack of the Clones Visual Dictionary

Master Yoda runs faster than a human could run:

With the help of the Force, Yoda sprinted along the service accessway below the Arena faster than a human being could run; he sliced conduits as he passed, filling the accessway behind him with coils of high-voltage cables, twisting and spitting lightning. Every few dozen meters, he paused just long enough to slash a hole in the accessway's wall; once his pursuers got past the cables, they would have to divide their forces to search each of his possible exits.

—Revenge of the Sith novel

Master Yoda senses and then cuts down several Chameleon Droids before they can fire on him:

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Master Yoda cuts down several more Chameleon Droids before they can even react:

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Master Yoda evades the tracking missiles of a Hailfire Droid, displaying evasive maneuvers that a clone trooper likened to the maneuvers a starfighter pilot would perform:

And then, across the square, the hailfire droid stirred and began to roll forward.

"Look out!" Brolis called. "There's a-" The rest of his warning dissolved into a fit of painful coughing. But Yoda was already angling across the square away from him, lightsaber held ready as he slipped from one pile of debris to another. The hailfire shifted direction toward the small Jedi Master, swiveling to keep its missile launchers trained on him.

And then, midway between two stacks of rubble, Yoda stopped, facing the droid as if challenging it to a private duel. The droid stopped, too, and for a moment they seemed to be regarding each other. Then, almost delicately, the droid lowered its pods and sent a single missile sizzling through the air.

Brolis tensed, watching helplessly as the rocket streaked across the open space.

Jedi lightsabers, he knew, could defend quite well against the bolts from blasters or plasma weapons. But trying to block a missile that way would merely cause it to explode. If Yoda didn't do something fast, he was going to die.

Then, just as it seemed there was no chance left, Yoda leaped almost casually to the side. The rocket burned through the space he'd just vacated, exploding harmlessly a dozen meters behind him.

From somewhere deep inside the hailfire droid came an annoyed-sounding rumble, the first time Brolis had ever heard one make a noise like that. For a second or two it seemed to be pondering its next move. Then, in rapid succession, three more missiles burst outward, angling into a tight spread as they flew.

Yoda was ready. He leaped back toward his earlier position to let the first pass by, dropped flat onto the ground as the second shot over his head, then rolled and bounded upward in time to avoid the third. He landed on the ground, lifted his lightsaber again to ready position, and waited. Brolis strained his ears, listening for a clue as to what the droid would do.

And then, over the distance, he heard a series of calibration clicks. "Tracking lock!" he shouted toward Yoda.

His lungs heaved with a fresh coughing fit, and he could only hope the other had caught his warning. By activating the tracking system, the droid was setting its missiles to follow their target no matter what. Yoda's only hope now was to find cover before the missiles got a clean lock onto him.

But he remained where he was, waiting. Lowering its launchers again, the droid fired.

Again, Yoda leaped upward as the missile approached. But this time something was different. Instead of simply arcing into the air, he twisted his body into a dizzying set of spins, twisting back and forth like a gymnast performing a complicated aerial routine.

The effect on the missile was startling. It seemed to tremble as it flew, its nose shaking back and forth as if thoroughly confused. It shot past Yoda, still shaking, and continued on to explode across the square.

Brolis grinned tightly. It was the same sort of evasive jinking maneuver he'd seen starfighter pilots perform in order to shake off a target-locked missile. He'd never guessed that any being, even a Jedi Master, could duplicate such a technique on his own.

Neither, apparently, had the droid. Another growl rumbled across the square; and then, suddenly, it was rolling forward, filling the air with a fresh stream of missiles as it charged.

Yoda was already in motion, leaping and spinning, hitting the ground and bounding off again at unexpected angles, making himself an impossible target for even a hailfire's weaponry to tag. Brolis found himself wincing as missile after missile slipped harmlessly past the Jedi Master, shaking the ground and lighting up the square with distant detonations. One of the missiles, which looked like it couldn't possibly miss, somehow bent aside from its path just far enough to collide with another of the salvo, detonating both midway between Yoda and the droid.

And as that premature explosion momentarily blocked the droid's view, Yoda abruptly switched from defense to attack. He hurled his lightsaber toward the machine, the weapon spinning into the obscuring cloud of smoke from the missiles' collision and shooting out the other side.

But the intended target was no longer there. Even as the missiles had collided, the droid had skidded to a halt and reversed direction to roll rapidly backward across the square. The lightsaber blade sliced through the space where it had been; and as the weapon hesitated in midair, the droid fired another missile straight at it. At the last second, the lightsaber dodged out of its way, streaking back to safety in Yoda's hand. The missile itself shot harmlessly past to add yet another crater to the distant landscape.


Master Yoda was keeping himself alive through the Force until Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Training was complete. Only then did he allow age and sickness to take him:

It seemed to Luke that the Jedi Master chose the moment of his passing. It was as if Yoda had completed the last of his great tasks for the galaxy and now he was allowing nature to take its course. It was entirely possible, Luke thought, that Yoda had kept himself alive for all these years through his own personal power, refusing to perish until he finished training the last Jedi.

—Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi Second Edition

Becoming sick after the departure of Luke Skywalker from Dagobah, Yoda had clung to life in order to finish his apprentice’s Jedi training.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Yoda had been ill for some time before he died. He had held onto life because he knew that Luke would return to Dagobah. Yoda stayed alive long enough to tell Luke that he had learned everything he needed.

—Star Wars Fact Files


Tutaminis is the Force ability that allows a Force user to contain, absorb, and deflect harmful energy and radiation. Standard applications allow a Force user to deflect harmful radiation such as sunlight, while more advanced applications can deflect and absorb blaster bolts and even Force Lightning.

Yoda is capable of controlling Force Lightning:

"Yoda is an immensely powerful Jedi who can control blue crackling Force lightning."

—Star Wars: Mysterious of the Jedi

Yoda easily repels Count Dooku’s Force Lightning:

On Geonosis, Yoda's easy parrying and, indeed, handling of the Sith lightning Dooku hurled at him had come as a surprise.

—Labyrinth of Evil

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Yoda absorbs and dissipates Count Dooku’s Force Lightning:

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Master Yoda counters Darth Sidious’ second barrage of Force Lightning:

YODA unleashes a ferocious assault on PALPATINE, causing him to almost go over the edge. The Dark Lord drops his lightsaber but recovers with a BLAST OF ENERGY from his hands that surrounds YODA. YODA is deflecting the Sith Lord's lightning bolts.

The energy bolts begin to arc back on the Emperor. It looks as if the Dark Lord is doomed.

—Revenge of the Sith script

Yoda absorbs the incredibly potent Force Lightning of Darth Sidious, eventually forcing an explosive stalemate that sends them both flying off of a Senate Pod:

YODA leaps after him, but PALPATINE quickly turns and aims the full force of his energy bolts at the tiny green Jedi, catching him in mid-air and throwing him back hard against the Podium. The force causes YODA to drop his lightsaber. YODA blocks the lightning and throws PALPATINE backwards off the podium. YODA is knocked off the Podium and falls several hundred feet to the base of the Podium. PALPATINE follows in his pod, searching for YODA.

—Revenge of the Sith script

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Force Sense

Force Sense governs a Force user's perceptive abilities. Through this power, Jedi are able to sense other individuals and Force users, the emotions of others, as well as centers of Force energy.

Master Yoda is said to be able to sense disturbances in the Force from possibly parsecs away:

Master Yoda was said to be able to sense major disturbances parsecs away-even, sometimes, of things yet to happen, though Barriss wasn't sure if she believed that part.

—Medstar II: Jedi Healer

Master Yoda senses Luke Skywalker’s impatience:

Luke reacted badly, and the impatience Yoda had often sensed in the young man came to the fore.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda senses the destruction of Alderaan and the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Yoda had felt the destruction of Alderaan—Jedi had died there also—but the loss of Obi-Wan hit hard, as it meant that Yoda was the last living true Jedi Master in the service of the light.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda senses a surge in the Force:

Her Master nodded. "An extraordinary event." After a moment, she added, "Master Yoda and several others on the Council mentioned recently that they sensed-not a disturbance, exactly, more like a surge-in the Force. Perhaps this is the explanation."

—Medstar II: Jedi Healer

Master Yoda sensed young Anakin Skywalker’s anger:

Yes, just as Yoda had sensed after Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan had freed him from slavery on Tatooine and brought him to the Jedi Temple, he had a lot of anger in him.

—Labyrinth of Evil

Master Yoda senses a young Anakin Skywalker’s fear:

Anakin was tested by the Jedi Masters, and while he was unusually strong with the Force, Yoda sensed much fear in the boy.

– Databank

Qui-Gon asked to present Anakin Skywalker to the Council for testing as a potential Jedi. However, Yoda sensed dangerous emotions in the boy, that Yoda believed could lead him to the dark side.

—Star Wars Fact Files

YODA : See through you, we can.

MACE WINDU : Be mindful of your feelings...

KI-ADI : YOur thoughts dwell on your mother.

ANAKIN : I miss her.

YODA : Afraid to lose her..I think.

ANAKIN : (a little angry) What's that got to do with anything?

YODA : Eveything. Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to

anger... anger leads to hate.. hate leads to suffering.

ANAKIN : (angrily) I am not afraid!

YODA : A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. I

sense much fear in you.

—The Phantom Menace script

Yoda did not seem to hear him. "The deepest commitment, a Jedi must have. The most serious mind. Much fear in you, I sense, young one."

—The Phantom Menace novel

Master Yoda senses Qui-Gon Jinn’s traits of defiance in Obi-Wan Kenobi:

YODA : Qui-Gon's defiance I sense in you. Need that, you do not. Agree, the

council does. Your apprentice, young Skywalker will be.

—The Phantom Menace script

Master Yoda senses concern in Mace Windu:

The more of Obi-Wan’s report Yoda heard, the more disturbing he found it. He sensed the same concern in Mace Windu. But they both waited patiently for Obi-Wan to finish — the hologram signal was weak, and neither of them wanted to risk missing a crucial detail.

—Attack of the Clones junior novel

Master Yoda senses the feelings of shock in his fellow Jedi Council members:

As Obi-Wan’s message finished playing, Yoda frowned. He could sense the shock in the other members of the Jedi Council as Obi-Wan spoke of the treachery of the Trade Federation. But incomplete was Obi-Wan’s report, Yoda thought. He looked at Mace Windu. “More happening on Geonosis, I feel, than has been revealed,” he said.

—Attack of the Clones junior novel

Master Yoda senses Padme Amidala’s grief:

Smiling a little sadly, he rose and moved forward to greet Senator Padme Amidala. It was like her to insist on returning to work at once, despite the attempt on her life and the deaths among her crew. Though her face was calm, Yoda could sense her grief. He spoke directly to it. “Padme, your tragedy on the landing platform, terrible.”

—Attack of the Clones junior novel

Master Yoda senses the fear of Republic Senators, even at a distance:

Afraid, the Chancellor is not, Yoda thought. He could sense the fearful emotions of the Senators, reflected in the Force, even at a distance. But from Palpatine he felt nothing but determination and confidence. Yet everyone knew that the Chancellor’s best efforts had only delayed the Military Creation Act, not stopped it.

—Attack of the Clones junior novel

Master Yoda senses Obi-Wan Kenobi’s thoughts:

Yoda was correct, Obi-Wan told himself. If the Jedi hadn't learned of the clone army, Dooku's Separatists would have suddenly appeared on the scene with tens of millions of battle droids, fleets of warships, and seceded from the Republic without contest. But there would have been no coexisting with the Confederacy. Ultimately it would have bled the Republic dry. War would have been inevitable, and the Jedi would have been caught in the middle, as they were now. But why hadn't Yoda told him sooner about Sifo-Dyas? Or was this yet another lesson, as the search for Kamino had been? Yoda's way of telling him to search for the thing that didn't seem to be there by analyzing its effects on the world around it. The difference between knowledge and wisdom, Obi-Wan's friend Dex might have said, as he did on identifying the source of the saberdart that had killed Zam Wessel, when the Temple analysis droids couldn't.

Yoda was regarding him when he lifted his head. "Reveal you, your thoughts do, Obi-Wan. Believe I should have told you sooner, you do."

—Labyrinth of Evil

Master Yoda senses a bomb that had been planted to kill him:

A senior member of the Council, Mace Windu, did not waste time on preliminaries. "We thank you for coming," he said in his dignified way. His eyebrows knit together worriedly. "To be frank, this event has shaken us. Master Yoda rose before dawn to meditate, as is his custom. He went to the Room of a Thousand Fountains, again as is his custom. Before reaching a footbridge he sensed a surge in the dark side of the Force. He hesitated, listening to the Force, and in that heartbeat a device planted underneath the footbridge exploded. The intention was to kill Yoda. Luckily he is not so easily fooled."

—Jedi Apprentice: The Captive Temple

Master Yoda senses that Obi-Wan Kenobi survived an ambush on Geonosis:

"He is alive," Yoda announced, after yet another viewing. "I feel him in the Force."

—Attack of the Clones novel

Master Yoda senses Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to be still alive on Lanteeb:

"I take it there's still no word, Master?"

Standing before the panoramic window, watching a distant, impressive Republic Cruiser heading for the GAR docks, Yoda shook his head. "Correct you are, Senator."

"And what does that mean?"

Yoda glanced over his shoulder. "Delayed they have been. Dead they are not. "

Not dead... not dead... Bail swallowed. "You're sure?"

"Clouded is the Force with dark side menace, but know that much I do. Obi-Wan and Anakin live."

—Clone Wars Gambit: Siege

Master Yoda senses Chancellor Palpatine’s fear:

Palpatine nodded grimly, and Yoda sensed a strong fear from the man, as if he knew that he was about to be thrust forward in the most dangerous position he and the Republic had ever known.

—Attack of the Clones novel

Master Yoda senses a disturbance in the Force signaling the Separatist attack on Coruscant:

Yoda's eyes snapped open. A disturbance in the Force - - of such magnitude that he had been hurled from the current. At his thought command, the window shutters in his quarters opened, and he gazed out on Coruscant, over the plain of The Works and beyond.

—Labyrinth of Evil

Master Yoda senses Master Yaddle’s death on Mawan:

Yoda's voice was liquid with sorrow. "Felt the Force move, I did. Know I did that she was gone. Prepared my transport for Mawan, I already have. Her work, we must carry on. May the Force be with us."

—Jedi Quest: The Shadow Trap

Master Yoda senses the fear and pain coming from the planet Lanteeb:

Yoda opened his eyes. "A darkness there is surrounding this planet Lanteeb. Fear, I sense. Great fear and pain. Now and to come. Right you were to bring this to my attention."

—Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth

Master Yoda uses the Dark Side to probe the future:

"And only those who have turned to the Dark Side can sense the possibilities of the future. Only going through the Dark Side can we see."

—Attack of the Clones script

"Masking the future is this disturbance in the Force," Yoda replied. The diminutive Jedi seemed tired. Mace understood well the source of that weariness. "The prophecy is coming true. The dark side is growing."

"And only those who have turned to the dark side can sense the possibilities of the future," Yoda said. "Only by probing the dark side can we see."

Mace spent a moment digesting that remark, for what Yoda referred to was no small thing. Not at all. Journeys to the edges of the dark side were not to be taken lightly. Even more dire, the fact that Master Yoda believed that the disturbance all the Jedi had sensed in the Force was so entrenched in the dark side was truly foreboding.

—Attack of the Clones novel


Has Master Yoda gained any insight

into whether or not this war will

come about?


Probing the Dark Side is a

dangerous process. He could be in

seclusion for days... May the

force be with you.

—Attack of the Clones script

"Has Master Yoda gained any insight as to whether or not this war will come about?" he asked, somewhat changing the subject, though he felt that it was all very connected. Finding the assassin, making peace with the separatists-all of these things would allow him to focus more closely on Anakin's training and would keep things at a more even keel around the troubled Padawan.

"Probing the dark side is a dangerous process," Mace stated. "I know not when he will choose to begin, but when he does , it is quite possible that he will remain in seclusion for days."

—Attack of the Clones novel

Master Yoda senses Luminara Unduli and Bariss Offee in danger on Ilum:

Master Yoda senses the dark shroud of the Sith:

“Darker the coming storm grows, I fear. The dark cloud of the Sith shrouds us all.”

—Master Yoda

Master Yoda senses Anakin Skywalker’s slaughter of the Tusken Raiders who captured his mother and hears Qui-Gon Jinn’s disembodied voice:

Deep in his meditations, peering through the dark side, Master Yoda felt a sudden surge of anger, of outrage beyond control. The diminutive Master's eyes popped open wide at the overwhelming strength of that rage.

And then he heard a voice, a familiar voice, crying, "No, Anakin! No! Don't! No!"

It was Qui-Gon. Yoda knew that it was Qui-Gon. But Qui-Gon was dead, had become one with the Force! One could not retain consciousness and sense of self in that state; one could not speak from beyond the grave.

But Yoda had heard the ghostly call, and in his deep meditative state, his thoughts focused as precisely as they had ever been, the Jedi Master knew that he had not been mistaken.

He wanted to focus on that, then, perhaps to try to follow that call back to the ghostly source, but he could not, overwhelmed again by the surge of rage and pain and... power.

He made a noise and lurched forward, then came out of his trance as his door opened and Mace Windu rushed in. "What is it?" Mace asked.

"Pain. Suffering. Death! I fear something terrible has happened. Young Skywalker is in pain. Terrible pain."

He didn't tell Mace the rest of it, that somehow Anakin's rush of agony manifesting in the Force had tapped into the spirit of the dead Jedi Master who had discovered him. Too much was happening here.

That disembodied familiar voice hung profoundly in Yoda's thoughts. For if it was true, if he had heard what he was sure he had heard...

—Attack of the Clones novel

"Sensed young Skywalker in the Force, I did. Great pain. Great anger. A terrible tragedy."

—Master Yoda (Wild Space)

Master Yoda senses the fall of Anakin Skywalker and the events that occurred during the Showdown on Coruscant, including the deaths of Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar, and Kit Fisto:

PALPATINE: Rise, Darth Vader.

Palpatine moves over to his desk.


YODA winces, closes his eyes, and holds his head. He feels a disturbance in the Force.

—Revenge of the Sith script

Master Yoda senses the deaths of Jedi across the galaxy and the betrayal of his Clone Soldiers:

Yoda felt a great disturbance in the Force as countless Jedi were killed by clone troopers, and managed to escape before he himself could be destroyed.

— Databank

Through the Force, Yoda felt the sudden loss of life across the galaxy. It was nearly a crushing blow, but Yoda recovered in time to stop the attempt on his own life.

—Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

The battle rages all around OBI-WAN. DROIDS and CLONES are everywhere. OBI-WAN is riding on a LIZARD, cutting down DROIDS as he races across the battlefield. Suddenly a volley of laser blasts from behind him knocks him and his LIZARD off the wall of the sinkhole. He looks around just in time to see his CLONE TROOPS are firing on him.

OBI-WAN falls hundreds of feet to the bottom of the water-filled sinkhole.


The sky slowly awakens on the crystal world of Mygeeto. A battle rages. Clone troops battle the droid armies across a long bridge. KI-ADI-MUNDi uses his light saber to deflect enemy fire. CLONE COMMANDER BACARA (1138) exits a Gunship near the entrance to the city. He rallies his TROOPS to attack the city, then gets a message on his comlink. He stops and moves to one side as a HOLOGRAM OF DARTH SIDIOUS appears on the comlink in the palm of his hand. He moves further into the shadows.

DARTH SlDIOUS: Commander 1138 . . .


DARTH SlDIOUS: The time has come. Execute Order Sixty-Six.

CLONE COMMANDER BACARA: It will be done, My Lord.

DARTH SIDIOUS fades, and the CLONE COMMANDER snaps the comlink closed and looks to the main plaza of the city, where KI-ADI-MUNDI is leading the charge. The clones stop. KI-ADI-MUNDI turns around and is blasted by clone fire. He's killed before he can defend himself.


A column of CLONE WALKERS marches across the forest floor. The STRANGE CALLS of the alien forest creatures of FELUCIA suddenly stop. The Jedi AAYLA SECURA and her CLONE TROOPS brace for an ambush.

AAYLA: Steady. . . . steady . . .

They all look around for signs of the enemy. CLONE COMMANDER BLY moves up behind the Jedi.

AAYLA: (continuing) Bly, do you think they're Droids?

BLY: No.

BLY blasts AAYLA in the back. The OTHER CLONES fire on her as she hits the ground.

BLY blasts AAYLA in the back. The OTHER CLONES fire on her as she hits the ground.

Another Jedi, BARRISS OFFEE, is cutting down a patrol of DROIDS when a CLONE WALKING TANK and SEVEN CLONE TROOPERS round a corner and blast the Jedi away.


YODA drops his gimer stick, clutches his chest, and rests against a wall.

—Revenge of the Sith script

YODA watches from the balcony. The battle rages as CLONES and WOOKIEES attack DROIDS coming across the water on CORPORATE ALLIANCE TANK DROIDS. CHEWBACCA and TARFFUL stand on either side of the Jedi Master as he watches the battle below. CLONE COMMANDER GREE and ONE OFFICER walk onto the balcony toward YODA. YODA stands looking over the battlefield below. When they are close enough, the CLONES reveal their weapons and fire.

But faster than the CLONES can reveal their weapons, YODA ignites his lightsaber, leaps in the air, and beheads both CLONES.

—Revenge of the Sith script

Centuries of practice had made it easy for Yoda to slip his mind nearly free from his body, to rest in the living Force. Lately, he had taken the opportunity to do so whenever it arose. For as the dark side grew stronger over the years, so had his belief that someone was trying to reach him through the increasing gloom.

Eyes closed, Yoda gave himself up to the Force. Yes, there it was — the sense of someone reaching for him. Almost, he succeeded. Something brushed close to Yoda … no, someone, someone who felt familiar. And then, suddenly, shock waves ripped through the Force. Jedi are dying.

Yoda’s eyes popped open. Two clone officers were coming up behind him. To consult me, they pretend they are coming. But Yoda could sense the faint aura of the dark side clinging to them. Something was very wrong, indeed.

So he was not surprised when the two clones reached for their weapons. His lightsaber hummed in his hands, and an instant later two white-helmeted heads fell one way, and two bodies the other.

—Revenge of the Sith junior novel

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Master Yoda senses and then cuts down several Chameleon Droids:

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Master Yoda senses the emergence of the dark side two hundred years before the Sith Lord Darth Maul reveal the existence of the Sith at the Battle of Naboo:

For the past two centuries, however, Yoda has been aware of a gradual re-emergence of the dark side.

—Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary

Master Yoda can stretch his senses across the galaxy to enter the minds of other Jedi, allowing him to see what they see, as if they were remote sensors:

Yoda surrendered himself to the current of the Force. Sometimes, when the current was swift and steadfast, he could see through the eyes of his fellow Jedi, almost as if they were the Temple's remote sensors.

—Labyrinth of Evil

Master Yoda stretches his senses across Coruscant to witness the events of the battle across the planet and in the space above the planet. He even perceives Darth Sidious:

Yoda paced away from the console, deliberately turning his back to the glut of devices, screens, data displays, in a kind of countermeasure. Shutting his eyes to distance himself farther, he stretched out with his feelings, placing in his mind's eye Mace and Kit Fisto skimming through the deranged sky; Shaak Ti and Stass Allie hurrying toward Palpatine's quarters in 500 Republica; Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar, Bultar Swan, and other Jedi Masters and Jedi Knights streaking from Coruscant's envelope in their starfighters, local space flashing with energy bolts and globular explosions, ships too numerous to count embroiled in a monumental battle... Grievous was loosing his war machines against both military and civilian targets, firing at anything and everything that wandered into his sights, commanding his droid fighters to dash themselves against Coruscant's defensive umbrellas or race down through traffic lanes, initiating chain reactions of collisions. And yet, for all the diversion, disruption, and terror those stratagems incited, they had little to do with the real battle. As was true of the war itself, the real battle was being fought in the Force.

Yoda stretched out farther, immersing himself fully in the Force - - only to feel his breath catch in his throat. Frigid, the current became. Arctic. And for the first time he could feel Sidious. Feel him on Coruscant!

—Labyrinth of Evil

Alter Environment

Alter Environment is the Jedi’s ability to manipulate the natural surroundings, such as water, air, etc. and use it to their advantage by freezing water or air, or manipulating cloud coverings.

Master Yoda creates a pocket of air to hold back the vacuum of space:

The howling wind nearly jerked Chuff out of the lift tube to follow them, but Master Yoda's hand held him back. A pocket of air remained in the lift, held there by Yoda's will. Out in the long dark of space, the assassin droids spun, tumbling slowly as they drifted farther and farther away, until their erratic blasterfire was only the twinkling of distant lights.

—Yoda Dark Rendezvous

Battle Meditation

Battle Meditation is the Jedi Art of using the Force to infuse allies with confidence and morale, while also diminishing the morale of enemies. Potent applications can even increase the combat skills of allies to turn the tide of any battle.

Master Yoda is skilled in Battle Meditation:

Talents: Force-sensitivity; master of all lightsaber styles; battle meditation; diplomacy; leadership; knowledge of Jedi traditions.

—Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia

Master Yoda potentially uses Battle Meditation to infuse Palleus Chuff with courage:

Yoda held Chuffs hands, clasping them around the lightsaber.

"Live your part, you can. Be a Jedi hero, you must!"

And somehow, strength and courage and confidence seemed to flow from the old one's hands, and Chuff felt more alive than he had ever been. As if courage were a fire, and he was standing too close to Yoda not to burn. He felt his own eyes gleam and his own mouth curve up into Yoda's Merry Havoc smile.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda uses Battle Meditation during the Battle of Kashyyyk:

“Master Yoda went into a Battle Meditation and we became his lightsabers.”

—Quinlan Vos (Hidden Enemy)

Jedi Mind Trick

The Jedi Mind Trick is an ability that allows a Jedi or Sith to influence the weak-minded or mighty to manipulate them, coerce them, or otherwise affect their minds to make them serve the user's ends.

Yoda uses the Jedi Mind Trick to manipulate Captain Typho:

Master Yoda has entered Obi-Wan Kenobi’s mind before:

Dooku’s slow pace spoke of an underlying arrogance and was in sharp contrast to the briskness of his invasion into Obi-Wan’s mind. Obi-Wan bit back a gasp and fled, trying to set new mental barriers in his wake. He’d had other Force users in his mind before. Qui-Gon. Anakin. Even Master Yoda. But where their touches had been gentle, almost a caress, Dooku’s was painful and humiliating.

—Star Wars Shorts: Precipice


The most basic and well-known of Force abilities. Telekinesis is an umbrella term encompassing the ability to manipulate objects and people. Abilities that manifest under this term include Force Push, Force Pull, Force Choke, Force Wave, Force Repulse, and Force Crush.

Master Yoda uses Force Pull to disarm an assailant:

When Tejere attempted to fire a third time, his weapon flew from his hand, toward the Jedi. Master Yoda caught the weapon, and Master Windu strode toward the now unarmed assailant.

—HoloNet News: Would-be Saboteur Captured

Master Yoda uses the Force to slow his fall:

As Yoda fell, he reached out to slow his fall with all the mastery of the Force he had learned in his long years. It was enough, barely. He landed hard, but not too hard.

—Revenge of the Sith junior novel

Master Yoda uses the Force to lift himself and Palleus Chuff over a starfighter:

Yoda used the Force to whirl them both high into the air and over Last Call as a hail of flechettes pinged and pattered off the starship's side.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda uses the Force to pull himself and Palleus Chuff up against the underside of a starfighter:

"True!" Yoda grunted, and with another sudden twitch of the Force, the two of them were stuck to the ship's underside as a line of plasma fire swept the deck where they had just been standing. An instant later they dropped back to the floor, now hot underfoot.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda lifts R2-D2 with telekinesis:

Once, while Yoda stood watching nearby, Luke used the Force to lift two large equipment cases and suspend them in midair. Yoda was pleased, but noticed Artoo Detoo observing this apparent impossibility and emitting electronic beeps of disbelief. The Jedi Master raised his hand and, with the Force, lifted the little droid off the ground.

Artoo hovered, his baffled internal circuits and sensors trying to detect the unseen power that held him suspended in the air. And suddenly the invisible hand played still another joke on him: While hanging in midair, the little robot was abruptly turned upside down. His white legs kicked desperately and his dome head spun helplessly around. When Yoda finally lowered his hand, the droid, along with two supply cases, began to drop. But only the boxes smashed against the ground. Artoo remained suspended in space.

Turning his head, Artoo perceived his young master, standing with hand extended, preventing Artoo from a fatal tumble.

Yoda shook his head, impressed by his student's quick thinking and by his control.

Yoda sprang onto Luke's arm and the two of them turned back toward the house. But they had forgotten something: Artoo Detoo was still hanging in the air, beeping and whistling frantically, trying to get their attention. Yoda was merely playing another joke on the fretful droid, and as Yoda and Luke strolled away, Artoo heard the Jedi Master's bell-like laugh float in gay peals behind him as the droid slowly lowered to the ground.

—The Empire Strikes Back

Master Yoda is said to have lifted a boulder the size of a family-sized electric cart with merely a gesture:

"Part of becoming a Jedi Knight is learning how to become better connected to the Force. Jedi Masters are the best at it-coupled with their wisdom and experience, they are able to do things that Padawans, let alone those with no knowledge of the Force, find miraculous. It augments our strength, oxygenates our tissues, decreases reaction lag. Once, in Coruscant Park, I saw Master Yoda lift a rock as big as a family-sized electric cart, with what looked like nothing but a simple hand gesture. The results can be great and wonderful."

—Medstar II: Jedi Healer

Master Yoda lifts heavy durasteel containers:

Obi-Wan saw the heavy durasteel containers suddenly move, floating up in the air, propelled by Yoda's use of the Force. As they hung above, the hinged lids opened, and flamethrowers spilled out in a fiery arc. Spewing fire, they rained down on the rest of the weapons. The blast of discharged explosives filled the air, smoke rose, and the remaining cache of weapons fused from the intense heat.

—Jedi Quest: The Shadow Trap

Yoda easily repels objects thrown at him by Count Dooku, even casting aside pieces of a torn ceiling:

He twisted machinery from the walls and threw it at Yoda with the power of the dark side. Yoda batted the objects aside with little effort, casting away his cane to stand tall as he did so.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Yoda and Dooku engaged in battle. First their powers in the Force were put to the test as Dooku attempted to crush the tiny Jedi Master with hurled debris. Yoda easily deflected such assaults, and even repulsed Dooku’s Force lightning attacks.

—Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

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Master Yoda uses the Force to throw three battle droids:

Obi-Wan saw Yoda lift his hand and send a trio of attack droids smashing against the wall.

—Jedi Quest: The Shadow Trap

Master Yoda uses telekinesis to take out four droids:

Suddenly, the great doors slide open. The DROIDS turn fast, raising their weapons. Through the thick smoke, emerges the heroic figure of YODA. He stops on the smoke-filled threashold, FOUR DROIDS lined up on either side of him, guns pointed.

Before the DROIDS can get off a shot, YODA raises his hand, and the DROIDS are flung against the far walls and crash to the floor in heaps of smoking metal.

—Attack of the Clones script

Yoda nonchalantly uses telekinesis to incapacitate a pair of Darth Sidious’ Royal Guardsmen:

When Yoda arrives at Palpatine’s holding office beneath the Senate Rotunda, he is in no mood for interference. Before the Chancellor’s red guards can so much as brandish their force pikes, Yoda flattens them with a Force push.

—Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary

YODA enters, using the Force to throw two RED GUARDS against the wall, knocking them unconscious

—Revenge of the Sith script

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Master Yoda destroys several assassin droids using only the Force:

Then the chattering sound of a railgun bit into the dim docking bay, gouging a line of sparks out of the floor, and Yoda was gone. An instant later one of the assassin droids was picked up as if by an invisible hand and hurled into a comrade. Tracers of railgun fire converged on a shadowy figure flitting away from Chuff. How much time left, the actor wondered. Three minutes? Two? He drew a deep breath. Quietly he crept toward the Call's last magnetic anchor. The docking bay was filled with a grinding, scraping noise as a single-pilot stunt craft some distance away began to drag across the floor. Yoda was drawing the droids away. Chuff limped over to the last leg of the ship. After days trussed up in Ventress's hold, his whole body felt stiff, sore, and awkward. The skin in the middle of his back was crawling, expecting the burst of blasterfire that would cut him down. He forced himself to ignore it, determined not to let Yoda down.

Muzzle flashes lit the far end of the bay like continuous lightning, and a sonic grenade went off, adding its bass growl to the whine and chatter of the railguns. Without so much as a lightsaber, Master Yoda was giving the assassin droids all they could handle. When Chuff got to the last stanchion, he had a sudden moment of panic, sure he wouldn't know how to turn the lightsaber back on. He tabbed what would have been the power button on the prop he had used for 1,437 performances of Jedi! To his delight the weapon hissed immediately to life.

"By the stars," he murmured, feeling his best Knowing Yoda Smile creep onto his face, "the Force is with me."

Quickly he slashed through the support, turned off the lightsaber so it wouldn't give away his position, and threw himself backward as a sudden stuttering flare of tracer fire whined overhead. The Call settled on the deck with a resounding crash, free of her magnetic constraints.

By the time Chuff made it to the turbolift, the countdown chrono running in his head said Last Call's engines were going to roar to life any second now. He had a sudden image of what that would mean: rippling bands of magnetic energy and fusion bursts pulsing through the hold, the ship smashing blindly into walls. Energy building for the blind jump to hyperspace, and Force help anyone caught in a confined space with that.

Chuff swallowed. Playing the hero with Yoda's own lightsaber in his hands he had felt shaky courage everywhere, but now the courage was draining fast and only the shaking remained. He curled up in a corner and turned his face to the wall so he wouldn't see the first gleam as the Call's engines flickered to life.

A hand touched him on the shoulder. He gasped, spun, and saw Yoda's merry eyes looking at him. Yoda grabbed Chuff and dived for the lift as a line of flechettes chopped into the wall where they'd been standing.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda Force Pushes dozens of guards:

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Yoda catches a Senate Pod thrown by Darth Sidious and then throws it back at the Sith Lord:

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Yoda halts a collapsing steel pillar before it can crush Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker:

While Yoda used his mighty Force skills to hold the metal column in mid-air and then send it crashing away from them, Dooku made his getaway.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Master Yoda was able to lift all six of the Jedi Muntuur Stones before the age of seven hundred, after which he could only lift five of them in meditation:

For control, visit the Temple’s Kuddaka chamber, where the Muntuur Stones are kept. Each stone weighs several tons, so merely jostling one can be marked as a success. Master Fae, it should be noted, can levitate all six after entering a state of deep meditation.

—The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force

“Impressive! While size matters not, only five can I lift since I passed 700.”


Master Yoda suspends thrown food, drinks, and utensils in the air and the gently settles them back down as if they hadn’t been disturbed:

"Maybe it has a lot to say." Whie stared at the starscape hovering over the projector table. "It's so easy for you. What do you care? You are unattached, aren't you? You'll probably never die. What was Maks Leem to you? Another pupil. After all these centuries, who could blame you if you could hardly keep track of them? Well, she was more than that to me." He looked up challengingly. Tear tracks were shining on his face, but his eyes were still hard and angry. "She was the closest thing I had to a mother, since you took me away from my real mother. She chose me to be her Padawan and I let her down, I let her die, and I'm not going to sit here and stuff myself and get over it!" He finished with a yell, sweeping the plate of crepes off the projection table, so the platter went sailing toward the floor.

Yoda's eyes, heavy-lidded and half closed like a drowsing dragon's, gleamed, and one finger twitched. Food, platter, drinks, and all hung suspended in the air. The platter settled; the crepes returned to it; Whie's overturned cup righted itself, and rich purple liquid trickled back into it. All settled back onto the table. Another twitch of Yoda's fingers, the merest flicker, and Whie's head jerked around as if on a string, until he found himself looking into the old Jedi's eyes. They were green, green as swamp water. He had never quite realized before how terrifying those eyes could be. One could drown in them. One could be pulled under.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda uses the Force to push a missile so that it misses its target by one kilometer:

With a snort, Yoda turned his eyes to the sky and picked out the glowing dot racing in from the horizon. Below him, Dooku landed softly on the ground and melted into the rose gardens. The missile was coming in with terrible speed and power: too much coming at Yoda too fast ever to wholly stop it, even if he had time and perfect peace. But he reached out to pull up the Force binding even Vjun's bitter green moss and twisted thorn-trees, and let it flow through him like a wind: the breath of a world, gathered and released in a push-feather game with all their lives on the line, not to oppose the missile's force with force, but to touch it gently on the side-just enough to send it screaming by the broken window casement to plunge a kilometer offshore into the cold and waiting sea. A long instant later, water fountained from the ocean in a blaze of light three hundred meters tall, and then fell back. The chateau and all those inside it had been spared: but Dooku was gone.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda holds up a starfighter with telekinesis:

"Why are you doing that?" Chuff asked, peering forward so his head was right under the corner of the ship now without support. Yoda squeaked and puffed out his round cheeks with the sudden effort of using the Force to keep the Call from crushing Chuff into a grease spot on the docking bay floor.

—Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Master Yoda lifts Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing out of the Dagobah Swamp with ease:

When Luke’s X-wing starfighter sank into a bog, Yoda decided it was a perfect opportunity to test Luke’s relationship with the Force. He told his student to use the Force to life the stricken ship. When Luke failed and gave up, disheartened, Yoda realized a demonstration was needed. He closed his eyes and used his formidable powers to levitate Luke’s sunken ship.

—Star Wars Fact Files

Quietly Yoda turns toward the X-wing fighter. With his eyes closed and

his head bowed, he raises his arm and points at the ship.

Soon, the fighter rises above the water and moves forward as Artoo

beeps in terror and scoots away.

The entire X-wing moves majestically, surely, toward the shore. Yoda

stands on a tree root and guides the fighter carefully down toward the


—Empire Strikes Back script

Luke gasped in astonishment as the X-wing gracefully rose from its watery tomb and moved majestically toward the shore.

He silently vowed never to use the word 'impossible' again. For there, standing on his tree root pedestal, was tiny Yoda, effortlessly gliding the ship from the water onto the shore. It was a sight that Luke could scarcely believe. But he knew that it was a potent example of Jedi mastery over the Force.

Artoo, equally astounded but not so philosophical, issued a series of loud whistles, then bolted off to hide behind some giant roots.

The X-wing seemed to float onto the beach, and then gently came to a stop.

—The Empire Strikes Back novel

Yoda sighed. Slowly, he bowed his head and closed his eyes. Then he raised his small right hand in the direction of the sunken X-wing.

The starfighter began to rise again.

R2-D2 watched the displaced water flow off the starfighter as it lifted from the swamp. Long strands of moss and weeds dangled from the ship as it rose higher. The little droid began beeping wildly.

Luke heard R2-D2’s cries and turned back. The X-wing was hovering high over the water’s surface.

He looked to Yoda, then back to the X-wing. The ship slowly traveled through the air, then descended to land on an area of moss-covered ground.

—The Empire Strikes Back junior novel

Mace Windu believes that Yoda is capable of lifting a steamcrawler with the Force, something Mace did not believe that he himself was capable of:

Mace opened himself to the Force. He could hear Yoda's voice: Size matters not-which, Mace had always privately considered, was more true for Yoda than it was for any of his students. Yoda would probably just reach out, lift the steamcrawler from the gully, and casually float it up the mountain to the outpost while croaking some enigmatic maxim about how Even a volcano is as nothing, compared to the power of the Force... Mace was much less confident in his own raw power.


Master Yoda and Mace Windu use Force Wave to blow away dozens of Battle Droids:

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Master Yoda uses telekinesis to cause an avalanche that wipes out several Chameleon Droids:

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Master Yoda telekinetically lifts dozens of Destroyer Droids and holds them in the path of Separatist starfighters:

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Master Yoda uses telekinesis to lift massive pieces of the Ilum Jedi Temple:

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Master Yoda telekinetically forces droid transports back into their landing craft and the pushes it back:

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While telekinetically pushing a Separatist landing craft, Yoda uses the Force to grab another one and slam it into the former craft, destroying both of them:

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Yoda uses telekinesis to hold Asajj Ventress back from striking down the Toydarian King Katuunko:

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Yoda uses Force Push against Asajj Ventress:

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Yoda casually disarms Asajj Ventress using the Force:

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Master Yoda throws back Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, and Depa Billaba with telekinesis. While the feat is commonly believed to be a feat of speed, it is made apparent later in the source that the lesson was based in telekinesis:

Yoda had faced the assembled students and spoken, his thin reedy voice somehow carrying to the far corners of the lecture hall without benefit of amplifiers.

"Better than training, the Force is. More than experience or speed it gives."

And he had given a demonstration. Three members of the council-Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, and Depa Billaba, excellent fighters all-had come forward and attacked him. Master Yoda had not been armed, and had not seemed to move more than a meter or so, his tread slow and measured. Nevertheless, none of the three had been able to lay a finger on him. The lesson had struck powerfully home: Knowledge of the Force was infinitely better than technique.

—Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Yoda throws back Darth Sidious with a powerful Force Push:

YODA uses the Force to throw DARTH SIDIOUS back, knocking him clear over his desk and onto the floor in a heap.

—Revenge of the Sith script

No Caption Provided


Telepathy is the ability to read or communicate with another's mind from across great distances.

Master Yoda appears to read Dooku’s thoughts:

Dooku saw that he had been tricked. He had no doubt now that he and Lorian had been made team captains deliberately. The Jedi Council had wanted to pit them against each other to see how deep the tensions ran.

"Tricked you were not," Yoda said, as if he'd read Dooku's thoughts. "Given an opportunity you were. Not alone are you, Dooku. To ask for help is no shame."

—Legacy of the Jedi

Master Yoda receives Obi-Wan’s thoughts from a great distance:

The voice came through so faintly that at first Yoda, sunk deep in meditation, thought he'd imagined it. Thought he was dreaming, or committing the grave error of aimless hoping. He'd been waiting so long, with no answers, and had begun to fear the worst.

Then he heard it again, stronger. Vivid with pain...and stained with darkness. Obi-Wan's voice...his thoughts...unmistakable. Yet somehow the dark side was threaded through his Force presence. Yoda rarely admitted to alarm...but the bitter taste of Sith in their communication was a legitimate cause for apprehension. The echo of another, virulent voice...die Jedi, die Jedi.

Pushing the malevolence to one side, he descended more deeply than until this moment he'd ever dared to go, opening himself until he was virtually defenseless. Obi-Wan's thoughts poured into him, a desperate babble, as though he was terrified he could not maintain the connection. The intricacy of the details he imparted was as worrying as his fear, and that taste of the dark side; telepathy was hardly ever so precise. Feelings, impressions, yes. But pinpoint-accurate galactic coordinates? Precisely ordered requests? No. This communication was unwholesome. To the light side, abomination.

Then as suddenly as he'd made contact, Obi-Wan vanished. Not in death, but as though a holotransceiver circuit had fused.

—Wild Space


Willpower governs a Jedi's ability to perceive illusions, resist illusions, as well as dispell them.

Master Yoda defeats his dark side and conquers his hubris in a trial by the Force Priestesses:

Master Yoda sees through the illusion of Darth Bane:

Jedi Master Yoda encountered a giant specter of Bane while visiting Moraband, the ancient Sith homeworld. Once the Jedi dismissed the spirit to be nothing more than an illusion, it dissipated.

—Star Encyclopedia

Master Yoda sees through an illusion of a tranquil Jedi Temple:

Master Yoda defeats Darth Sidious in a vision, overcoming the Sith Sorcery that Darth Sidious and Count Dooku implemented in an attempt to break him:

Force Ghost

The rare ability to transcend the physical plane and become a Force Spirit is an example of a Jedi's ability to retain their identity after death. Through this means, the Jedi can appear to others to offer counsel and wisdom to those who need it.

Master Yoda transcended the physical realm and became a Force Spirit, appearing to Luke Skywalker after the deaths of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, and continued to appear for some time to offer advice to Luke until the Jedi no longer needed him:

The Jedi Master was not gone forever. Yoda reappeared to Luke Skywalker in spirit form alongside the spirits of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi following the Battle of Endor, and in the years following Yoda’s death he appeared again on a handful of occasions to offer the young Jedi help and advice as he sought out others for training. As Skywalker’s knowledge of the Force grew, Yoda’s influence diminished until he was no longer needed.

—Star Wars Fact Files

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