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    The colored version of Nami

    Here we have it. As requested, I colored the sketch for y'all. I use premiere markers, (Copic equivalents, you can find them at AC Moore) Faber castell fineliners, xs and M size, and a 0.1 millimeter ...

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    Yhwach Vs Madara

    What happens when you put two near gods in a deathmatch? I'm here to find out.Rules: Yhwach has 2 of his sternritter with him (To even the playing field a bit cuz Madara has Juubi amps) Madara is in f...

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    Favorite Bleach Character Poll

    Name any character that is your favorite. I don't really care. I just want to see what characters are popular for the sake of doing that.Personally, I am a Rukia fan.

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    Grimmjow vs Ulquiorra

    Rules: Traditional battle style, both characters act like themselves. Gran Rey Cero and Final Release forms allowed. Grimmjow does not have his weird box thing from the first time they fought.Arena: S...

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    Deku vs Bakugo

    same rules as the individual battles in the sports festival arc, same costumes as well

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    Toshiro vs Rukia

    If Toshiro Hitsugaya and Rukia Kuchiki were to fight,(Sparring, not a death battle) what would be the outcome?Rules: Rukia as her mastered bankai (After the final timeskip)Toshiro has his adult form/ ...

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    Nomus Vs Menos Grande

    A little Idea of mine that popped into my head as I was reading some BNHA. Nomus are monsters, Hollows (the menos) are other monsters, what would happen in a death battle?Rules: Nomu abilities are res...

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    Todoroki vs Sasuke

    rules:Sasuke has no MS, just the base. He can use fire style (Basically pre-shippuden sasuke minus the curse mark)Todoroki can use his normal attacks. (He has his hero suit on)I felt like creating thi...

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    Personally, I have no idea who would win. I'm slightly leaning toward Urahara because I don't see Kakashi use barrier jutsu a lot, but that's just me. Kido still would apply to the battle, and Urahar...