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How many Retcons do you need?

It seems that with every year the comic book industry gets less and less sure of what is going on and what they should do. As of now both DC and Marvel has a ridiclous amount of retcon devices that it can't choose to use at any point and time that they want. For of those unsure of what these invited features are I shall discuss a few that I think are the biggest slaps in our faces. I'll start with Marvel. 
Marvel's House of M and Decimation was hailed as a highlight of the Marvel Story telling process. To me it was just a giant cluster of Retcon waiting to happen. As many of you remember Bobby Drake lost his power. It appeared that he was one of the many who lost there power thanks to Wanda. NOPE! Your wrong! Turns out Bobby only thought he lost his power and in reality never lost his powers. If Bobby Drake didn't lose his powers how many other mutants are out there thinking that they have no power but in reality have all the power they need to survive? I mean why go through all of this to produce a story with that being one of the longer lasting side effects and have it be fake that all it takes is one writer to decide this shouldn't be and bang thousands of mutants that haven't been killed as humans now having powers again. 
DC is no better. I for one was shocked at Identity Crisis. The death of the Elongated Man's wife and the changes to characters that occurred there was great. Following this the death of Ted Kord, Rocket Red, and various other heroes leading up to Infinite Crisis. Than....Bang. DC Throws a Retcon. Alexander Luthor, Superman Earth Two, Superboy Prime. I mean really DC? You had such a good story up until this point. This is where you lost me. As this place that they are protected in can't be destroyed rather there is one universe or 52x52 earths it's going be there. If a badguy like Doomsday, Darkseid, or any badguys with the strength of superman get there and began to hit it than they shall began to alter the world. Change it so Batman appears earlier? That Superman appears Kent does to Metropolis? I mean really DC if your going to invent a Retcon Device go big or go home! 
The worse thing I have seen for Retcon devices is DC newly unleashed Black Lanterns. I mean they come  back to life due to the power of the Black Ring. They get destroyed, end of story? Wrong! It would have been one thing if the DC writers put in the leg work to discover which of the bodies that they drew was actually present instead they skipped that part. They are some people who have been destroyed to the atom and yet they are present and accounted for in this issue as black lanterns. If people that have no bodies can be Black Lanterns than the Black Lanterns can keep recruiting the ones that they have done already. Well that is until they come back as living beings thanks to the Blue Lantern light...Cheese thanks DC...... 
I guess it goes to show you nothing is for good in Comics.
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Scarlet Witch

I haven't liked the Marvel Universe since she messed it up. I think it's about high time they bring her back and fix everything that Marvel Decided to drop the ball on. War World Hulk Sucked, The 198 Sucks; I'm still waiting for every mutant to use the loophole Iceman did, Civil War was what I did when I was a kid playing with Action Figures. Come on Wanda Speak those magical worlds and bring me back to a time where I thought any marvel title was good enough to buy. Please take me back!

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No. I won't be cutting back on how  many comics I buy. Of course I don't buy new comic books. I tried but having to go to college I find myself not only able to guess the plot a year in advance but that it's pretty weak. Instead I buy back issues. Green Lantern, Justice Society of America, All Star Squadron, Suicide Squad are all favorites. It helps when I have I can get these from 1 dollar issues to 3 max. I was able to pick up All Star Squadron #1 for only 1.49. I also got Infinity Inc. #1 for only 1.50. Great buys and Mint Condition. I was surprised. I find that as I look back I enjoy the older comics more than the new. The new comics just seem to be lacking something.

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