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For the issue at least, I say the warning should be held in the highest regard...though some may see this as being a harmless issue without any real story it is still needed in the series.The majority of the panels depict nudity and the entire issue tells of the recovery of Tarot's Mother, Raven Hex, Skeleton Man and Tarot herself.Tarot's Mother is barely elaborated on but it is said that Raven's recovery was very painful.Skeleton Man returns from a coma by having the Fluffy Witch Coven delve in...

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The Legend of Drizzt Continues 0

Like its predecessor this book is also a great installment in the legend of Drizzt and only heightens the pace of this exciting series.In this volume, we see Drizzt grow more and more in his understanding of both his race, the Drow, and of himself. He begins to train under Drow other than Zaknafein, and so is introduced to a much more harsh world.Also, the ending of this volume in the series begins to truly show Drizzt's feelings towards his race. Though still refusing to kill any of them he is ...

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Intro to the Legend of Drizzt 1

First off, I have to say this book was far from what I expected, I never imagined it could be so AWESOME! I never would have believed a combination of my two favorite forms of literature (comics and fantasy novels) could become something even better.The book mainly starts out as an introduction to the realm of the Drow, and their way of life. They are a murderous people who care nothing for the lives of their brethren and simply live to seek higher status.Then we meet Drizzt, the oddity of his r...

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Looking Back 0

Well, everyone now knows the popular team that is the Exiles, you also may know that their series has been restarted as the New Exiles. But after this was done I was taken aback, then again I remembered this issue, the first installment in a great series. Perhaps they remembered the success of the first number one and wished to try it out again, I guess it worked.Now, back to this issue. Exiles #1 was a great comic book to me, it was actually the first Marvel comic I ever read and I can assure y...

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