Vertigo: Unowned (1993-1998, 2012-2013)

My eventual goal/hope is to own every Vertigo release. Now, I'm not entirely crazy like wanting to own everything that was released in hardcover and softcover in both formats or every printing of everything. Essentially, just owning every item that would be indexed uniquely in a database such as, ComicVine's, for example. This goal is actually a long ways away (like years) BUT I figured, why not keep track of it using CV lists? Since 2012 just started I figured it'd be easy to keep track of that and as I have time and begin to acquire more I will try and incorporate further years. Since I have essentially everything from 1993 and I'm (for the most part) growing my collection from the early years and beyond I'll probably start adding from that end even though I'm starting with the current year.

As I include years in this list, I'll remove the lists of comics I've read from each year, as I'll be sure to read all the ones I own before I incorporate the year, and thus you can assume if it's not on this list, I've read it (although I have a list of comics I've read on my alternate account).

Years Missing from List



List items

  • Will probably wait for softcover which will presumably come out in 2013 or late 2012

  • I want to buy the Absolutes before I buy the Annotated

  • Already have the Preacher trades so will probably get all of the singles before I get the hardcovers

  • Still haven't found a copy.

  • I'll be awaiting the new edition, which I suspect will be in the fall of 2013 unless they speed up the process.

  • I have the singles, wasn't a big enough fan that I feel compelled to get the trade just yet.

  • Not a major thing to be missing but I am something of a completist.

  • Will probably wait for it in trade.

  • Why buy the new trade when it's probably just going to get a new edition soon enough.

  • Have the contents of this in trade form.

  • As I mentioned already, I plan my trade/hardcover buying quite a bit in advance and so this one caught me off-guard. I remember seeing it was solicited on Amazon a long time ago but I'm pretty sure I saw it for the first time on the Vertigo site two days before it came out. That said, I was incapable of waiting for Flex earlier so this isn't new material to me but I will get it eventually.

  • Currently own in trade paperback form only.

  • Eh, will probably wait for the trade.

  • Currently own in trade paperback format.

  • Own content in trade form.

  • Own in single-issue form.

  • Own in single-issue form.

  • Own as collected in Preacher Vol. 1

  • Own some in other forms.

  • Already own all the trades and most of Volume 1 in singles as well.

  • Own in trade-form only.

  • Own in single-issue form

  • Am familiar with the Vertigo Tarot but do not own the deck yet.

  • Own in various formats but not all in one package, will probably get the Absolute before this.

  • Waiting for what will presumably be a new edition with an assigned Vol. #

  • I really want to read this now but it'd feel out of place with the Fables trades.

  • See note on Vol. 1

  • I'll probably get this one soon because it skipped the whole trade paperback format.

  • I will get this soon but I keep forgetting whether I have the prequels or not.

  • Own in original trade form only.

  • Own in trade form only.

  • Own in single-issue form only.

  • Own in single-issue form only.

  • For some reason I feel like holding off on these new trades because I'm not sure if they'll follow it through until the end.

  • Own in original trades only.

  • Not sure if I should wait for this in trade since it's likely too large for that format.

  • Own in single-issue form, also have the novelization I think.

  • Own in single-issue form only.

  • Own in single-issue form only.

  • Own in single-issue form only.

  • Own in single-issue form only.

  • I always thought I had this but after scouring my collection, I realized I did not. Hope it's as good as his other stuff I've read which was great (though this is much older).