Vertigo: 2010 (Not Up-To-Date)

Just a list of Vertigo releases I have read, it's (for the most part) up to date and listed chronologically based on a month by month basis. Feel free to ask my opinions on any comics here or to ask why I haven't read Vertigo comics not listed here yet.

Also, don't let yourself get under the impression these are the only comics I've read or enjoyed, not at all, Vertigo just happens to be my passion.

What I Have Yet to Read from This Year:

  • Revolver #1
  • Dark Rain #1
  • Cuba: My Revolution #1
  • The Green Woman #1
  • A Sickness in the Family #1
  • Vertigo Resurrected: The Extremist #1
  • How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less #1
  • Vertigo Resurrected: Winter's Edge #1

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