Astra Aurelius

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Real Name: Astra Aurelius

Name Meaning: In Greek Astra means "star". In Norse Astra means "Divine Strength". In Latin Astra means "From astralis" meaning "of the stars."

Aurelius is Latin for "the Golden one."

Identity: Public

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Colonel in the Anor Londo Military. Soldier. Adventurer. Tour Guide for the Museum of Greek History and Antiques.

Military Rank: Colonel (Highly Decorated many times for bravery and honor).

Commanding Officer: General L. While Astra has a high respect towards General L, their relationship is also a little tense. The Legion that Colonel Aurelius serves in may have one of the best Kill-to-Death ratios out of the entire Anor Londo military, but it's also because General L has a habit of ordering liberal use of exotic bio/chem weaponry, which Astra disagrees with.

Base Of Operations: Mobile. Astra operates all over the galaxy but right now she is vacationing on Earth.

Affiliation: Anor Londo Military

Citizenship: Anor Londo

Legal Status: Illegal Alien

Place of Birth: Anor Londo

Education: Military level

Age: 2,400 (that's 24 in human years).

Marital Status: Single (Widow).

Relatives: Markus Aurelius (Father, deceased), Sora (Mother, deceased), Kassandra Aurelius (Younger Sister, deceased), Alexios Aurelius (Brother, deceased), Brasidas (Husband, deceased), Alec (Son, deceased).

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Physical Form: Beautiful and muscular, Astra is a soldier with multiple scars on her body thanks to the wounds she suffered thanks to the torture she had received when she had been captured by the enemy.

Race: Alien (Anor Londorian Hybrid)

Psyche Profile: Astra suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to her long centuries of fighting in various wars and killing other alien beings in close personal combat. She has constant nightmares almost on a daily basis and must always seek therapy to cope with these issues.

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx


Alien Physiology: As an alien, Astra possesses a number of physical attributes that put her above most humans.

  • Accelerated Healing: Without her armor, Astra can heal 5x faster than any ordinary human. She is also highly resistant to diseases and parasites (she's near immune to the worst of the worst on Earth). She also happens to be resistant to various drugs, toxins and alcohol intoxication.
  • Durability: Astra is completely invulnerable to conventional small arms fire and conventional blades made from ordinary Earth metals. But when it comes to physical injury, impact forces, Chi & Qi based attacks she is highly resistant to them but not invulnerable. Because of this, she is able to fight super strong beings in extended battles so long as it's a fist fight. However, she can still suffer injuries depending on the strength level of her opponent. Due to Astra's high level of resistance to physical attacks, it is incredibly hard, but not impossible, to cause molecular disruption/weakening, inflict weak point/structural exploitation and all varieties of pressure point attacks have little to no effect. Because of her alien physiology, Astra's high level of durability also makes her highly resistant to molecular conversion if any attempt is made to harm her by trying to pass through her durability.
  • Longevity: Astra may be only half Anor Londorian but she is still extremely long lived. For every 100 Earth years, she ages only one year. At 2,400 years old, she has the physical appearance and age of a 24 year old human from Earth. Astra will only experience the minimum effects of old age and will still be very spry as an old woman. It is unknown how long she will actually live since she is only a hybrid but it can be safely assumed it'll be at least 10,000 years before she finally dies of old age.
  • Super Strength: Astra can level a hill in one strike and her lifting strength is 100 tons. She is also able to leap 10 miles in a single bound.
  • Speed: Astra's body is more adept at using her speed when fighting rather than running, which means she can fight at Hypersonic speeds all day without tiring (about Mach 10). She is also able to think, react and perceive her world as if it was moving in slow motion, making her a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant. Although she is capable of running at approximately Mach 5, she cannot maintain this speed over long distances since she tires out quickly. Traveling at a distance of 5 miles, for example, will cause Astra to stop and catch her breath. This means she usually reserves her speed when combat starts.
  • Stamina: Astra's body is resistant to fatigue toxins building up in her body which enables her to fight at peak exertion for an entire day before she begins to grow tired. Another extension of her stamina is the ability to hold her breath. At rest, Astra can hold her breath for 12-18hrs and 20-40 minutes if she's fighting underwater.

Animal Mimicry: Thanks to her mother's side, Astra has the power to give herself the natural ability of any animal that she is aware of and can use those abilities on an instinctual level. This includes mythical and alien animals that exist on other planets.

  • Avian Empathy: Astra has the ability to sense the emotions, communicate and command birds of every type and variety, even alien ones. She can see through their eyes as well. This power is limited only to birds, or bird-like, species.

Enhanced Senses: Astra can see an object as small as a mouse, along with every detail of it, from up to 2 miles away. She can also smell as well as any dog on Earth, being able to detect scents from miles away and track them to their source. Once Astra smells a scent, she is always able to remember who or what that scent belongs to. Her hearing is also especially keen, being able to hear low whispers from up to 40 feet away. While Astra can see much better in dark than ordinary humans can, it's not as good as those using night vision goggles.

Lightning Blast: Astra can summon lightning from the sky or choose to fire bolts of electricity from her fingertips or hands that are powerful enough to vaporize a regular human, leaving no trace of them behind. However, she is able to regulate the damage of her blasts so that she stuns instead of kills.


Animal Mimicry: While Astra can copy the powers and natural abilities of mythical animals, such as the legendary phoenix, she CANNOT copy any power that brings her back to life. Only the abilities of one animal can be copied at any given time.

Durability: Astra is vulnerable to non-conventional blades made of exotic metals, shrapnel from explosions that cause more damage than a grenade, high powered ballistics, high powered energy attacks, anti-vehicle weaponry (rockets/explosives/anti-tank rifles) and similar kinds of damage.

Magic: Astra has a semi-vulnerability to certain kinds of magical attacks. For example, Astra's durability has proven resistant to Drain Life Force and Elemental Damage, however magic that paralyzes, puts to sleep or transmutes have proven the most effective against her.


Ambidextrous: Astra can use either of her hands with equal skill.

Eidetic Memory: Astra has a near perfect memory and is able to recall almost any memory, piece of information or remember a person she's met even if it was briefly.

Engineering: With a space ship of her own, Astra had to learn how to maintain and repair her ship so she became a skilled engineer. She can also reverse engineer almost any piece of technology so long as it is not too complex for her to understand.

Indomitable Will: Astra's willpower is incredibly strong, allowing her to resist mental domination from powerful telepaths. She was once tortured for weeks by one of her enemies and she refused to be broken until she managed to escape.

Leadership: As a Colonel in the Anor Londo Military, Astra is a skilled leader. She has lead men and women into battle many times. She inspires others to press forward even when all seems lost.

Marksmanship: Astra is a highly skilled marksman and rarely misses her target.

Pankration: Astra is highly skilled in this fighting style that mixes boxing with wrestling. Everything is permitted except hitting the genitals, gouging the eyes, nose or mouth and biting is also not allowed.

Piloting: Astra is an accomplished pilot of space ships.

Tracking & Hunting: Astra is an excellent tracker when it comes to spotting foot prints left behind by animals or man. She knows what or who left that foot print and is able to track the trail to it's source. She's also a very skilled hunter and is able to hunt and kill animals for her food if, and when, necessary.

Weaponry: Astra is highly skilled in a variety of weaponry which includes swords, axes, staffs, blunt staves, polearms, maces, javelins, spears, bows, knives, throwing knives, shields, slings, etc.

Wilderness Survival: Astra can survive in almost any environment, forage for food, identify edible plants, know where to locate water sources, start a campfire using simple tools, create simple shelters and much more.


Aura Ring: Astra has an aura ring that highlights all living beings from her perspective within a radius of a mile, allowing her to see through cover/walls so it's almost impossible to surprise her or ambush her.

Enchanted Armor: The Armor that Astra wears consists of a helmet, breastplate, belt/tassels, arm guards and leg greaves. This armor has been especially adapted to accommodate her wings whenever she uses the All Weapon for that purpose (see below). The abilities and enchantments of the armor are believed to be the result of magic or highly advanced science.

  • Alternate Armor Configuration: Astra once possessed Valkyrie-like armor that had belonged to her mother and had been passed onto her. Unfortunately, the armor was stolen by a thief so Astra had her current armor enchanted with the ability to reconfigure itself into a replica of her mother's armor in her honor. This reconfiguration is purely cosmetic and provides no other benefits other than the armor's current enchantments and abilities.
  • Armor Durability: Every piece of the armor is highly resistant to damage and is able to take multiple direct hits from Depleted Uranium shells from heavy tanks before penetration occurs. The armor can also absorb the kinetic energy from those shells without Astra being killed by the trauma or knocked out. Due to the magic enchantments of the armor, it is also completely impervious to molecular disruption/weakening, weak point/structural exploitation and all varieties of pressure point attacks. Because of the chaotic nature of magic, Astra's armor also makes it immune to molecular conversion if any attempt is made to harm her by trying to pass through the armor's durability.
  • Heat & Cold Aura Shielding: Astra has had her armor enchanted with a heat and cold aura shield that absorbs heat & cold based attacks as well temperature extremes. This protection is not absolute and can still be overwhelmed by sufficiently powerful attacks.
  • Helmet: The helmet has a built in communicator installed to allow Astra to talk to anyone using the same frequency she is using. As a soldier who frequently fights on other planets, establishing communication with an alien race is necessary which is why Astra also had an "Understand & Speak All Spoken Languages" enchantment placed on her helmet to allow her to speak, and understand, any language spoken to her.
  • Kite Shield: A Kite Shield is installed inside the left arm guard and can expand in size or fold down back inside with a single mental command from Astra. The durability of this Kite Shield is 10x that of the armor itself.
  • Life-Support & Regeneration: Life support systems installed monitor Astra's life signs and physical status. In the event of an injury, the armor's regenerative aura heals her in seconds even if those injuries are extreme or near fatal. Unfortunately, the armor's healing aura is unable to regenerate dismemberment or limb destruction. Extreme damage to the armor or a cursed blade can cancel out the regenerative ability of the armor.
  • Self-Repair: Every piece of the armor can repair itself over the course of several minutes, foregoing the need of expensive maintenance.
  • Storage & Armor/Weapon Manifestation: Astra had her armor and weapons enchanted with the ability to be stored inside a golf ball sized orb for easy storage. When she needs her armor and weapons, she presses a hidden button not seen by the naked eye and her armor manifests itself and automatically surrounds her in seconds. If Astra presses the button again, the armor and weapons are stored within the orb.

Enchanted Spear: Astra uses a spear that once belonged to her father, which was passed down to her before his death. The spear has a shortened handle that can lengthen or shorten if desired and it's usually used in her left hand. The blade is capable igniting on fire for extra damage or freeze things. When thrown, she is able to recall it to her grip with a single mental command. The spear has the durability to match Asgardian Uru and the sharp edge to slice through Vibranium.

The All Weapon: The All Weapon was gifted to Astra from the King and Queen of Anor Londo when she helped saved the planet Kerithia from certain destruction. This mysterious, but powerful, weapon is capable of changing it's shape into almost any hand-held weapon imaginable. The All Weapon is even capable of changing into a pair of beautiful wings to enable Astra to fly. It has the durability of Asgardian Uru and it's sharp edge, when it assumes it, has the capability of slicing through Vibranium with a single strike. Astra shares a mystical link with the All Weapon that enables her to summon it, at will, if it ever leaves her grasp.

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The Olympia: The Olympia is Astra's personal space ship. It's armed with phaser arrays/cannons and a quantum torpedo tube. It also has a cloaking device that is capable of rendering the ship invisible even to other ship's sensors. It's cloaking is not perfect, however, and can still be detected but only IF the enemy knows what to look for or when another ship is very close. The armor is capable of resisting enemy phasers/lasers and torpedo attacks but only for a limited time. It's primary defense is it's energy shield that surrounds the ship and it is resistant to various forms of attacks to varying degrees.

There are only two decks on this ship. Deck one is the bridge where Astra pilots the ship. Deck two contains her office, two living quarters (Astra's room and one for a guest), engineering room, a small med bay, cargo bay, science lab and a training room. A food replicator is used for provisions and life support systems use a recyclable air supply that runs throughout the ship. Finally, a single teleporter is used to beam Astra to various locations on Earth while her ship remains in orbit.

Personal Pet

Orion: This golden eagle is Astra's personal pet and constant companion although it is suspected that he is more than he seems since he has a habit of always, and very conveniently, showing up at just the right time and exactly when Astra needs him. Where exactly Orion goes when he's not needed is unknown. If killed, this bird will always come back to life as if he had never died. Somehow. Astra knows not how and Orion is not telling, preferring to keep his reasons to himself for the time being.


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A hybrid of two alien races, Astra Aurelius enjoyed a long childhood as she grew up on the planet Anor Londo. At the human equivalent of seven years old, her combat training began. Since the Anor Londorians based their culture on Ancient Greece, Sparta in particular, Astra's training was very similar to the Spartans of old.

When Astra became of age, she was drafted against her will in the Anor Londorian military against her will. The life of a soldier was not one that she had wanted for herself. She actually wanted to be a healer, or Doctor in modern terms, like her mother. But Astra's father was in the military himself and it's through him that his daughter was required to be a soldier.

For the first half of the year of intense training, it was an absolute nightmare for Astra. She hated the training and she hated the military. More than once she tried to sabotage her own training by purposefully failing but her trainers saw right through this and they personally encouraged her to keep going even though they had to discipline her for not taking her training seriously. For the remaining year, Astra's mind was changed as she grew to love the training she was undertaking and by the time the year was over she was the top student.

Once graduated from basic training, Astra officially became a soldier of the Anor Londorian miltary and served with honor as well as distinction. Since her race's life span measure in the centuries, she served for many years as she fought on the battlefield of many planets as she followed the orders of her superiors. As Astra rose in the ranks, she was also decorated many times for her bravery and heroism. She also gained the respect of her commanding officers and many of the soldiers that knew her.

Ancient Greece & Time Travel

Inheriting a space ship from her father, Astra became the Captain of her own personal starship called the Olympia. Although Anor Londorians commonly use a form of magical teleportation to travel to other locations throughout the galaxy, they do possess ships that are capable of traveling through space and Astra preferred using her space ship to get around unless she was needed at any specific location without delay.

On one of her rare vacations that Astra decided to take, she headed for a backwater world called Earth but ran into a black hole that distorted time and space. Hurled into Earth's ancient past, Astra found herself on Earth during the start of Greece's Peloponnesian War. Due to the damage to her ship, Astra realized that she wouldn't be able to perform the repairs needed until she gathered the proper materials. Unfortunately, the materials she needed were not readily available due to the primitive technology of the time period. Given enough time, however, Astra knew she'd be able to gather the materials eventually but it would take several decades for her to do so.

Hiding her ship from those who might find it, Astra set out and found herself in ancient Greece. It wasn't long before she found a baby golden eagle that had been fallen out of his nest. Feeling sorry for such an adorable creature, Astra took the bird and nursed him back to health. When it came time to learn to fly, the golden eagle did so but returned to Astra and refused to leave. When it became obvious she wasn't going to get rid of him, Astra decided to name her new eagle friend, Orion, and the two became inseparable from that day forward.

Astra needed work so she began selling her capabilities as a warrior to those who needed it and she was called a Misthios, or Mercenary, for her services. On account of her eagle, Astra was also called the Eagle Bearer and quickly carved out a name for herself as a hero of the people due to her immense strength and power to fight monsters of legend. During her travels across the Greek world, Astra fought Sorcerers, tyrants, mythological beasts and other creatures of legend. She even saw the the end of the Peloponnesian War and even had a small hand in how it ended.

During this time on Earth, Astra fell in love and got married to a handsome Spartan warrior. Unfortunately, she had made many enemies during her time in Greece and one of them killed her husband. The battle that followed resulted in the death of Astra's enemy, but at great personal cost to herself since she had a miscarriage and lost the baby she had been carrying. Completely heart broken with grief, she buried her husband and unborn child before bidding goodbye to Greece as well as Earth.

Astra had finally managed to gather the materials necessary to repair her ship and when she did, she left Earth. It took another few weeks to figure out her time traveling accident occurred in the first place. When it was finally figured out how to replicate the accident, Astra set course for the same black hole that helped begin her journey into the past and used it to travel back into her present.

Unknown to Astra, her unborn son survived and the midwife who helped deliver him was a powerful Sorceress who weaved her evil magic to make the Eagle Bearer think she had a miscarriage when she didn't. The baby Astra buried was a body double of her son. With the deception successful, the Sorceress raised Astra's son, Alec by name, as her own. Using her powerful magic, however, she placed a curse on the baby in order to shorten his natural life span to equal that of a human so that he would not grow up and one day meet his mother. This was done out of a deep seeded revenge scheme against Astra. This curse worked a little too well since it had been passed down to Alec's children, as well his descendants, up to the modern day.

The Loss of Family

When Astra eventually came back into her present, fifty years had gone by during her stay on Earth. She got back into contact with the Anor Londorian military and they asked her how her vacation was. She had said it was fine before she was informed her family needed her on Anor Londo.

Another tragedy would strike Astra as she arrived too late to save her family from being slaughtered during a dinner party thanks to one of her father's longtime enemies. To make matters worse, Astra was drugged and made to look as if she murdered them herself. Escaping the authorities, Astra became a wanted criminal for the better part of a week as she investigated her family's death. Eventually, she found the guilty party and brought them to justice before turning herself in. A formal investigation into the matter was conducted and Astra was found innocent of the charges against her while the one who was truly responsible payed for his crimes by serving a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

With the death of yet another family, Astra had hit rock bottom in her life and nearly committed suicide as a result due to the mental anguish she had been experiencing at the time. But some close friends had stopped her in time before she could perform the life ending deed and convinced her to seek therapy over her problems. Reluctantly, Astra agreed and she began seeing a therapist. Over the process of time, the grief began to heal and Astra returned to military service once she was deemed mentally fit. Unfortunately, from that day forward, Astra still found it hard to let people get close to her out of fear of losing them, especially when it came to a romantic relationship.

The War of Kerithia & the Years Afterwards

When Astra returned to military service, some doubted her capability as a soldier due to her therapy sessions and mental state. But she proved her worth during the War of Kerithia. For over a decade, Astra fought for the Kerithians and eventually paved the way for a victory that would be remembered for years to come. With the enemy all but defeated, Astra was called back home and hailed a hero. Brought before the King and Queen of Anor Londo, Astra was gifted with the All Weapon, a marvel of technological engineering and powerful magic.

When Astra's next vacation time came around, she once again took one on Earth. There, she found out through some crazy adventuring that her son, Alec, had never died during her stay in ancient Greece. Unfortunately, the Eagle Bearer would be met with disappointment since she learned of the magic curse upon the family line she had started and that Alec had long died of old age. Since her descendants were living comfortable lives on Earth, she knew it would be too much to ask them to pick up everything they knew and come with her to Anor Londo and so she reluctantly left them there without ever telling them she was related to them. But from that day forward, Astra would carefully watch her various descendants and act as a protector if, and when, needed. As for removing the family curse that shortened their life spans to equal that of a human, Astra knew mankind would not be understanding of her descendants seeming like they never aged and would be hunted down just for being different much as she had been by a cult in ancient Greece.

Astra tried again and again to replicate the accident that originally displaced her in ancient Greek times in order to go back in time to meet her son, Alec, and raise him herself. Unfortunately, the Eagle Bearer could never duplicate the accident that sent her back in time. It took Astra a full century of trying before she finally gave up on it. After this, every single vacation that was taken was spent on Earth and always Astra would watch over her descendants but never telling them who she was and who was their mysterious protector.

On of one of Astra's excursions in space, she received a distress signal. She had arrived too late to save the mother giving birth but she did manage to save the baby. A human baby of all things. This surprised Astra so she took the baby to Anor Londo where the human girl was adopted and raised to be an Anor Londorian. Through the years, Astra became something of a big sister to this girl who was named Celtic and the two share a sister-like relationship to this very day.

Battle of Anor Londo

Astra was one of the soldiers called to defend her home from the Abyss and in the first day alone, witnessed countless billions of Anor Londorians die at the hands of the enemy. Many of which she had known personally and was even friends with some of them.

Astra fought bravely in the battle, but she became one of the many wounded and was taken to Anor Londo to be treated of her injuries. Normally, her armor would preclude this but it had been too badly damaged. Astra wanted to keep fighting, but couldn't until she got a new suit of armor.

The Return to Earth

Astra hadn't been back to Earth since the late 19th century and she was eager to find out what happened to her descendants. So when another opportunity came for her to take another vacation, she immediately set course for Earth to once again act s protector of her descendants. But the Eagle Bearer also had another reason for coming to Earth and that was to gather allies against the dreaded Imperium.

Random Facts

  • One of Astra's favorite dishes is Lamb cooked in sweet wine.
  • While Astra tolerates "junk food", she'd rather have a healthier option if it's available.
  • The exceptions to junk food are sweets such as ice cream or donuts. Astra has a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate.
  • Astra has someone out there on Earth who is her descendant from ancient Greek times. Who this person is Astra is not telling since her enemies would come after them.
  • Astra's current living descendants are completely unaware of any relation to her and she'd like to keep it that way for the time being.
  • Astra often mixes alcoholic drinks from Anor Londo with the ones from Earth in order to be able to get drunk. It's not a problem for her yet, but it's becoming a habit to drink just a little too much.


Enchanted Weapons: Astra carries a variety of enchanted weapons that she uses in combat. Each weapon is nearly indestructible, having the durability to match Uru itself.

  • Bow: Astra's bow and quiver has been enchanted with a variety of capabilities. The quiver never seems to run out of ammo and she has access to many types of enchanted arrows. Currently, Astra uses Fire Arrows, Freeze Arrows, Poison Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Knockout Gas Arrows, Blunt Arrows (for Non-Lethal take downs) and Armor Piercing Arrows.
  • Sword: Astra uses a sword, usually in her right hand. The blade is capable igniting on fire for extra damage or freeze things. When thrown, she is able to recall it to her grip with a single mental command.