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Name: Centuria

Species: Ephemeran

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 141 lbs.

Physical abilities: Centuria's physical abilities are consistent with those of a human of her size who engages in regular, grueling exercise. Though none of her physical statistics reach above-human levels, her agility, reflexes, and stamina push the upper limits.

Nonphysical abilities: as an Ephemeran, Centuria has an inherent resistance to magic and similar powers, and can bolster this resistance with meditative techniques. Her mind is also powerfully linked with that of Nordok the Ancient. Because of this, any attempting to read or influence her using psychic methods may find themselves under mental attack by the Ancient One, himself. This also allows Nordok to observe all that she observes. Additionally, as she has reappeared after sustaining what should have been fatal injuries, there is evidence to believe that Nordok simply will not allow her to die while she remains useful to him.

Skills: Centuria is highly trained in a number of Ephemeran close-fighting styles. She has a demonstrated proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and the use of traditional Ephemerean weaponry, with a special emphasis on smaller blades, both thrown and hand-held. She is also proficient with most weapons employed by the Abyssal Imperium, and does not hesitate to use "advanced" versions of traditional weaponry. She is also skilled in using poisons in both open combat and assassinations, and her skill at moving stealthily borders on the preternatural.

Gear: varies based on her current mission and availability. She commonly carries at least two smaller vibroblades, some variety of plasma rifle, three small incendiary grenades (typically with only a 5' burst radius), a brace of five throwing knives treated with a delayed onset toxin (the toxin is painful, but usually only fatal to targets that are already close to death), and three packets of an inhaled toxin (it causes breathing difficulties and decreased hand-to-eye coordination) that billow up into a 10' radius around their burst point, and that Centuria has built up an immunity to. Her gauntlets also contain a personal cloaking shield, allowing her to vanish from sight when activated.