Movie Theatre Talkers

I saw X-Men: First Class yesterday.  I quite enjoyed it.  It had excellent acting, good visual effects, and a good plot.  But, I couldn't enjoy it completely because there was a mental defective behind me who was incapable of shutting up.  He was speaking in one of those whispers that is very breathy, but also loud.  At first, I thought that he would be quiet.   But, he continued to speak.  He laughed at stupid things.  I don't mind people who laugh at jokes, but he doesn't need to laugh at EVERYTHING!  Every ten seconds, I heard "Hahahahaha."  Then he did something that really pissed me off: when Havoc's name was mentioned, this moron gasps and says, in the same loud, carrying whisper "Cyclops' dad!"  At this point, I wanted to turn around and say "NO!  YOU ARE RETARDED!  SHUT THE F@CK UP!"  But, since we don't know what relation this Alex has to Scott, I chose not to.