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Perhaps the most controversial decision DC made when they decided to go with the “new 52” project was to reinstate Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. As a long time fan of Barbara and her alter ego for the last 20 years, Oracle. I was skeptical, but if give it to.Issue #1 puts us with Batgirl on her first day back from the debilitating events of “The Killing Joke”. As such we are introduced to a much younger Barbara, eager to prove her abilities after three years in a wheel chair. Her vibrant and flirta...

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What the Spit! 0

Sweet Baby Bunnies! We have a plot! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. This is not just a series of crazy random incidents happening one after the other, there is a purpose! It is like Christmas all over again.  The Good This is the issue where things actually start to make sense, and we get an idea of where Adams is going. Even though the bulk of this issue is just exposition, there is a fair bit of really good action. My personal favorite moment is when the Joker...

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When last we left our caped crusader it appeared as though the prince of sea, Aquaman, had totally just jacked Man-Bat in the heart with a giant sting ray. Which, if that sounds totally crazy to you it is because it totally is. Don't worry though as it turns out this attack was merely created to serve as a shock ending to the last issue and has no real bearing on anything, like everything in this series so far.   The Good God help me I am beginning to actually enjoy all the crazy. Ra's Al Ghul a...

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All Action All the Time 0

Adams brings us back to the main story, with this over the top action packed issue that is more an exercise in how many different ways can Batman knock a guy down than anything else.  The Good Virtually every page is an artistic wonder. The way Adams draws all the rippling muscles and disjointed facial features is a site to behold. We get treated to a huge spread of Batman getting shot in the face. IN THE FACE! Where as the ridiculous over the top action of the previous issue was ludicrously unb...

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Rage Against Fate 0

JMS brings us a closer to the heart of who this woman thrust out of time and space is, and what motivates her. In this issue we get our first glimpse into what really motivates Diana, as she rages against the fate that her mother has laid down for her.   The GoodI love the juxtaposition that JSM creates with the modern mercenaries laying siege on the ancient Grecian temple. It helps illustrate how out of place Wonder Woman herself must feel. Also, all that rage that Diana has been keeping bottle...

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AHH Vampire Zombie Monsters... 0

In my review of the first issue of the Curse of the Mutants series I likened it to a big Hollywood summer blockbuster flick, and along those same lines Smoke and Blood presents itself as a schlocky low budget horror flick, with all the darkened blood soaked corridors a fanboy could hope for.  Art Of course the most talked about feature in this one shot is the colored chalk art style. It is almost a pity that Crain's cover, as beautiful as it is, conventional style hides the bold and unique work ...

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The Birds go out with a whimper... NEVER! 1

Indulge me for a moment while I wax philosophical. What makes a person a hero? Is it their abilities, physical or otherwise, that allow an individual to rise above the masses and take on the moniker hero? Or, is it really about the heart of a person? In his Superman run JMS is showing us how we all can be heroes in our very own neighborhoods, when we choose to put our own selfish desires aside and simply make ourselves available for others. A beautiful notion to be sure, but things are more comp...

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Daddy... Why is Mr. Batman so angry? 0

Neal Adams' Odyssey takes a strange turn in a story that has so many holes you could drive a train through it.  When we last left Batman he was defying both Commissioner Gordon and Robin's wishes by ignoring the Riddler's attack on the Mint and instead going after the robbers down at the pier. On page one of this second issue Bruce reveals, to the reader, that he had it on good authority that Ra's Al Ghul is behind the heist at the pier. Which, makes the fact that he keeps this information to hi...

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Aaaaand.....the Twist! 0

Let me just start off by saying I love Penguin. I think he is a big underdog in the Batman villain community. Chris Nolan has gone on record as saying he will never make him a villain in one of his movies because it is so hard for him to be taken seriously. And, it is true Penguin is not some super mutant like Bain, and he is not completely psychotic like the Joker. The reality is Penguin is just a short stocky mobster with a funny nose. When you see him on the page I guarantee the first thing t...

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When Everything Has Been Turned Upside Down 0

Change is hard. This is just a fact of life. No matter how prepared we think we are when the change comes it is difficult. If you have been a fan of Wonder Woman for a long time, I think this book is going to be especially difficult for you because the change is so complete. Even Diana is not the woman she once was, but it is how we respond to these changes that define us as people, and it is how Diana responds that is going to define her as Wonder Woman.  It is interesting to me how Straczynski...

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One Dark Night in Gotham 0

I recently saw a work of art on the internet, it was a political piece, I don't remember the title, but it was a tragic scene of the gulf coast dead animals were scattered about, thick dirty oil covered everything. In the foreground was oil covered TV on it was a news broadcast championing the fact they were featuring wall to wall coverage of Lindsey Lohan's sentencing. It was a disturbing commentary that Simone echoes in issue #2 of Endrun.   The action starts out fast and furious as the ladies...

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The Girls are Back 0

Back about twelve years ago, when I was first really getting into things like comic books, James Bond, and other things teenage boys get into. J. Scott Campbell came out with a series called Danger Girl. It was ridiculously awesome. Gail Simone and Ed Benes channel Campbell and his team on this latest Birds of Prey series and it works to there advantage.   The story opens with Black Canary being super fierce and James Bondy in the Icelandic Tundra. this scene sets the stage perfectly for this ne...

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Back to the Streets 0

I have a theory about Superman. My theory is that the reason why so many people are put off by Superman is that he is essentially, what is called in the literary world, a flat character. He must conform to the prescribed rules of his nature, and this can make it hard to relate him. At the end of the day no matter how much Red Kryptonite is involved Superman is always going to do everything he can to save the day. But, what does that mean "save the day". After a giant battle with some crazy space...

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Grab the Popcorn 0

The X-Men are perhaps the greatest comic book entity of all time. They often have the amazing ability to turn a mirror on ourselves, and through allegory, show us how we can both hurt and empower our fellow man, especially when they are different from us. This however, is not one of those times, and that is okay.  Curse of the Mutants is the comic book equivalent of a big Hollywood movie. It is bright, flashy, and filled with sophomoric touches, and you know what I loved it. the colors are brigh...

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The Journey Begins 2

Let me start off by saying that I have not use for legends. Yes, Neil Adams has cultivated quite a following, and rightly so. But, for me, coming into this book I had no preconceived ideas of what to expect good or bad. What I wanted was a good Batman story filled with mysteries to be unraveled, and fast paced action, and for the most part I got what I wanted.     Adams art style is great mix of old and new that serves to create a unique look that is super crisp and detailed without compromisin...

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Strong Start 0

From the very first page where our heroine is just finishing off choking some random dude to death. This first issue explodes with the harshness of a "broken world" and gives us a strong look at the main character teasing us with hints about her motivations and context for her personality (which involves a lot of the breaking of the 4th wall). But, at the same time there is still a lot of mystery about who she is and her contextual place in the larger world.   Bendis does a superb job of reeling...

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