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Poor Delivery for this Conclusion 3

Okay, I can honestly say I was not impressed with this issue.  'Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns' was wrapped up way too quickly.  There was easily one more issue of story left to tell.  I think the only saving grace was that part of the issue was told from Boodikka's perspective.  'Revolt' is clearly a tale trying to mix the action of the Green Lantern Corps with the philosophy of transhumanism.  Don't get me wrong.  The first issues of this story arc were great, but I expected more from the ending...

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Completely Satisfying 0

This issue was simply amazing.  After all the action of Blackest Night, it was nice to just settle down and get acquainted with the characters again.  This is what an epilogue should be.  It shows the aftermath of Blackest Night on Oa and in the Corps instead of hopping on to the next story arc.  The character interaction was terrific with characters picking each other up from their bootstraps and pushing them forward being the main focus.  And that's what it should be.  Blackest Night is war st...

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Below My Expectations 4

Well, after reading the first two parts of this series, I was really hoping for something more upbeat and positive.  Maybe my expectations for the Jackpot character were too high.  Either way, the finale didn't sit well with me.    First, the writing didn't flow as well in this issue.  The dialog seemed choppy and there were a few instances of commenting on things that really didn't need to be revisited like Boomerang and Jackpot once again stating that the other had a stupid name.  It took the ...

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Serious Creative License Taken Here 0

Don't get me wrong.  Green Lantern: First Flight is a good movie.  It's fast-paced and action-packed and makes uses of a great deal of characters tied to the Green Lantern mythos.  However, for someone who is new to that mythos (myself included), it can be irritating to see a few of those characters acting in ways they normally would not.  We'll get back to that in a minute.    First, let me say that this is not an animated movie you should pick up from some discount department store and be thin...

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