The Cockroach Conspiracy

The true Inheritors of the Earth, the Cockroach Conspiracy is a secret society with an urban myth-like quality. It's unknown leaders use others to carry out their extensive plan to rule over the world. This list is entirely made for fan-based purposes.

List items

  • The Supreme Commander of the Cockroach Conspiracy or at least the one to which all others in this list answer. He, himself, may have a master.

  • Psyklop is First-in-Command of the Cockroach Conspiracy, answering only to the Faceless One. His utter devotion to his race's "Dark Gods" make him a perfectly loyal soldier and protector of the Supreme Commander.

  • One of the Psyklop's Lieutenants. The Pursuer receives orders solely from Psyklop.

  • One of the Psyklop's Lieutenants. The Inheritor receives orders solely from Psyklop.

  • A beetle mutated by radiation into a sentient and intelligent life form, the Scarlet Beetle has made numerous attempts to gather an army of insects to take over civilization. Scarlet Beetle has taken on various forms and sizes. Currently, he has a similar size and appearance to the creature in the movie, Mimic. He is Second-in-Command following Psyklop.

  • A Soviet scientist who attempted to recreate a a super-soldier formula but instead created a a serum which gave him attributes of a cockroach. He was approached by the Cockroach Conspiracy and has risen in rank where he answers to Scarlet Beetle.

  • The Perilous Painter wields a paintbrush and paint set powered by magic which allows him to bring his paintings to life. He may not be entirely human. He is a Field Commander within the Cockroach Conspiracy, answering to Comrade Cockroach.

  • The orders behind Cockroach Hamilton, anyone willing to prove too much of a problem within his territory is brought to Cockroach Andy.

  • Despite being a normal human, Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton is a Field Commander within the Cockroach Conspiracy answering to Cockroach Andy. Even as he works for the Conspiracy, he acts as an enforcer to human mob bosses.

  • A high-ranking member of the Cockroach Conspiracy, the Collective is part of a Triumvirate which includes the Swarm and the Thousand who go about their own agenda. It is said the Collective answers only to the Faceless One, if not a higher order.

  • Kafka is another sentient collective of cockroaches, though it doesn't aspire to lord over others. He is, however, The Collective's right-hand, being the eyes and ears where the Collective cannot as well as it's assassin when necessary.

  • Though it possesses greater intellect than the Collective, the Swarm knows its place in the Cockroach Conspiracy even as it wonders how one such as the Scarlet Beetle can seemingly be above them. The Swarm is integral to the Triumvirate's goal and does not hesitate to keep the Thousand in check.

  • The 'youngest' member of the Triumvirate, the Thousand is as much a bully in its new form as it was in its human form. The Thousand acts as enforcer for his 'brothers' - the Collective and the Swarm, though it craves the day it can be the one calling the shots.

  • Richard Deacon was a small time crook with a gimmick until he was killed by a vigilante and brought back by a crime lord. Now he's as dangerous as ever and, for reasons all his own, he's targeted Gadfly.

  • Veronica Dultry is a vicious vixen, a femme fatale who has spent as much time perfecting her powers as Dragonfly as she has perfecting her skills as a hired criminal. She is insanely envious of the fact Dana Morgan has been able to keep her human appearance and operate as Mosquito without being considered a freak. She intends to rectify that situation.

  • Originally a mutant with the ability to disintegrate matter on contact, the Termite has since developed a secondary mutation that allows him to secrete a bio-adhesive substance which acts as a glue-like gel. Now, the Termite can build walls as well as tear them down.

  • Janice Lincoln, daughter of the mobster Tombstone, was assigned by her father to infiltrate the Cockroach Conspiracy. Working with The Termite, Janice helps rob banks and high society functions to fund the Conspiracy and line Tombstone's pockets, as well.

  • A former army grunt, the mutant known as Litterbug unknowingly serves another military force. Skittering through the sewers and alleys of the big city, Litterbug does what he must to keep the 'beautiful people' away. He would most likely be a loyal soldier if and when the Cockroach Conspirators initiate their master plan.

  • The Cockroach was once a man who is now little more than a man-sized roach with wings and a monster appetite. If the Cockroach Conspiracy can condition the beast, it could make for an excellent siege weapon.

  • One of only a handful of heroic figures aware of the Cockroach Conspiracy, Noh-Varr frequently comes into conflict with the Inheritor and the Pursuer in his attempt to bring down Psyklop.

  • Scott Lang has gotten himself in a bind with the Conspiracy as he deals with The Fly coming from one side and The Termite on the other.

  • An Olympic gold medal gymnast, Dana Morgan's small frame wields great power...with the potential to hold much more. There are plans to make her much more like a mosquito than she may it may be possible to gift her with the ability to siphon life force energy, though Dana might find it to be a curse.

  • Cassie Lang, daughter of Scott Lang, takes on the Conspiracy by constantly interfering in Dragonfly's plans.

  • Having reached and passed his prime, August Hopper, aka the Locust, decided to hang up his wings and finish out his prison sentence. His son-in-law, Bob Hickman, took up the mantle to use for the work of good.

    Having fallen on hard times, however, his son-in-law Bob Hickman has discovered a Locust suit and taken up the mantle.

  • Carol Hickman, daughter of the Locust, took on the role of Grasshopper after her husband, Bob Hickman, took on the mantle of Locust.