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Reality M

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Name: Ashley Knightfall

Age: 37

Hair Color: Butterscotch or Chocolate Brown, depending on if she wants to dye her hair or not.

Eyes: Cobalt Blue

Alias: The Knightfall Saint

Family: Reality M: The Knightfall Family

Home: Reality M: Gothic City

Relationship Status: Dating @grimmwald

Gender: Female

Occupation: Reality M- CEO of Knightfall Medical Center in Gothic City, Doctor of General Practice, Emergency Medicine and Trauma Surgeon. Semi-Active Vigilante.

Ashley Knightfall is the younger twin of Quintus Knightfall and is a well known doctor in Gothic City. Known for her willingness to help anyone who is in need of medical attention she had been dubbed "The Knightfall Saint" by citizens of Gothic City.

Ash was part of the revolutionary team in Reality-M against Ziccarra Liafador and Alexis Pettis. With her brother they helped lead a rebellion with Quintus leading teams into battle with Ashley providing medical care to troops.

Unlike her brother, she has the power of regeneration. However she was not born with this ability. While working over at RM Kamelots TR&D she was involved in a freak accident that consisted of her working on a serum to provide rapid healing. After the accident Ashley was found to have developed her powers of regeneration.


Medical Intuition:

The Knightfall Saint has a great, if not innate, medical knowledge, enabling her to easily treat others' injuries and create medicines. One with this ability can cook up concoctions and remedies for ailments with nearly anything in one's environments. She is also able to tell which things in the wild (or in one’s kitchen) are poisonous and which are safe to ingest or to use to treat injuries.

Anatomical Intuition:

Ashley has an immense knowledge of anatomy and body functions, such as pressure points. They can also gauge a subject’s level of health or gauge the level of a subject’s bodily damage, as well as any adverse effects that sicknesses or injuries may pose in the future.

  • Pressure Point strike: in the field of martial arts refers to an area on the human body that may produce significant pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner. There are several types of pressure points - each is applied differently and each creates a different effect. "Pain points", for example, use tendons, ligaments, and muscles - the goal is to temporarily immobilize the target, or, at the very least, to distract them. Reflex points produce involuntary movements; for example, causing the hand to release its grip, the knees to buckle, the target to gag, or even for the person to be knocked unconscious. Most pressure points are located on pathways on the nervous system.

Disease Detection:

The Knightfall can feel the presence of diseases and gain detailed understanding about them. Just by touching (skin to skin contact usually done with a handshake while introducing herself) and is able to detect multiple diseases by that way. Through touch alone she can detect Viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.

Disease Immunity

Ash has immunity, digestive, and other organ systems are enhanced or evolved far beyond that of a normal human's. She is completely immune to every form of disease brought on by bacteria, viruses, or even parasites. Her blood is also able to purify toxins and poisons, the more she is infected with the toxin/poison the quicker her body is able to discharge it.

Regenerative Healing:

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While Ashley has no offensive powers to harm others she does have a defensive power. Ashley is able to physically and rapidly regenerate lost or damage tissues, organs and limbs. However, just because she can regenerate, does not mean she cannot feel pain. In fact, regeneration of nerves, bones and muscle fibers are more painful than say the amputation of a limb. Because of her cells constantly regenerating, she appears to be much younger than she actually is.

Healing Blood

The Knightfall Saint can heal others through her blood and because she is O+ (universal giver) she is able to give her blood without worry of the other person rejecting it. However her blood is only able to fight off viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections and purify the body of toxins and poisons. Her blood must be given intravenously in order to work. It is unclear why her blood will not assist in healing physical wounds or fight off cancerous cells in others.

Enhanced Stamina

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Because of her regenerative powers, Ashley's body is able to purify the lactic acid build up within her muscles, thus allowing her to be physically active for considerably longer periods of time than the average highly resistant to the build-up of fatigue toxins in their blood, allowing them to be physically active for considerably longer periods of time than the average member of the user's species. Her body is able to purify the lactic acid build up in her muscles to prevent her from becoming physically fatigued.

Hand to Hand Combat

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Trained in several forums of martial arts by her brother Quintus, Ashley is able to defend herself and put the hurt onto anyone who attempts to strike down the Knightfall Saint. However her skills are limited unlike The Martial Arts Mamba. Ashley tends to use attacks that consecrate on speed and multiple 'combo' strikes rather than strength. She also incorporates her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy to her advantage, knowing where the natural weakest points of her opponents are and exposing them.

Weapon Training

Also trained by The Living Weapon, she is trained in use of multiple weaponry that include blunt weapons, bladed weapons and fire arms. However she is most comfortable with the use of escrima sticks.

Equipment/Weapons (Coming soon)

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Eskrima Sticks: Ashley's main weapon of choice are her eskrima sticks that have been costumed made by her brother, @quintus_knightfall. Being a Eskrimadorafor the last two decades in her life has allowed her to perfect her art in doble baston (duel wielding) and has allowed her to become ambidextrous over the years. She is more trained in the older of arnis. Older styles gave each angle a name, but more recent systems tend to simply number them. Many systems have twelve standard angles, though some have as few as 5, and others as many as 72. Although the exact angles, the order they are numbered in (numerado), and the way the player executes moves vary from system to system, most are based upon Filipino cosmology. These standard angles describe exercises. To aid memorization, player often practice a standard series of strikes from these angles, called an abecedario (Spanish for "alphabet"). These are beginner strikes or the "ABC's" of Arnis.

Magnetic cuffs
Magnetic cuffs

Some angles of attack and some strikes have characteristic names:

  • San Miguel is a forehand strike with the right hand, moving from the striker's right shoulder toward their left hip. It is named after Saint Michael or the Archangel Michael, who is often depicted holding a sword at this angle. This is the most natural strike for most untrained people. It is commonly referred to as "angle #1," in systems where striking angles are numbered for training purposes, because it is presumed the most probable angle of attack.
  • Sinawali is the signature double-stick weaving movement associated with Arnis named after the woven coconut or palm leaves calledsawali that comprise the walls of nipa hut dwellings. It is commonly seen in double-stick continuous attack-parry partner demonstrations.
  • Another signature technique is the Redonda, which is a continuous circular downward-striking double-stick twirling technique.
  • A redonda (Spanish for "round") is a strike that whips in a circle to return to its point of origin. This is especially useful when using sticks rather than swords, such a strike allows extremely fast strikes but needs constant practice.
  • An abanico (Spanish for fan) or witik is a strike that is executed by flicking the wrist 180 degrees in a fan-shaped motion. This kind of strike can be very quick and arrive from unexpected angles.
  • Pilantik is a strike executed by whipping the stick around the wrist over the head in a motion similar to the abanico, but in alternating 360 degree strikes. It is most useful when fighters are in grappling range and cannot create enough space for normal strikes.
  • Hakbang (Filipino for "step") is a general term for footwork. For example, hakbang paiwas is pivoting footwork, while hakbang tatsulok is triangle stepping.
Electric Shock
Electric Shock

Ashley's wears magnetic cuffs on each wrist that allow her weapons to come back to her if she should drop one during combat. They have a range of 100ft radius to be called back but the further away they are, the longer it takes for them to return.

The weapons are also able to discharge an electric shock. Ashley is able to determine how many volts she is able to release from each eskrima.

Medical Creations

These are a list of items that Ashley Knightfall herself created in the privacy of her own lab. While some items are used frequently in her line of work, there are other items that are only to be used under certain circumstances that only the Knightfall Saint has access to.


Her attempt to try and create a substance to decrease the healing factor of @alpha_dog. The Limiting Enzyme Agent to Secure Hemophilia (aka The LEASH) is a version of tPA that was altered to specify Alpha Dogs fibirin and Factor VIII in his red blood cells and thus cause his blood to become too thin to clot off and promote healing. To any normal human, this strips the proteins that make up the blood vessels and will cause internal hemorrhaging within minutes. The LEASH is able to last for ten minutes at a time. It must be delivered through injection.


One way to counter The LEASH is with the Knightfalls other creation, Rapid Application Polymer Protein or “The RAPP”. Creating a serum from Tranexamic Acid and combining it with the polymers found in the algae she used to create her RPG (Rapid Polymer Generation or Rapid Plugging Gel for more simpler terms). This will replace the striped protein in the blood and promote clotting once more, but only for a short while until the individual could get the appropriate medical care. This cannot be used in replace of the RPG as it can cause DVT, PE and Stroke due to the rapid clotting factor.

Triple H Agent

This was also created to also combat against @alpha_dog in combination with The LEASH. A combination of hallucinate agent created from the mixture of 5-meo-dmt and Harmaline called Hallucinate Hypertensive Hemorrhaging Agent (Aka Triple H Agent). The mixtures of the hallucinate agent helped induced sedation dream like hallucinations and cause the hallucinations to last twice as long as before. The combination of the medication also known to cause severe hypertension which could also cause internal bleeding that would assist with The LEASH blood thinner.

Random Facts about Ashley

  1. If Ashley could, she would infuse coffee into her veins
  2. Her office (both in Halo and Catholicon) it has a lingering smell of coffee hanging in the air
  3. She enjoy's eating sandwiches, because she can eat it with one hand while signing off on paper work with the other and they're easy to eat on the go (and easy to make).
  4. She can't cook, but she can make a mean sandwich
  5. She can bake some decent pumpkin chocolate chip bread... sometimes...
  6. The last time she slept at home was about four months ago. She usually sleeps in an empty bed in the Catholicon.
  7. Uses the Dymaxion Sleep Cycle that consists of four thirty minute naps throughout the day, resulting of only needing two hours of total sleep.
  8. Is a widow. Her late husband died in Reality M during one of the attacks against Ziccarra and Alexis. He died in her arms.
  9. Hasn’t dated anyone since then.
  10. Has been scolded by her charge nurse (Lynnette) several times for never going home and not taking time off.
  11. Stays at work (Halo and Catholicon) because she doesn’t like being home alone. It reminds her of what she’s lost throughout the years.
  12. Is always looking for a good coffee shop (not Starbucks).
  13. Tried getting into the juicing fad, quit after the first day because she got a massive headache from not drinking her coffee.
  14. Loves watching hospital drama TV shows during her “free time” and emailing to the show writers of everything they did wrong medically in the show. She doesn’t know that half the shows shes been catching up on and emailing about are no longer running.
  15. Doesn’t care much for sweets. She likes salty foods.
  16. She's not a big mechanic/tech buff like her brother was, but she has dabbled in it throughout her life and knows how to build a couple of things.
  17. Met the CVnU version of her husband a while back. It didn't go well.
  18. Doesn't like the sun very much. She avoids it as much as she can and takes Vitamin Supplements to make up her lack of exposure to the sun.
  19. Hasn't attempted to look for other Knightfalls since the death of Marcus Knightfall. She feels partly responsible for his death.
  20. Tried to keep a goldfish as a pet, but didn't last a week. Her Charge Nurse, Lynnette, actually found the fish floating upside in it's water got rid of it. Ashley still doesn't realize that her goldfish is gone.
  21. Alcohol doesn't get her drunk, her healing factor doesn't allow it.

CVnU Ashley Knightfall- Deceased

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Name: Ashley Knightfall

Age: 18

Hair: Blond

Eye: Blue

Status: Deceased- CVnU

Family: Grace Knightfall (Mother- Alive), Vincent Knightfall (Father deceased), Paul Knightfall (Older Brother Deceased), Quintus Knightfall (Second cousin), Elle Knightfall (Second cousin)

Ashley was born and raised in Darwin City, Northern Territory in the country of Australia with her mother and father (Grace and Vincent Knightfall) where she lived your typical family life. She went to school, was in track and basketball, had friends and teenage drama. It was a life she loved and a life she was good at living. Her mother was a health teacher at her high school and her father a detective in the local police force. However, what separates her from your average Aussie teenage girl, is the intense training her father puts her through almost everyday.

This began when Ashley was just a toddler, her father began training her in different form of martial arts and acrobatic stunts. To Ashley it was just a way for her father to teach her how to protect herself against the world. When Vincent (her father) saw that she was taking to the acrobatics more than the hand to hand combat, he began focusing more on it with her, increasing her agility, reflexes and hand eye coordination. But other than that, her life seemed to be as normal as any other Aussie, until her graduation day came around.

The night of her graduation her father was invovled in an ‘accident’. No other information was given by his partner or the police force he worked with. This hit Ashley hard, because she was more close to her father, than her mother. A week later Grace began to become increasingly paranoid, worried when her daughter would go out just to take the trash. Ashley couldn’t understand what was going on, until her mother finally sat down and talked to her.

It turned out the stories she used to ‘make up’ about the Knightfall’s were not fiction at all, but rather history of her own family bloodline. She also spoke about the Knightfall slayers, those who were against her family and sought out to kill them. The young Aussie became to tremble in fear, was this the reason her father would force her to train with him everyday? To try and prepare her for what seemed to be an impending doom?

What Ashley didn’t know, was that Grace already spoke to her second cousin Quintus Knightfall, the man that Vincent told Grace to get in contact with if anything where to happen to him. She explained the situation and her concern about Ashley. Without hesitation, Quintus told Grace to send Ashley to the United States so she could stay with him and his sister Ellie. He felt that if she was around family, that the slayer wouldn’t dare take on an entire group of Knightfall’s rather than one. Agreeing with the fellow Knightfall, Grace sent Ashley on a plane to New York City, to live with her cousins and slowly starts to realize that the stories her mother told her as a child were not just stories, but actual history of her own family.


Hand to hand combat: Rather than focusing and mastering one fighting style, Ashley has learned multiple combat styles and fused them together to help her flow through battles more efficiently. Because of her nimble frame she uses this to her advantage and focuses on fast striking techniques. This mixture contains the styles of; Krav Maga, Keysi Fighting Method, Zen Do Kai, T’ai chi ch’uan, and muay thai.

Acrobatics: To help herself not only become better at fighting, but also to escape tight situations. She focused more on this rather than fighting, because she is smaller than your average criminal and villain she would rather worry about trying to dodge attacks, scout areas without being spotted, and able to escape doomed fights than trying to fight to the death in a battle she knew she couldn’t win. Ashley focused a lot of her time on learning different acrobatic techniques such as; contortion, acrobalance, Aerial silk, gymnastics, parkour, pole climbing, buildering, tightroap (Focusing more on slackwire and skywalk), tumbling, and trampoling.


When not facing down the barrel of a gun, Ashley is enthusiastic and sarcastic always wanting to help out in any way she can. While she likes to break the rules like every other teenager in the world, she knows what lines not to cross and tries to be 'by the book' as much as she can. But that doesn't mean she wont occasionally go against what the other Knightfalls decided sometimes if she feels they are wrong.

A Venomous Betrayal: (written by Quintus)

Crimson droplets lingered along the jagged edges left behind in the shattered window. Where, presumably, Kincaid Knightfall had been thrown to his death. Only a few feet away the Australian Acrobat, Ashely Knightfall, sprawled out across the meticulous Italian crafted Listone Giordano floor exhaled her final breath. But not before she had seen her final act of bravery to conclusion having ignited a modified phosphorus flare in the face of her treacherous cousin, Quintus. Instantly searing his pupils, cornea, and lenses, all the way down the hyaloid canal damaging his eyes beyond normal means of repair. Executing a selfless act as a means of crippling her adversary rendering him incapable of defense against the loan standing Knightfall Antonio. For even though the Arashikage aristocrat's telepathic ability coupled with his advanced precognition under normal circumstances could serve as substitute, further injuries incurred during the breathtaking altercation had rendered most, if not all, of the Knightfall Ninja's capabilities useless."You failed."sneered the enraged survivor Antonio. Poised with antique Rapier in hand towering over the rib clutching Quintus as he rested against the disheveled remains of a book case barely able to move. "Am I interrupting?" mocked an unsuspected voice from behind. Forcing Antoni to hesitate in his deliverance of fatal blow in favor or turning to gaze upon mysterious guest. As he did so the mirror glass finish of Noah Adam's Ebony blade pierced the heroic Knightfall's chest exiting out his back before being withdrawn allowing a steady flow of blood to spill out onto the floor. His gargling attempts to breath causing the confused Martial Arts Polymath to turn his head attempting to ascertain the conclusion of unseen event. "Come Quintus, you and I have much to discuss." Noah's hand reaching down firmly grabbing that of the injured Knightfall.

The Knightfall suit

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The suit is made out of a special material that is light enough to allow Ashley to maneuver quickly and protect her from the elements. It is also designed specifically for stealth operations, using dark color patterns and material that can hide her own body temperature from the enemy.

Suit abilities

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Durability/insulation: The suit is not only durable against most bullets, blades and some minor explosions, but is also fire proof, water proof and electric proof, completely protecting the young hero from the extreme elemental powers of anyone.



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Gliding Action: Just like her fellow mentors, in the air her cape is able to stiffen and become a mobile glider. This allows the Knightfall to glide from top's of tall buildings, to slow her fall, and use the wind to push her faster through the city skies rather than swinging on a grappling hook line. The cape is able to hold 300 pounds, allowing Ashley to hold about one other individual with her.


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Built in Com-link: This allows any of the other Knightfalls to be able to communicate with her. The ear piece is built into her helmet as well as the mic, allowing her to be able to communicate hands free and being able to hear directions through her helmet without having anyone else hear whats going on.



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Thermal/night/binocular/camera/GPS lenses: These yellow lenses are already attached to the inside of her mask, and is able to use them when needed upon command. All four systems are built inside her helmet, more than one system can be activated at a time. They area also a great way to keep bugs from hitting your eyes while swinging around during patrol! The lenses also record everything Ashley see's allowing any other Knightfalls who are at the main base to see exactly what she does.




Distant Sound Recorder (DSR): The DSR, just like the com-link, is built right into the helmet of Ashley. With this she can hear and record a conversation 300 yards away from her.

Voice Alteration Device (VAD): Because Ashley has a very distinctive accent, this is placed at the neck of her mask. This device alters her voice so she sounds like your typical American girl rather than a True Blue Aussie.

Utility Belt

The belt contains many items in small compartments. She also has a small 'belt' on her left leg to hold those extra items that just wouldn't fit in her waist belt. The items inside include:

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  • Crescent Knights: boomerang based throwing crescent shaped blades. Alternate versions of her weapons explode, emit electrical blasts, and sometimes come with detonators.
  • Grappling Hook: Uses this to grapple onto high locations or can grab hold of a criminal by directing it at them.
  • Gas Mask: This is used to protect Ashley from dangerous fumes and other airborne chemicals. This fits over the bottom half of the mask.
  • Re-breather: allows her to breathe underwater or in a vacuum.
  • Tracers: Crescent shaped signal tracers that can adhere to most if not all surfaces.
  • Lock Picks: uses these to open locked doors.
  • Cuffs: Special cuffs that only few enemies and heroes can break out of.
  • Smoke/flash Grenades and Pellets: Able to throw these marble size grenades in order to use a stealth technique, distract an enemy, escape a situation, or plan her next course of action. Flash pellets used to temporarily blind enemies.
  • Sonic Grenades: These disrupt electronics and disorient enemy hearing.
  • Plastique: Small exploding devices that have a timer or detonator switch to activate.
  • Mini-Computer: Used to help hack into other electronics devices and download programs.
  • First Aid Kit: Used to aid in treating wounds.


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Crescent Knights: A type of shuriken or boomerang used by the Knightfall's. The size of these throwing weapons varied from smaller palm-sized ones to larger ones. Crescent Knights have also been shown tied to the end of a rope to grasp onto an object or to tie around and anchor to an object, like a rooftop gargoyle. There are also different types of Crescent Knights that Ashley carries with her.

  • Electric: This releases a powerful electric charge, able to stun her opponent.
  • Explosive: Used for bigger and more powerful opponents that require a more powerful punch. Or if she wants to blow out a weak wall.
  • Razor Sharp: These are small palm-sized and are razor sharp. Ashley has commonly used these as shurikens. She sometimes shoots them at her enemies' arms and feet, where they only go a few inches deep.
  • Flash Freeze: Ashley keeps freeze pellets in case of a fire.These can not only stop a fire, but can also freeze opponents limbs upon contact.
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Grapple gun/hook: A useful item used to scale buildings, swing through the city or attack bad guys. This can be for transportable use or as an offensive weapon. She mostly uses this 'weapon' to get around the city, by swinging through the city or scaling tall buildings. This can also be a life saver for when she falls off a tall building, or used to grab a hold of a person who falls off one. It can be used as a weapon by shooting it a long distance and grab a hold of a fleeing villain by the legs, wrapping itself around it and forcing them to the ground, allowing Ashley to pull them back to her. It can also be used to connect to a vehicle such as a car, train, helicopter, rocket, etc.. allowing her to travel with the object, or even person. The max range is 640 feet; max weight is 1 ton.

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Bo Staff: Ashley uses a collapsible bo staff as her main weapon of choice. In its collapsed state, the staff is only about a foot long, but when extended out its six feet long. The staff is made out of Carbonadium, which is lighter, more flexible, and just a slightly weaker than adamantium.