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Dark Avengers #185 0

This issue was another good building issue. We have seen the alternate earth thing done a million times but there is always fresh ground to till. The Toxie Doxie and Al Apaec characters are the least known to me and this issue shows Toxie has the brains to lead this group. (Or at least put them back together) I love that US Agent is back in fighting form, but what a waste of the last page! That was a weak reveal when HE IS ON THE COVER WITH HIS LEGS! Come one, We knew when we saw the cover, so a...

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The New Avengers #15 Squirrel Girl Rules!!! 0

This issue was a very nice "why we should care about Squirrel Girl" issue. I have not enjoyed all of the one on one interview style issues in The New Avengers, but this one worked well. To get a better insight into Squirrel Girl I would suggest finding the GLX-Mas Special from 2006. In that issue she defeats MODOK, Mandarin, Dr. Doom, Giganto, and Thanos!  So to see her go toe to toe with Wolverines was great fun! This issue worked as a team building issue with action included.  The Good: Lots o...

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Secret Six #36 delivers! 0

Gail Simone and J. Calafiore are doing the best best work on this series to date! This was an excellent issue with all of the things I love about the Secret Six. In fighting, huge battles, and character development. As the series ends it is nice to see the return of Knockout. I would love to see Parademon next issue. With the new number ones coming up I am reminded of a quote from the Wizard of Oz, "I think I'll miss you most of all." That is the way I feel about Secret Six.  Simone has excellen...

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