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Cavable characters

My last list of characters was far to short, so I am revising it! Here is a list of all the characters I would be comfortable doing cavs with and who I think I would do best with. This list is not in order. im very likely forgetting a lot of characters.

(im pretty busy right now in tournaments and whatnot so im not accepting any requests right now, however these are the characters I will be able to use once I have the time)

List items

  • VERSIONS: Base thor, WM Thor, OF Thor, King Thor, OKT, RKT, EMH, MCU, IDW

    Thor is my favourite character and I am very passionate about him and his mythos, however there is a massive amount of bias and hatred surrounding the character that I have decided for the time being not to debate for Base Thor in any one on one cav, I will however use him on teams. The versions of thor I would be most interested in debating with at this time are KT and IDW.

  • VERSIONS: Marvel

    The all-father is one of my favourite characters ever and should be in more cavs.

  • I just recently finished a cav using Gorr and it was super fun. He is one of my favourite characters from maybe my favourite comic arc.

  • a great little known and ultra powerful character. im in a tourney match up with him right now.

  • VERSIONS: Marvel, MCU

    the trickster god is very underrated on the vine. he is very fun to debate with because he is a perfect support as well as main character.

  • best videogame character in my opinion and very underrated. after reading neongamewaves debate using him I have gained a new fund respect for the character.

  • VERSIONS: TV shows, composite (I don't read the comics but I can find feats from them)

    I can debate everyone in this series.

  • VERSIONS: Anime

    he is not a trash character! he is great!

  • I can debate every character here except ones from tv.

  • VERSIONS: Books and modern films

    The fellowship, Sauron, morgoth, balrogs.

  • VERSIONS: Marvel, mcu

    most of the gods I can debate. BRB, the destroyer, warriors three ect.