"Each man must face his own Ragnarok! And in his soul, each man doth know if he will be found -- wanting!"

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LEGACY #1 by AsgardianBrony

This was written for a fanfic writing tourney that unfortunately never got off the ground, so instead of letting it go to waste ive decided to post it myself and let you all critique it. I hope you all enjoy and i would really appreciate for you to give me your honest opinions and criticism :D

1,000,000 BC Avengers vs the Fallen

How I would have written Marvel Legacy's 1,000,000 BC avengers vs the Fallen
How I would have written Marvel Legacy's 1,000,000 BC avengers vs the Fallen

*I'm writing this in a comic script format, not a book format. Hope you enjoy.*

Page 1: The Fallen Celestial rises from its place and holds out its hand, thumb to the side and glowing with power.

Narration: When mankind goes to war the sound of canons fills the air, the power of the atom fills the sky and brings an evil wind that diseases the earth for decades. Man's wars are bloody and full of pain with consequences that shape the history of a tribe, country and even an empire... but this, this is no war of man. This battle is of forces divine. This war shall shape the flow of the rivers of destiny for an entire world. This war, myth to men and history to gods, shall leave a grand and horrible... Legacy.

The ancient avengers charge toward their foe.

Odin: My grandfather planted the world ash, my brothers bled to protect it and I myself created this world in its branches. One day this world may be razed, when the stars die and the gods are no more, but today is not that day! Onward protectors of earth! Let us send this great cosmic bastard back to the void from whence it spawned!

Phoenix: Nice speech Borson, but words wont bring down this celestial. Less talk, more cleansing and be careful you don't lose your last eye.

Odin: HA! I will make you eat those words when this is over.

Phoenix: I look forward to it.

Ghost Rider grows and wraps its chains around the Celestial's hand.

Ghost Rider: You better not when I am around. I will burn all sin including fornicat....

The celestial unleashes a wave of energy from its hand that turns the Rider to ash.

Ghost Rider: AAAARGH!

Page 2: Odin and Star-brand bullrush the celestial. Phoenix and Agamotto assault it mystically and telepathically. Ironfist and Black panther climb around on it trying to find a weak point. Ghost Rider begins to reform from the ashes.

Odin: That is the fate of all who interfere with the All-Father's revels!

Ghost Rider: Shut up you one eyed dung heap!

Ironfist: This being's chi is immense, beyond anything i have ever encountered. I cannot find a weak spot!

Black Panther: I can sense its energy as well. We need to crack open its shell, perhaps then we could tamper with its energy flow and end this battle quickly.

Star-Brand unleashes an energy beam that knocks the Celestial over, while Odin flies alongside him, spinning mjolnir.

Star-Brand: OOK!

Odin: Indeed. This creature shall have no mercy from us. Phoenix! Agamotto! What success are you having?

Agamotto and Phoenix are putting their full effort into their task, visibly straining.

Agamotto: The Celestial's soul, if you can call it that, is connected to eternity itself. It is beyond my power to destroy its essence while its defenses still remain.

Phoenix: Everyone down!

The Celestial begins to glow with power.

Fallen Celestial: Enemy threats engaging/Response/Exterminate with Prejudice

Page 3: The Celestial unleashes a massive blast of hyperspace energy that knocks everyone back.

Page 4: Odin lifts himself up from the rubble, coughing blood. He looks around and sees that Star-Brand, Phoenix, Ghost Rider and Agamotto are fine, but that BP and IF are dead.

Odin: NO! No...

Odin walks over and falls to his knees in front of their dead bodies.

Odin: May my spirit rest in Hel for what I have done. I should never have endangered your lives with my hubris, my friends...

Ghost Rider: Why don't you just raise them from the dead? You are the All-Father after all.

Odin sits on the ground while Agamotto and Phoenix come over and touch him on the shoulders.

Odin: I have not the strength... nay, I have not the wisdom. I gave up my eye for just a time as this, but now my head is spinning, the runes flash in my mind and I... I know not what to do.

Phoenix: Weep not my love. The panther and the dragon gave up themselves for this cause, it was no fault of yours, they knew the risks and accepted them. They were heroes worthy of your Valhalla.

Agamotto: You are still a young god my friend, do not give up hope. Where your power fails the might of the Phoenix and the elder gods may yet succeed. Come Phoenix, let us give the fallen another chance at glory.

Phoenix and Agamotto pour their cosmic/magic powers into the dead bodies. Agamotto has a crazed look.

Phoenix: This is crazy, you know that right?

Agamotto: OH YES! This is mad, but it just might work...

Page 5: Out of the dead bodies rise great Astral forms of the warriors spirits accompanied by Bast and Shao-Lou.

Agamotto: YES! Where wisdom fails madness hath triumphed!

Odin: What have you done Agamotto?

Agamotto: A little necromancy, a little possession and a whole lot of blasphemy. I have bound their spirits unto their divine benefactors. What do you care, he who sacrificed himself for wisdom? If a little dark magic brings us victory then so be it, am I right?

The odinforce resurfaces in Odin as he smiles with renewed confidence, ready to battle once more.

Odin: AYE! Tis fitting that we fight an abomination with abominations of our own! Come then my friends alive and dead, let us tear this hulking atrocity into pieces!

Bast/black panther and Shao-Lao/Ironfist grab each of the Celestials arms and tear them off. Phoenix blasts its head with a supernova flame and Odin strikes it with a mighty lightning bolt, bringing it to its knees. The Celestial is on its knees, head melted and armless.

Ghost Rider: Its time to finish this... Have you ever tasted penance Celestial? This is what it tastes like!

Ghost Rider wraps his chains around the Celesials head, igniting its body in dark flame while channeling the penance stare into its eyes.

Narration: There are certain beings in creation who are more than individuals, they are connected to all life. The Celestials, cosmic angels, spawned from Eternity itself, are just such beings. Each exists as one but at the same time is connected to the all, the universal soul, so what then happens if a being such as this is made to feel penance?

Page 6: The ancient avengers, except for Phoenix, all fall down as fire bursts from their eyes. Bast/BP and Shao Lao/IF are seperated by Zarathos dark magic and disappear into the spirit world. In the background it can be seen that all planets in the universe are also experiencing great pain.

Phoenix: Rider! What are you doing!?

Ghost Rider: Call me Zarathos, the spirit of vengeance! Today is the day of penance, my day, my paradise!

Phoenix attacks Zarathos, blasting him off the Celestial.

Phoenix: Stop this now! You aren't harming the Celestial! The creature is shunting your power out to worlds it deems worthy of death, it is using you!

Ghost Rider: Fool! Cant you see what is right in front of you? For a fundamental sentient force of reality you sure are an idiot. My penance stare will never end, the longer this Celestial redirects the inferno the more worlds will burn in righteous judgement, until all creation has paid for its sins! Cant you hear them...

Zarathos grabs the Phoenix with his chains.

Ghost Rider: Listen to them cry! "Hide us, hide us, for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?" Cant you feel their pain?

Phoenix: I can... and it will all... end.. now!

The Phoenix turns into its bird form and devours the Rider.

Page 7: Zarathos looks around, he is in the white hot room.

Zarathos: Where...

Phoenix: I am destruction, I am fury, I am rage... but most of all I am life and compassion. Judgement tempered with mercy, death tempered with birth, only in this way can harmony be kept. Only in this way can creation thrive.

Zarathos: Now see here...

Phoenix appears before Zarathos, absolutely dwarfing him.

Phoenix: What you have done is sacrilege of the highest order! The One who banished you from the celestial heights is the same who brought me, life, into being. Like Him I am full of beauty and like Him I am full of wrath. Burn spirit of vengeance, hurt as you have hurt me and be cast out that your human host may find peace here in my presence.

Zarathos is burned in white fire and sent away, while the human spirit in his host is allowed to spend eternity in the white hot room.

Phoenix opens her eyes, back on earth, in front of her is a pile of ashes where Ghost Rider once stood.

Phoenix: It is done.

Page 8: Phoenix limps over to Odin, Star-Brand and Agamotto, who are all getting up from the ground, hurt but alive.

Phoenix: The celestial lives and I cant help you anymore. The rider has hurt me beyond any form of explanation...

Odin: Where is he! I will kill him! I will damn him to Hel for eternity! Let his flames freeze in the wastes of Nifflheim...

Phoenix collapses and Odin runs to her side.

Phoenix: No Odin, it is dealt with. Now is the time for you to be the god... the god I know you are.

Odin: What can i do?

Phoenix: Kill the giant for me... and I will do a lot more than eat my words when this is over.

Odin kisses the Phoenix.

Odin: Aye my darling fire bird, that I can do.

The celestial is fully healed. Its arms are back and its head is no longer melted.

Fallen Celestial: Repairs complete/Priority changed/New objective/Summon the final host.

Page 9: Odin picks up Mjolnir and talks to Agamotto and Star-brand, devising a strategy.

Odin: I am going to kill the giant and leave its carcass as blood eagle on the moon. You two must protect this realm, the forces about to be unleashed would tear this world apart a billion times over.

Star-Brand: Grrrr.

Agamotto: You believe you can do this Odin? You believe you can kill a Celestial?

Odin looks at them with determination.

Odin: AYE! Too many of you have died or fallen this day while I watched helpless to save you from the bastards hands! If I die now then so be it, but Odin will make things right, as only an All-Father can. I forged this team as a hero, but now... now I must be a king.

Agamotto: You are wise beyond your years my friend. I would be proud to place you in the midst of the Vishanti. We will fight for this world and for you.

Star-Brand: OOOK!

Odin charges into battle as Agamotto and Star-Brand stand on either side, prepared to shunt the energies about to be unleashed out into the cosmos so the earth isn't destroyed.

Narration: This day would come to be known by many names on many planets throughout the universe. The day of the burning to the Dire Wraiths, the time of the cosmic cry to the Kree, the beaching of the leviathans to the chitauri, but no one save those who were there know what truly happened. How a godling newly made king, slew a giant diseased to the core, setting about events that would shape the universe forever.

Page 10:

Odin and the Celestial collide in battle.

Odin: Craven monster! I felled Ymir himself and forged worlds from his carcass! No giant can stand before me!

Fallen Celestial: Target identified/Deity/Response/Assessment.

The Celestial grabs Odin and in its hands and unleashes its power.


Fallen Celestial: Target analyzed/Skyfather/Power source/Unknown metaphysical energies/Threat level incalculable/Response/Terminate

A massive lightning bolt strikes the Celestial, causing it to drop Odin and take a step back.

Odin: Blasphemous cur! By the ginungigap I swear that before this day is done the name of the Odinpower will be carved into your hide! Let your foul race identify that when they see your carcass crucified on my moon!

Fallen Celestial: Odinpower added to archives/Assessment complete/Premier mission re-activated/Terminate attacker

Odin throws Mjolnir at the Celestial, who blasts it aside with its hand.

Page 11: Odin and the Celestial both now unleash their full power on one another, the odinforce against the hyperspace power of the celestial race.

Sound Effect: Krakakaboooom!

Agamotto and Star-Brand strain as they channel the energies unleashed in battle off into the cosmos.

Star-Brand: Urrrk... Gayoo gah!

Agamotto: Yes... hrrk... I can feel it. Stars bursting at the core, galaxies shattering and crumbling out of existence... We must not fail... or earth will fall... and Gaea will make things awkward for all the elder gods...

Odin and the Celestial walk towards each other now, still blasting their energy at one another.

Odin and the Celestial meet each other in the middle of the battlefield and their fists collide.

Everything is bathed in pure blinding white energy.

Page 11: The dust clears. Agamotto and Star-Brand are on their knees, steaming and coughing up blood. In the middle of the battlefield stand both Odin and the celestial, battered and torn, but alive.

Odin: Why have you come here? What do you want from my world? From me!? TELL ME!!!

Fallen Celestial: Bzzzt... Bzzt... Speech Pattern copied/... I came to this world to evaluate its evolution. On arrival I found gods, demons and even the Phoenix force had come to this world to call it home. This world is full of power and beauty...

The Celestial stretches out its hand and, its thumb extended and turned sideways.

Fallen Celestial: Eternity warned me to not undertake this mission. I disobeyed. This world is too significant. This worlds presence alone tips the cosmic scales. I have judged this world and I have found it dangerous. I have calculated its evolutionary statistics, adding in the variables of the gods and abstracts drawn to this world and I have found it to be of abnormal and unhealthy importance to the multiverse. If left unchecked this planet will become a cancerous parasite on the membrane of reality, the multiverse will be constantly threatened by it, but unable to function without it.

The Celestial gives the thumbs down sign.

Fallen Celestial: This planet must be destroyed. I will take from its core what gives it its abnormal properties and give them to all planets in the multiverse. In this way order shall be held and the multiverse will stay healthy... Bzzt... Bzzzt... Objective/World Harvest/Completion/World termination.

Page 12: Odin summons Mjolnir to his hand.

Odin: You are truly mad if you think I will let my world be destroyed because of your insanity. The runes become clearer now, my wisdom grows and I see in truth this world can grow and grow into something greater even than I can imagine. I am a god, these are my mortals, they are my children and I will let nothing harm them. Damn your multiverse and your Eternity to Hel! Odin says thee nay!

The Celestials hand begins to glow with blinding brilliance and Odin channels the full Odinforce into mjolnir.

Fallen Celestial: Summon the final host/Eternity is the All/Eternity is God.

Odin: No god I know. Father Bor... deem me worthy...

Odin hurls Mjolnir into the Celestials head, decapitating it and causing its life energy to burst. Agamotto and Star-Brand begin sending the energy away.

Agamotto: Now Star-Brand! WE END THIS NOW!!!


Page 13: The battle is over. The Celestial's carcass lies dead. Odin is being carried away on a royal bed by Asgardians while the Phoenix walks by his bedside.

Odin: Phoenix... my hearts desire... I enter a sleep from which I may not awake... and even if I do, I must say goodbye...

Phoenix: Stupid godling, you are just tired. You will wake in time and we will be together again. You killed the giant, I need to make due on my promise.

Phoenix goes to kiss Odin but he stops her.

Odin: No. I cannot play this game anymore. I cannot play hero anymore. Today in the heart of battle I was overcome by the loss of my friends just as I was overcome by the loss of my brothers... I cannot let that happen again. I am no longer a prince but the All-Father of Asgard and I must be that in more than name. I am sorry my fire-bird... but the son of Bor must go his own way and make his own legacy. Forgive me.

The phoenix turns into her bird form in flaming fury and the asgardian guards jump in front to defend Odin.

Phoenix: How dare you!? How dare you reject me! I am life and fury incarnate! You will never have another like me for the rest of your immortal life!

The phoenix flies away, still angry but full of sadness. Odin slips into the Odinsleep with a few final words.

Phoenix: Perhaps you are right All-Father... I should have known the folly of my ways, contaminating myself with the life I had spawned. Goodbye.

Odin: Tell the others... tell them to get that giant bastard off my world... at all... costs.

Page 14: Agamotto and Star-Brand stand by the Celestial corpse, deciding what to do with it.

Star-Brand: Grah, ooh gharsh krall.

Agamotto: Stop your bragging, we both know you didn't kill it. Then again, I have no need of its carcass muddying my realm of light, Odin and the Phoenix have departed and the others are dead or banished... I see no reason why you cant have it as a trophy.

Star-Brand drags the Celestial off to its cave while Agamotto opens a portal to leave.

Star-Brand: Gook?

Agamotto: No, why should I stay? It seems the team has been disassembled. Enjoy your trophy my friend, Oshtur and Hoggoth must miss me terribly.

Star-brand drags the celestial down into his cave and hurls it into a chasm, beating his chest triumphantly.

Page 15: Odin sits on his throne in Asgard, holding gungnir and with mjolnir at his feet. The phoenix flies through the void of space. Agamotto is reunited with the Vishanti. Shao-Lao and Bast return to their realms and Star-Brand draws cave paintings.

Narration: Legacy, like war, can be a glorious thing. Our legacy is forged by the choices we make. Our duty, our sacrifice, our sorrow, madness and strength are all remembered as our Legacy by future generations, just as at the end of a war when the conquering army return victorious, horrors and blood swept away and in their place the title... heroes. But, like war, a legacy is also a terrifying thing, for it may catch up to you in the end with disastrous consequences. The legacy of gods so much greater than mortals in glory is also greater in horror by far, so what then if the legacy of the gods caught up to them, if heroes once were fools today?

The Celestial under the earth begins to glow faintly.

Narration: A Legacy never ends until the time you die, and oftentimes even later. Beware all who yet live, lest your past catch up to you for your story isn't done, and what was once a legend may turn into a tragedy.

The Celestial's finger twitches.

Fallen Celestial: Summon the final host... summon the final host... summon the final host...


Marvel Legacy #1 Review: Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me...

Marvel Comics: House of clickbait
Marvel Comics: House of clickbait

This is my review of Marvel Legacy issue 1#. Usually in a review with spoilers id say to go read the comic first, but I wont this time. Honestly, this is less a comic and more a glorified series of adds. There is no story you have to follow, you can get almost the exact same experience by looking at the leaked images on comicbook sites as you do in reading the full comic yourself. If you cant tell already, i'm pretty disappointed. My expectation was that I would be reading an epic 50+ page story that laid the ground for the rest of the event, this was what Marvel hinted at, but once again it was a bait and switch.

Now before I go giving my final verdict, lets review the series of mini-stories sprinkled throughout this issue, beginning with the 1,000,000 BC Avengers.

1,000,000 BC Avengers: Good job Marvel, you spoiled the most interesting thing in this comic!

What? You expected payoff in a Marvel comic?
What? You expected payoff in a Marvel comic?

I was actually super excited for the ancient avengers. Sure when I saw Odin struggling to lift Mjolnir because of that Motherstorm bull-crap I was a bit peeved, but I absolutely love big cosmic stories and coming into my reading my expectation was that most of the issue would be the story of the 1,000,000 BC avengers facing a great cosmic foe and explaining the beginnings of the Marvel universe. I was giddy to read, I turned on my internet, got the comic, quickly read past the pages which had already been spoiled online and I was rewarded with...

NOTHING. The ancient avengers only appear on 6 pages and Marvel spoiled them all. We do not get to see an epic cosmic battle, the Odinforce is never unleashed, the Phoenix never burns the sky in fury, we see no elder magic from Agamotto, we see nothing. I don't know about you, but I do not appreciate a fight being hyped up only for there to be no fight at all. Marvel, we get it, you like to be absolute jerks to your fans.

(At least I can console myself with Odin being implied to have KOed a celestial. Unlike starbarand and GR who also boasted to have brought it down without any validation to their claim, Phoenix did not contest that Odin had brought it down when he said so. Its a feat for Odin! You cant tell me otherwise! I will have something out of this comic by Odin's beard!)

Modern Avengers: Reminding us why we shouldn't make ours Marvel!

If someone said this, would you think they were a genius?
If someone said this, would you think they were a genius?

In the middle of this comic we get an appearance from Whor, Captain Falcon and Iron-Imbecile and boy is it awful. In response to a hoard of mini frost giants attacking a shield base the new avengers go to the rescue, leading to some of the most cringe inducing dialogue you can imagine. Whor is hardly even a character at all, she is basically a gender swapped Thor from someones crappy fanfic. If people think i'm being overly harsh, think again.

What if Thor was a woman? Much original, wow diversity.
What if Thor was a woman? Much original, wow diversity.

Just read that dialogue. She talks and acts exactly the same as Odinson, except she really wants to kiss falcon. There is no hint of the character known as Jane Foster, there is nothing unique or special about her, she is a glorified OOC. Reading her dialogue makes me feel dirty, like something I love has been defiled, which it has.

As if that wasn't bad enough Iron-heart shows once again that she is either the stupidest supposed genius in the Marvel universe, or has the worst sense of humor in the universe, take your pick. From constantly saying "like" in every sentence to not knowing the Avengers catch phrase, she has to be considered one of the most insufferable fictional characters of all time. Marvel, that is not how you write a character you claim is a genius.

So the avengers team up to beat the runt Jotuns and in the end they don't actually accomplish anything, a frost giant gets away with the cargo it came to steal, proving once again these new "heroes" are worthless wannabes. Luckily Logan appears outta nowhere and kills the Jotun, saving the infinity stone from capture. Moral of the story, the original is always better.

Asgardians: How have the mighty fallen

There's the god who saved all deities in existence and ended Ragnarok! Yep, definitely the same guy...
There's the god who saved all deities in existence and ended Ragnarok! Yep, definitely the same guy...

I know at this point my review has crossed over into a full blown rant, but indulge me for a moment if you will. Look at the image above! Is that the Thor you remember reading, watching or hearing about? No, that's your neighbor Joe going through a mid-life crisis. By now I would assume you have been told the many reasons why Thor being a depressed drunk is horrendous writing, whether on this forum or another, so lets move on to the big event being hyped for the upcoming Thor series.

Marvel's debut of the god of suicide ends in a tragic but expected manner.
Marvel's debut of the god of suicide ends in a tragic but expected manner.

Firstly, Heimdall is Asgard's seer. Anything this guy sees Heimdall would have already seen and would have notified Odin, or Freyja or whoever is ruling Asgard at this point, because we all know religions change head-gods willy nilly (sarcasm). If Asgard is unprepared for Mangog's attack then that is one major plot hole.

Secondly, why in the name of Bor would this Seer, seemingly part of the royal court, be that terrified of Mangog? Sure the Mangog is a dangerous foe, but Asgard has defeated him several times before, in fact Thor alone was enough to defeat him in their last encounter before Ragnarok.

Nope. Too gross, sorry.
Nope. Too gross, sorry.

The hype around Mangog as the "ultimate judgement" is unjustified and pretty silly. That god who killed himself looks old, but he must have been born yesterday and never seen Surtur, the dark gods of narcisson, Ymir, Thanos, Hela, ect attack Asgard if he thinks the Mangog is so terrifying.

The Fallen Celestial and Loki's scheme: Actually very exciting

Epic. Seriously... i'm not going to roast this one.
Epic. Seriously... i'm not going to roast this one.

One good, perhaps even great thing that came out of Legacy is the Fallen Celestial and Loki's scheming. In the comic we see that Loki is trying to garner more power in an attempt to "save the world", which is why he sends the mini giants to retrieve one of the infinity stones. Upon the jotun's failure Loki cryptically claims that "there are other sources of power in the universe" while entering inside the earth, where we find the diseased Celestial alive under the surface ominously proclaiming that he must summon the final host!

If you didn't know, the Celestials are a race of colossal space gods who oversee the universes evolution. Over the years they have visited earth in hosts 4 times (IIRC) to evaluate its evolution, deciding whether to let it continue to develop... or destroy it. What does the fallen Celestial mean by the "Final Host"? Are the Celestials evaluating earth one last time to decide if it has advanced far enough? Are they coming to cleanse the world and start anew? Will the origin of the human race be set in stone? Will the gods of earth stand up to the cosmic beings? What does Loki stand to gain by summoning the ages old enemy of the gods?

I will be monitoring this storyline closely and I would recommend you do so as well. There is a ton of potential for this to be an amazing epic, hopefully Marvel can step up to the plate and deliver.

Miscellaneous Reveals/Hints

Throughout the oneshot numerous upcoming plot lines for story lines were revealed. Some of these have already been spoiled.

  • The final host is coming, loki is scheming and the successors of the 1,000,000 BC avengers are being drawn to the fallen celestial.
  • Wolverine is back.
  • Wakanda has a galactic empire.
  • The infinity stones are being found and put back together.
  • Human Torch and Ben Grimm are back.
  • Valeria and Franklin are exploring universes and the F4 may return at some point.
  • Tony Stark may be returning.
  • A new character called "Voyager" has been retconned into the original avengers history.
  • Kingpin is running for Mayor.
  • Cap is hitchiking around America.
  • Deadpool is depressed.
  • Norman Osborne wants magic.
  • Mangog will be attacking Asgard.
  • Cho hulk is being summoned to Sakaar.

So yea, pretty long list.

Final Review: Don't spend your money.

Marvel is charging 5.99 for this comic that is basically an infomercial for upcoming comics. DC only charges 2.99-3.99 for Rebirth. As the epic story I was expecting, this was a major disappointment; after reading this review or other reviews/spoilers online, there is literally no reason for you to buy this comic other than to waste your own hard earned money on a cheap gimmick.

All in all I give it 5/10. The art is good and it peaked my interest for the upcoming arc about the final Host, but other than that it was another cheap gimmick with little payoff, which Marvel is sadly known for nowadays. Hopefully this isn't the last we have seen of the 1,000,000 BC avengers, hopefully we will see their epic cosmic battle with the rabid celestial, but in this comic we didn't. To sum up my thoughts on this comic:

No Caption Provided


Definitive God of War universe Respect Thread *In progress*

AKA greatest games of all time!!!
AKA greatest games of all time!!!


In the past a created a GOW respect thread to bring respect to the verse, however recently new information as been discovered that shows the GOW verse to be even more powerful than i thought. Credit for the new scans and info goes to @cosmiccomet, a true god of war expert whose research and dedication to the series allowed him to compile a massive amount of information that validates the gods and titans of the greatest game series ever as the mythological powerhouses they are.

Table of Contents

  • Primordials and the GOW cosmology
  • Titans
  • Gods of Olympus *Zeus is finished, other gods in progress*
  • Fates *in progress*
  • champions and demi-gods *in progress*
  • bestiary *in progress*
  • Kratos *in progress*

Now, lets delve into the power and majesty of the god of war universe!

Primordials and the GOW cosmology

No Caption Provided

in the beginning there were the Primordials. birthed from the big bang these beings waged war upon each other before the concept of time even existed. From the fury of their battles the earth was forged... but not only the earth, the universe itself. As confirmed by a GOW writer the Primordials created the universe:

No Caption Provided

The writers have confirmed that galaxies and the universe itself came into being when the Primordials fought, and in fact we have a hardcore feat to prove this. In the Wrath of the Primordials opening sequence to ascension (linked above) Ceto fights Uranus and punches him, creating the big bang:

No Caption Provided

This feat scales to the other primordials as the GoW writers confirmed they are all relatively equal to one another and all fought each other during the primordial war.

the above 4 primordials, Uranus, Ourea, Ceto and Chaos are not the only primordials in existence. These Eternityesque beings are also joined by two others mentioned in the GOW series, Nyx and Thanatos:

Nyx, goddess of the night and stars, though never shown in action in the games is confirmed by the lore and writers as an immensely powerful being, in fact she is confirmed as equal to her mythological counterpart:

No Caption Provided

Thanatos doesnt have many feats either, however scaling to the other members of his race Thanatos should be an immensely powerful being as he is the embodiment of death itself. Kratos killing him shows just how powerful the ghost of sparta really is.

Now, some people might question the validity of the universe/galaxy creation feats of the primordials because the GOW franchise has a non-conventional cosmology. However, there are several things that prove the primordial's feats are totally valid. Firstly, as seen in the "wrath of the primordials" the GOW universe had a big bang and sports a universe with deep space. And secondly, the GOW sky and underworld are referenced as infinite several times by the game creators, it is even confirmed to have galaxies:

So, as you can see, the primordial's feats are easily on par with the galaxy and universe level feats of other characters in comics, manga, ect.

Also, for anyone confused about how GOW can have greek and norse mythologies both be true at the same time, Mat Sophos, a writer for the new game GOW4, explains how these myths can co-exist:

No Caption Provided

This also makes it sound like the greek myth feats would apply to GOW as he says all the myths and "interpretations" are valid. this is also backed up by the writers confirming Nyx in the games is the very same Nyx as in the real mythology.


  • The Primordial's are universe level beings (AKA skyfather level)
  • All the primordials are roughly on the same tier (Uranus, Ceto, Ourea, Chaos, Nyx and Thanatos).
  • Nyx is confirmed as the same being as her mythological counterpart.
  • The god of war cosmology has an infinite deep space and the underworld is an infinite plane.

Now before looking at the gods and titans feats here is confirmation that the gods/titans are indeed on par with the Primordials:

No Caption Provided

In the below sections more proof is supplied to prove the above writer statement true, but this statement alone is convincing enough.


No Caption Provided

The Titans are the spawn of the primordials. Ruling creation in a golden age of peace the titans were the end all and be all of the universe, that is until Cronos sons rose against him to usher in the reign of mount Olympus. You might think the titans are markedly weaker than their predecessors, however you would be wrong, the most powerful titans rival and perhaps even surpass primordials in power.


Gaea is seemingly the most powerful Titan, surpassing even Cronus and Atlas. in an earlier story of creation from GOW 2 it is told that Gaea actually created Uranus, who is the embodiment of the greek universe:

No Caption Provided

This feat is actually still valid, as mat sophos explained all myths and their interpretations are true, thus this feat, though sort of retconned in ascension, is still a 100% canon showing of Gaea's power.

Even without the above feat Gaea should still be considered on the same level as primordials, for she is the embodiment of the earth while primordials like Ceto and Ourea were embodiment of the ocean or mountains, yet they still wielded universal power.

In the GOW 2 novel page 57 Gaea just by waking up shakes the entire earth, causing giant cracks across continents and raising up mountains and on page 123 Gaea's mere breath causes continents to move and mountain ranges to rise! It is also confirmed that Gaea is the embodiment of the earth and just like the primordials, all other deities in god of war are nigh equals or even the exact same as their mythological counterparts. Also, as seen in GOW 2 she exists throughout all time, as when Kratos went back in time to summon the titans she knew everything that had occurred in the present.

along with the above feats Gaea has shown the following:

  • Time manip: Gaea stopped time when he fought the kraken teleported him to sparta, empowered him and then released time again so he could kill the kraken.
  • Astral projection: gaea communicated in spirit form throughout GOW2.
  • Empowerment: like all other deities in GOW gaea can empower people to fight for her.
  • Life manip/resurrection: gaea ressurected Kratos after zeus killed him with the blade of olympus.
  • Energy manip: gaea manipulated the fires of sparta and imbued them into kratos.

As you can see, Gaea is the embodiment of the earth and matches up to her mythological counterpart quite well. Gaea isnt the only Titan who is as powerful as primordials, her son Cronus is as well.


Cronus was the king of the titans and ruler of the universe during the golden age. he claimed his throne by defeating the embodiment of the universe itself, Ouranos:

The writers have aso confirmed that Cronos defeated Uranus in a big cosmic slugfest similar to what was seen in wrath of the primordials, proving Cronos was indeed a universe level being just like his father.

Immediately we see that Cronus is an immensely powerful being, but we arent done. Cronus is in fact they very embodiment of time itself in the GOW verse:

No Caption Provided

Time didnt even exist in GOW before Cronus was born! this explains why Gaea exists in a state beyond time as she is older than Cronus.

Cronus has some other great feats as well. Even after putting much of his power into the steeds of time Cronus was still able to survive the full power of the blade of olympus during the titanomachy. Cronus has also shown the ability to wield lightning just like his sons Zeus and poseidon, even in a drastically weakened state imbuing kratos with lightning powerful enough to hurt gods.

Beside Cronus we have another Titan who is likely on the levl of primordials as well, the mighty Atlas.


While not possessing much in the way of magical abilities (though like other gods he can empower champions) Atlas is physically one of the most powerful deities in the whole GoW universe. As explained by the writers, Atlas would beat Cronus in a fight:

No Caption Provided

This means Atlas physical prowess would enable him to defeat Cronus, the embodiment of time who defeated the embodiment of the universe itself! I dont know about you, but that is really impressive to me.

Atlas has a bunch of other feats as well:

in the first scan we see Atlas withstand the claws of Hades for a while and tank the full power of Poseidon. As shown throughout this RT, the deities of GOW are all around equal to their mythological counterparts, also as i will show later even a fraction of poseidon's power is immensly powerful.

in the second scan Atlas tanks the destruction of the world pillar, a pillar durable enough to hold up not just the world but as confirmed in the other scans, the entire cosmos. The scans also confirm that just as in the myths, GOW atlas holds not just the earth but also the entire cosmos on his back, as if he stopped holding the earth after the pillar was destroyed, all creation would be destroyed. Also, on page 267 of the GOW2 novel it is said Atlas could hold up the earth with one hand if he wanted to.

not many other Titans have feats as they werent major parts of the series, or arent seen in anything but the lore. Hyperion is mentioned as the sun and Typhon is confirmed to have fought Zeus and been trapped under mount Etna just like in the myths:

The titans also, like most other pantheons, created weapons of immense power. in ascension we get to see and even use a couple of these weapons, the hammer of atlas and the spear of Hyperion:

As described, the hammer of Atlas weighs as much as the world and the hyperion spear, forged in the sun, can hold up the cosmos. These weapons once again show the power of the GOW mythos, this also shows just how impressive the Blade of olympus is, as these weapons pale in comparison to its power.


  • by lore, feats and writer statements the deities of GOW are on the same level as their mythological counterparts.
  • the strongest titans are on par with primordials AKA universe/skyfather level.


No Caption Provided

Born of Cronus and Rea, the gods were destined to rule the universe and crush all opposition under their feat. Rea spared her youngest son from the wrath of Cronus leading to Zeus' quest for vengeance and freedom that would end the time of the titans and bring about the reign of mount Olympus. For millennia the gods ruled creation, governing the fundamental forces of nature and order, until the marked warrior brought about their demise and returned the earth to primordial chaos.

like their predecessors, the primordials and titans, the gods wield power on par with their mythological counterparts.

Zeus and the Blade of Olympus

Zeus is far and away the most powerful of the Olympians as he should be. Even without the BoO Zeus wields power no other god can possibly match, power greater even than Gaea.

Weather manip/Lightning/Magic and Divine power

No Caption Provided

Zeus pwns Kratos and Gaea

When Kratos and Gaea reach the top of mount olympus Zeus sends them right back down again, striking them with a thunderbolt so powerful it seriously harms and wounds Gaea herself. As shown in the titan section of this RT, Gaea is the embodiment of the earth and actually created Ouranos (the embodiment of the universe) in the GoW2 creation story. The above is easily a skyfather level feat and shows Zeus > any other god or titan, which once again is a depiction identical with the myths.

No Caption Provided

there are actually two feats here. Firstly, we see that Zeus, like other deities, embodies his realm of influence which is the heavens. Just by taking a breath Zeus altered the weather of the entire Mediterranean.

secondly, its a speed feat for the lightning. the lore and the writers have confirmed that mount Olympus is 9,000 miles high at least:

as can be seen in the above scans, Olympus is MASSIVE! Zeus tossed a lightning bolt from the top of Mount Olympus (9,000 miles tall) all the way to Egypt (800 miles from the base of olympus at least) in an instant. this is at least a 5 digit mach speed feat for Zeus' bolts; Mt Olympus is about 9,000 miles tall going by the 3 days to fall statement, and the bolt traveled to Egypt in 1 second at most, more likely less.

along with the above feats of lightning/weather manip we have this great feat here:

No Caption Provided

Here we see Zeus forging the blade of olympus. to do so Zeus manipulates the heavens and the earth, filling the blade with the power of both. Zeus creates a tornadoe that dwarfs mountains, but that is the least impressive part of this feat. Zeus actually manipulates and channels the power of the GoW cosmos into the sword, enough power to wipe out the entire titanomachy (including galaxy/universe level beings like cronos and gaea).

sorry for bad quality. Here is the vid.
sorry for bad quality. Here is the vid.

This feat proves Zeus is skyfather level even by comic terms, at least in energy manipulation. Zeus also showed several other abilities with his divine power including:

  • Reality Warping: Zeus was able to manipulate the abstract concepts of chaos unleashed in the titanomachy.
  • Shapeshifting: Zeus can increase his size as well as turn into a great eagle.
  • Summoning: Zeus can summon any kind of creature to do his bidding.
  • Life force/magic absorption: Zeus can absorb life force/magic to heal himself as well as depower his foes.
  • *i'll provide scans for the above feats very soon*

So, as shown above Zeus is the embodiment of the heavens, wielding power greater than Gaea herself and thus rivaling (or surpassing) even the primordials. Now let us look at Zeus physical prowess.


As a god of lightning Zeus is as fast, or faster than the lightning he commands.

in the first scan zeus flies blitzes kratos and flies him all the way up to the mount of sacrifice on top of olympus. As explained above, it would take three days to fall from the top of mount olympus to the earth, yet zeus was able to travel from sparta to the top of olympus in seconds.

in the second scan we see Zeus has the ability to teleport in combat. in the third/fourth scans the writer confirms that this is an FTL ability, as in ascension the champions of Zeus (mortals upon whom zeus imbues power) have the ability to teleport at light speed and Zeus own abilities are far superior.

Zeus, as king of the gods, is also insanely strong:

No Caption Provided

Zeus and his son Kratos were portrayed as equals physically at the end of GOW3, meaning zeus is at least in the 100+ tonner category even in his human sized form. Also, as shown in the titan section, Zeus crushed typhon with a mountain.

Zeus is also extremely durable, able to tank attacks from the blade of olympus as well as beatdowns from his son Kratos.

quick time events, like cut scenes, are all canon. Zeus actually has withstood many attacks and impaling from the blade of olympus. Along with the above feats Zeus should have durability far above the other gods and titans as he is shown to be superior in every other aspect, easily fodderising Gaea herself and harnessing the energy that oneshot the entire titan army.


More Sections To Come Soonish!!!

I would once again like to thank @cosmiccomet for his years of devotion to the god of war fandom, compiling feats no one else thought to find or research for. He is a great guy and i hope i will be able to do his research justice as he goes on with his own life.

Now, i would urge everyone to please keep an open mind and dont come in here looking to bash the franchise. Ones mindset many times dictates how they interpret things, so please come to this thread with an open mind. @cosmiccomet and i have worked hard to compile these scans and format them into a respect thread and we will continue to do so, so please show some courtesy and dont troll.

Help Requests

It should come as no surprise that creating a definitive RT for an entire fictional universe is quite a heavy workload, so we are asking for help. If you wish to join the effort and create the definitive GoW RT, whether because your a big fan or because you just love making RT's, please notify me and i will be happy to add you to our RT creation PM. If we get several users to help work on multiple portions of the RT at once i am sure we can get this finished far quicker, so dont be shy, join us today!


Nul > Green Scar: Respect the deified Hulk

No Caption Provided

Y u no think Nul strong?


The prevailing thought on comicvine, for quite a while it seems, is that Nul is weaker than normal hulk. i have no idea where this came from or why it is being perpetuated by knowledgeable fans, but it simply isn't true. Let's look at the proofs that Nul is more powerful than the green scar and debunk the flawed thinking circulating the vine.

Debunking Mis-info: Nul didn't have hulk's gamma powers

this is the main reason people downplay Nul, they say that when he gained the worthy hammer he lost all his hulk powers and therefore is obviously weaker than the jade Goliath. Of course, if you ask them for a scan proving he no longer had his gamma powers they cant show you any, on the flip side we have proof to the contrary just by looking at the other worthy members.

none of the above Worthy members lost their powers, they were simply enhanced and gained new abilities. none of the hammers made a character weaker than they already were. The best proof however that the characters do not lose their old powers upon picking up the hammer is Kuurth. Kuurth kept both his cyttorak powers and Cul powers and became a truly unstoppable being:

No Caption Provided

Nothing could stop Kuurth, not even BFR. this idea that Nul lost his powers seems ridiculous going by whats shown for the other worthy. Also, even when a worthy loses their old powers they are still more powerful than before as seen in Kuurth's fight with Collosonaut:

No Caption Provided

Kurth was more powerful than Cyttorak empowered colossus in every way, he was even breaking his bones and making him bleed! the only reason colossus won was because he was unstoppable thanks to cyttoraks power.

So, going by the other Worthy we see that hulk losing his powers is not likely and goes against everything shown. We also see that even if he did lose his powers he should still be stronger than before. Now that we have debunked the misinformation lets look at the showings Nul has that prove he is superior to Green Scar.

Debunking Mis-info: Nul not powered by Rage?

Many people who want to downplay Nul (almost always for biased reasons toward a certain other character) will claim that he isnt powered by rage and therefore must be weaker than green scar. if you ask them for a scan to prove this they cant give you any, however there is a scan showing that Nul is a raging machine.

No Caption Provided

In the defenders comics Hulk rallies Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer, iron fist and red she-hulk to track down Nul the breaker of worlds. while recruiting Surfer Hulk explains exactly what Nul is, a Hulk's hulk. Nul is all of the Hulk's (who when possessed was green scar) rage, power, strength and hate taken form, this confirms Nul is powered by rage. The above scan also proves Nul is more powerful than green scar as hulk himself is clearly implying as much.

Nul's Feats

In the above thread we showed that the proof shows Nul should have his green scar powers + whatever amp the hammer gave him, so in fact he has a lot of feats as all green scar feats should count for him. However, if you are still skeptical here are a couple things that prove Nul's superiority.

No Caption Provided

in the fear itself Hulk vs Dracula tie in's we see Nul go on a rampage through Romania and the vampire kingdoms. Dracula and his lieutenants watch and study the hulk, using technology and their own knowledge of magic they conclude that from their analysis Hulk's power and strength has greatly increased because of the hammer.

Along with the above, which for an absolute fact proves Nul > Green scar, we also have this feat of Nul's which has not been replicated by any version of Hulk. Nul Hulk was able to tank the biggest lightning attack Thor has ever used on a hulk and only get KOed/blacked out for seconds:

Thor has never used lightning like this on any other version of Hulk. lets look at the effects of Thor's lightning on lesser versions of hulk:

in the first scan we see the weaker classic hulk get oneshot KOed (only temporarily) by a very tiny lightning bolt. in the second scan we see indestructible hulk get knocked out for thirty seconds and reverted to banner just by the left over energy from a massive lightning attack thor uses on jotunheim.


Nul Hulk > Green Scar whether you think he lost his hulk powers or not, whether you like it or not. going by what is shown i think Nul kept his hulk/green scar powers and was amped more by the hammer, however even if you think he only had the magic power of Nul the fear itself tie in confirms Nul was stronger than usual.

The Nul hate needs to stop, respect the deified Hulk!


Omnipotence: my beliefs/thoughts and discussion

No Caption Provided

Why this blog?

Why am I making this theological blog on a comic site you may ask? Well believe it or not comics as a medium fit every genre and encompass every issue, this includes theology. Recently I've been a part of/read a few debates regarding what omnipotence really is, whether its paradoxical and whether there can even be a truly omnipotent being in fiction or beyond. After reading these arguments I have decided to right my own views on this topic, I hope you enjoy and even learn from them, also please discuss your own feelings on the subject below.

Omnipotence Paradox: why I think it is rubbish

You are likely familiar with the omnipotence paradox portrayed humorously in cartoons:

No Caption Provided

the old "can God make a rock he cant lift" question. some people think this debunks omnipotence, after all omnipotence means being able to do anything right? well if one can do anything then they can make a rock they cant lift, thus they aren't omnipotent! case closed.

But wait! that entire premise is based on a flawed definition of omnipotence, namely that omnipotence means you can do anything and everything possible or impossible. This definition of omnipotence leads to a paradox, however there are other definitions:

No Caption Provided

Omnipotence can also simply mean unlimited power. "but wait!" you ask, "don't we still have a paradox?" No, we do not. If we simply say that omnipotence means all-powerful, the most powerful being in existence, then there is no paradox. Being able to make something greater than yourself is not a power of omnipotence, in fact it is a negative, something only a non-omnipotent being can do, a sign of weakness and limitation.

So the omnipotence paradox, as far as I am concerned, is absolute rubbish. It is based on a flawed understanding of omnipotence. An omnipotent being is all powerful, however they cannot do anything and everything which begs the question, in what way are they "limited"?

Omnipotence not Nonsense

CS Lewis said:

“His Omnipotence means power to do all that is intrinsically possible, not to do the intrinsically impossible. You may attribute miracles to Him, but not nonsense. There is no limit to His power.

If you choose to say, 'God can give a creature free will and at the same time withhold free will from it,' you have not succeeded in saying anything about God: meaningless combinations of words do not suddenly acquire meaning simply because we prifex to them the two other words, 'God can.'

It remains true that all things are possible with God: the intrinsic impossibilities are not things but nonentities. It is no more possible for God than for the weakest of His creatures to carry out both of two mutually exclusive alternatives; not because His power meets an obstacle, but because nonsense remains nonsense even when we talk it about God.”

C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

Now this definition by Lewis is much better than that flawed and illogical view held by sceptics of omnipotence, however I do not agree with it fully. I feel Lewis is selling omnipotence short by saying it cannot do the intrinsically impossible for is not creation Ex Nihilo intrinsically impossible? Yet truly omnipotent beings are able to create from nothing. While I think CS Lewis was on the right track I think he came up short on his definition of the almighty.

Omnipotence as I define it

as explained above I find the omnipotence paradox to be an idiotic and flawed attempt at a debunk and I think CS Lewis, though right in some respects, sold omnipotence short, so what then do I personally think of omnipotence? Well I would define it as such:

Omnipotence: unlimited power, above all others, able to do anything that does not go against the omnipotent nature

In short, I Am that I Am. God can do the intrinsically impossible, such as make a squared circle, after all that is just a matter of manipulating the laws he himself created Ex Nihilo (from nothing), however God cannot do anything that is against his own nature as he is absolute, to go against his nature would in fact mean he was not omnipotent. Thus God cannot make a rock he cannot lift as that would mean he wasn't all powerful, on the same token Yehovah could not allow sin into heaven as doing so would be to go against himself, something an absolute, eternal and omnipotent being could not do.

In conclusion

in my opinion omnipotence means all powerful and unerring in ones nature, always supreme over all that is was and ever will be. the omnipotence paradox, if looked at unbiasedly, is a flawed argument based on a flawed understanding of omnipotence.

Now I'm not saying my beliefs and thoughts on this topic are what all fictional works should be judged by, omnipotence can be defined many different ways depending on the fiction or religion it comes from, I am just stating my opinion and showing that those who would say there is no such thing as omnipotence are narrow-minded and foolish.

I hope this was a fun and informative read. Please discuss your own thoughts on this topic below, feel free to point out any flaws you see in this post and to engage in debate. Have fun :D



No Caption Provided

I've been on CV for around a year now and I have learned from my numerous mistakes as well as the good friends who have helped me along the way. I missed the HOF this year, and I know it's just an internet forum, but seeing my friends get nominated and likely elected has inspired me to try and get their as well. I've made a reputation for myself, both good and bad, but by election time next year I hope I will be known as a Hall of Famer! I'm coming with a vengeance... to make comicvine great again :D

(all cavs and tourney's listed below shall only be those that were in progress during the campaign, no older cavs shall be present, this is a clean slate)

CAVS (Challenge a viner)

Odin vs Thanos (Apex_Pretador): not yet complete.



2017 High tier PYP tourney R2 vs Arkbound:

This debate was by far the one I had to work for the hardest, creating many scans from scratch. I repped a team of Thor, Twilight Sparkle, Kratos and Desak against Neron, a powerful DC hell-lord and Stryfe, an omega level TK/Telepath. This debate was unique in that not only was I debating for my teams victory but I also had to debate the very nature of my characters powers, most importantly Desak as my opponent argued none of his powers worked the way I claimed. It was a great and hard fought cav and I managed to definitively prove Desak's nature and abilities, thus earning me the win.



Odinforce/King Thor respect thread: I was shocked to see that there was no proper odinforce/king thor respect thread on comicvine, in fact there wasn't one on the whole internet! this is one of my best contributions and anyone who wants to learn more about the odinforce or these versions of thor should read it.

EMH Thor respect thread: earths mightiest heroes Thor is the best TV rendition of thor IMO, so it was my pleasure to create him a respect thread. Not only does EMH capture the essence of thor's character very well but it also shows him as a real powerhouse.

Respect the GOW gods: seeing how disrespected the GOW gods are on cv I made this RT in their honour. you probably shouldn't try debating using these guys against comic characters as a lot of their power comes from scaling, however this RT shows they are definitely on the level of and even more powerful than notable videogame characters like mundus.

Mundus vs Ares (Debunking the dark prince): here I debunk the overwanked mundus of DMC and show Ares from GOW is superior. I was sick of seeing mundus called a universal and so took it upon myself to knock him down a few tiers.

What does it mean to be a god in marvel?: if you've ever wondered what makes a god in marvel comics different from an alien, this blog was made for you. also the comments are full f meaningful discussion both fictional and theological.

Final crisis debunked: this debunk caused a LOT of drama, spawning a flame war cav followed by PM abuse... man it was great.



No Caption Provided


Respect the GOW gods: a breakdown of the olympians power


No Caption Provided

"My Brothers, We were forged in victory. A victory that ended the Great War and brought forth the reign of Mt. Olympus. Born from the depths of the Underworld, rooted in the River of Souls, our mountain emerged out of the Chaos. As it grew, so too did the might of the Olympians. We created a world of peace, a world of prosperity, a world that lives in the shadow and safety of my mountain. A mountain that has come to be the absolute measure of strength and power. Now, on this day, that power is to be tested. The mortal, Kratos, seeks to destroy all that I have wrought. Brothers, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long. We will unite, we will stand together,and I will wipe out this plague! Olympus will prevail!" - Zeus rallying his brothers for the second Titanomachy

"the absolute measure of strength and power". Whenever I hear Zeus speech I get chills, its just so epic and the perfect start to the best game ever, however the words of zeus are not heeded by most. many people disrespect the gods of GOW, calling them weak. I recently created a blog showing Ares is superior to Mundus the dark prince from the DMC series, however that's not enough. Its time the mortals of comicvine got a taste of the power of Olympus. this blog is made to wipe out the plague of ignorance and lowballing! Olympus will prevail! :D

(It would take far to long to make gifs of every feat, so im linking the videos. sorry for any inconvenience.)

First let us begin with a quick run down of Ares, the god of war.


No Caption Provided

"I have taught you many ways to kill a mortal, Kratos. Flesh that burns, bones that break. But to break a man's spirit, is to truly destroy him." - Ares speaking to Kratos during their final battle

All Ares notable feats are in the above videos. So after watching those videos what is ares capable of?


  • Super strength: capable of matching kratos (100+ tonner in base form) empowered by hope. casually threw a pillar hundreds of miles from Athens to Cronos in the desert of lost souls.
  • divine durability: likely island level or higher based on his destructive power and how he can tank attacks from beings on his level.
  • Divine awareness: was able to sense kratos actions in the desert of lost souls all the way from Athens, and was able to throw a pillar and hit kratos perfectly from this distance.
  • heightened reflexes: ares can react to the lightning bolts fired at him by kratos.
  • flight and teleportation.
  • Shapeshifting: an innate ability of all gods, but ares can spawn massive razor claws from his back.
  • Pyromancy: likely island level based on his other powers. ares used this ability to kill the barbarian hordes.
  • Meteors: Ares can unleash multi-city block sized meteors.
  • Soul summoning: Ares shoed the ability to summon souls of the dead and use them as a barrage in combat. these souls are likely warriors who worshipped ares and he can summon them as the god of war.
  • Telekinesis: With TK ares showed the ability to raise up mountains from deep within the earth and effortlessly smash them together. (this feat has been calced as island level TK
  • REALITY WARPING: ares can create pocket dimensions and is nigh omnipotent inside of them. he however cannot reality warp in the real world.

Ares is insanely powerful. by feats he is a island level being. you know what's crazy? There are several gods far more powerful than him! Don't believe me, well get ready to witness... THE POWER OF THE SUN!!!


No Caption Provided

"The Titans will fail again!" - Helios while facing off with Perses on the slopes of olympia

You probably remember Helios for his pathetic death in GOW3, however that instance is misinterpreted as Helios was not hurt by the catapult, he was actually hurt after being crushed by perses the titan of destruction so its not a bad feat at all. Also in GOW helios and Apollo seem to be the exact same being and while helios is seen Apollo is never once shown in the series, thus Apollo's feats are also helios feats. lets look at the feats of the sun god helios who is the sun embodied.

In the above feat Ares calls on the power of Apollo to kill Gyges, a living island and a hekatonkires who are equal to titans.

go to the 6:00 minute mark. Helios sister warns kratos that helios has the power to destroy the world as HE IS THE SUN, and kratos must free him from atlas before the titan uses his power for destruction.

Kratos uses Helios shield to channel some of his power against Persephone.

go to the 2:50 second mark to see Helios fire exploding light blasts at Perses that stagger him a bit. Helios also survives Perses crushing him, though he was badly injured.

So lets break down the powers of helios.


  • Divine durability: survived an attack from perses, is likely island level in durability scaling off gods, titans and his own powers. also resisted kratos attack for a bit.
  • shapeshifting: can appear as a glowing ball of light as shown in chains of Olympus, or as a humanoid god.
  • Light/Solar fire manipulation/Sun embodiment: at the least island level and at the highest multi-continental as GOW uses the flat earth cosmology thus him having "power enough to destroy the world" would not be equivalent to destroying a round planet. also it might only mean the surface.
  • helios likely has super strength pushing class 100 like most other gods in GOW.

Surprised by the power of Helios? good, get to respecting the gods! Poseidon, Hades and definitely Zeus are all superior to Helios who has power enough to destroy the world. Lets keep the ball rolling with Poseidon!


No Caption Provided

"You challenge me, mortal?! A God of Olympus?!" - Poseidon while fighting Kratos and Gaea

Once again you may only remember Poseidon for his brutal death at the hands of Kratos, but their is context behind this. Poseidon as the god of the seas is highly dependent on water. As shown in GOW3 with the ocean at hand he could have soloed the Titanomachy, only by removing him from his connection to the sea was Kratos able to defeat him. Outside of the water he may be weaker, but he is not helpless:

No Caption Provided

During the first great war Poseidon struck down Atlas with electricity, allowing hades to take his soul. Atlas was not only larger than mountains, but he was also one of the most powerful Titans of his whole race only being surpassed by Cronus and Gaea. Atlas power was so great that even after the great war while imprisoned in tartarus he was able to tear Helios from the sky and imprison him, not to mention it took two of the most powerful gods to put him down.

in the above vids Poseidon takes on the entire Titanomachy and is winning, he only loses when Gaea and Kratos work together to cut him off from the ocean.

so after watching those vids lets see what Poseidon is capable of.


  • Divine durability: in his monstrous form Poseidon could tank attacks from Gaea, the strongest titan, and withstand kratos onslaught even using the blade of Olympus. is likely multi-continental scaling from helios who is weaker than the strongest gods and titans.
  • super strength: most all gods have a measure of super strength.
  • shapeshifting: most every god has this power.
  • Flight: Poseidon can fly at supersonic speeds as shown when he bull rushed a titan into the ocean
  • Electro-kinesis: as god of the sea he can manipulate the power of the seas storms as shown when he felled Atlas and channeled lightning vs gaea and kratos. multi-mountain level or higher.
  • Sea life manipulation: Poseidon has complete control of sea life and can amp them to levels rivalling the titans as shown when he used normally insignificant hippocampi to battle the titanomachy.
  • Mastery of the seas: Poseidon has full and absolute power over the sea and everything in it, making him perhaps the strongest god in his domain. this however comes with a price as outside of the sea he is much weaker and vulnerable.

while not a planet buster Poseidon is definitely a planetary threat while connected to the worlds oceans as like helios he is the sea embodied. Now, on to poseidons brother Hades!


No Caption Provided

"Welcome, Spartan! Come in! Make yourself at home. This time, you won't be leaving." - Hades taunting Kratos

like his brother Poseidon and his fellow god Helios Hades is the embodiment of the underworld. While he is not the god of death per say he does seem to be more powerful than Thanatos and was only able to be killed by having his soul stolen.

Hades overpowers Cronus with his chains.

Hades rips out atlas soul (needed Poseidon's help to take him down though)

Hades effortlessly leaps over Cronus

Hades tears Oceanus off mount Olympus.

No Caption Provided

from his realm Hades could make it rain fire in the mortal realm.

so after watching these links and videos what has Hades been shown capable of?


  • Super strength: class 100+ as with one arm he could overpower kratos and was stronger than cronus.
  • Super agility/enhanced speed: can leap over mountains at insane speeds.
  • Divine durability: likely multi-continental scaling from titans and gods.
  • Regeneration: hades could heal himself simply by putting back whatever had been cut off.
  • true Immortality: Hades could only be killed by having his soul stolen.
  • Soul invulnerability: hades is immune to all attacks on his soul as shown by how he is unaffected by the styx, except if the claws of hades are used.
  • Darkness/dark energy manipulation: likely island level by scaling.
  • Pyrokinesis: island level at the very least but likely far higher as he is superior to ares and can cause it to rain fire in the mortal world while he is in his realm.
  • minor Reality warping: in the underworld Hades can cause dark chains to sprout from all over to impale his opponents, also when hades was hurt his realm engulfed in flame.
  • nigh omniscience: only in his realm.
  • soul/life force manipulation: hades has power over all souls in his domain, able to raise them up as spirits or undead, he can even call up the dead from the deepest depths of tartarus.
  • Soul steal: his best known ability, hades can rip out a targets soul using his claws.

while not a planet buster hades is definitely a planetary level threat in his domain of the underworld as he has power over it and everything in it. Even outside the underworld Hades should be multi-continental scaling off Poseidon, helios and the titans.

Now, the moment you have been waiting for. Behold Zeus, king of the gods, creator of the blade of Olympus!


No Caption Provided

"I will release you from your life my son... but your torment is only beginning!" - Zeus about to kill Kratos

Zeus is far and away the most powerful of the Olympians as he should be. Zeus embodies the sky, order and Olympus itself. In the GOW verse Zeus main weapon is not the master bolt, it is the blade of Olympus he forged himself from the heavens and the earth.

Zeus ends the first Titanomachy in one blast with the blade of Olympus. This feat is immensely impressive as the titans should all be at least island level beings but Atlas was shown to be equal to both Poseidon and hades, and both Cronus and Gaea are more powerful than Atlas. Gaea, Cronus and Perses should all be multi-continental at the least and perhaps higher by scaling from Atlas and in Perses case Helios, and there may have been more titans on that level, so for the blade of Olympus to oneshot and kill almost all of them is an insanely impressive feat! Also, the great war was waged world wide forging the earth as atlas said, so the blast was likely able to cover the surface of the world.

Go to 49:45. Athena explains that after the great war Zeus bound the abstract concepts of greed, hate, fear, ect inside Pandora's box.

Zeus disintegrates the Spartan army with a casual wave of the blade of Olympus

go to the 5:00 mark. A Spartan tells kratos of how Zeus destroyed Sparta out of spite.

Zeus battles Kratos a second time, now with kratos being powered by the titans.

Zeus stomps Kratos and Gaea with a single lightning bolt. Gaea is the most powerful titan, more powerful than Atlas who could only be beat by Poseidon and hades teaming up. This feat shows Zeus>Poseidon and Hades.

Zeus final battle vs Kratos. Father vs Son. Vengeance ends now.

now then, lets break down the power of the god of gods.


  • Super strength: class 100+ on par with kratos.
  • Divine durability: at least multi-continental, maybe higher. Zeus has shown immense pain tolerance and durability by fighting on even after being impaled multiple times.
  • heightened speed: unknown exactly how fast.
  • Regeneration: Zeus regenerated fully from his impaling's by the BOO.
  • Flight: supersonic.
  • Shapeshifting: can grow in size and turn into an eagle.
  • Teleportation: unknown range.
  • Summoning: Zeus can summon creatures to fight for him, like Sirens.
  • Clone creation: Zeus could create many clones of himself which were weaker than the original, but still had his lightning powers.
  • Energy absorption/draining: Zeus showed the ability to absorb/drain energy to replenish himself against while fighting kratos in Gaea.
  • Weather manipulation: has shown to manipulate the weather to create storms and tornadoes. this ability is likely planetary in range as Poseidon and hades have complete control of their realms.
  • Lightning/Electricity manipulation: was powerful enough to seriously harm Gaea the most powerful titan, so it is likely around multi-continent+ level.
  • Reality warping: the level of this power is unknown and he never used it in combat, but Zeus did bind abstract concepts like fear and hate in Pandora's box.
  • BLADE OF OLYMPUS: With the blade Zeus has more power than all the titans combined.

Even without the Blade of Olympus Zeus is superior to his brothers Poseidon and Hades, but with it he is more powerful than all Olympus combined. Zeus is most definitely a planetary threat in raw destructive power in any realm, unlike his brothers who are planetary threats in their domains (ocean, underworld).


I hope you have gained a new respect for the GOW verse after reading my blog. please post your thoughts below.

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Respect the gods!


MUNDUS VS ARES: debunking the dark prince and proving Ares superiority

many people think the GOW gods are weak compared to other beings (like DMC devils) but is this true? lets compare the boss battles of Ares the original god of war to Mundus the dark prince.



epic fights right? many people would say that Mundus in that fight is far superior to ares, however I think this is false. let me just de-bunk a few things about the mundus fight.


  • Mundus and Dante did not fight/fly at MFTL speeds, in fact their entire fight took place on one planet either in its atmosphere or on the ground. this is evidenced by how for most of their fight they were flying around in clouds.
  • Mundus never performed any combat feats on planet level as some people think. his asteroid attacks were small and made no craters on the ground when they struck.
  • the comic feat where "merged the demon and human worlds" is ambiguous and is easily debunked as it is likely simply saying he conquered the human world and brought it under his dark reign. he is never actually shown "merging" realms.

now that we got those out of the way lets get to the feat everyone cares about, Mundus supposed universe creation and lets compare it with Ares universe creation!


some people think the creator of DMC said mundus created a universe however his reply was very vague and can be interpreted differently. lets take a look at the feat:

No Caption Provided

now there are two things that can explain this feat far more easily than creating a universe:

  • Mundus could have teleported them into the earths atmosphere.
  • Mundus could have teleported them to another dimension like hell.

considering other than this one feat mundus never showed anything on universal or even planetary level it seems much more logical that mundus teleported them rather than created a universe.

another explanation is that Mundus did create something but it was only a pocket dimension of unknown size (likely planetary) and the stars are just an illusion on the boundaries of the dimension. this theory has evidence to back it up because (a) mundus never showed universal power otherwise so if he created something it was likely far less than a universe and (b) Dante was able to stand on the "vacuum" of space as if it was normal ground, seemingly showing that the space around the atmosphere in which they fought was a solid barrier AKA the walls of the dimension.

which of these explanations is true I don't know, but either way it is far more logical to assume these theories are true than that Mundus created a universe.

now let me show you a feat most people just glance over when talking about GOW gods, ares creation.


No Caption Provided

now your probably thinking, "Your a GOW wanker! this can be debunked with the same debunks as mundus feat!" well firstly watch your language :D, secondly the debunks actually don't work so well for this feat.


Unlike the mundus feat which took place in the atmosphere of a planet which was likely earth or in hell and can easily be explained as simple teleporting it is clear the place Ares BFRed Kratos was fully made by the god of war and not just another place in the universe:

No Caption Provided

the place Kratos landed was a floating landmass with the building he killed his family in and it was full of the minions of ares. The entire thing was devilishly recreated by ares to punish kratos, complete with his living family and an army of evil dopplegangers. this was not simply some other planet, this was a dimension custom made to punish Kratos.

thus the teleporting debunk doesn't work unless you think somewhere in the GOW universe there was conveniently a floting landmass made of kratos worst nightmares.


While I do think ares only created a pocket dimension and NOT a universe I also find ares feat far more impressive than mundus because while Mundus creation (if he even created anything) had planetary limits as evidenced by how the space above the atmosphere was a solid boundary, ares space was actually a vacuum and had swirling cosmic dust thus proving it was not just a solid boundary. from looking at both feats ares is more impressive because while mundus has clear limits ares doesn't and could very well be far larger than mundus feat, also mundus very likely didn't even create a pocket dimension while we know for a fact ares did.


Now that we got the debunks out of the way and proved Ares>Mundus in reality warping/creation lets look at the abilities they used most in combat.


you can watch the fights I linked above to see if I left any out or if my assessment is accurate.

Mundus powers are:

  • flight
  • energy spikes: he can shoot them in swarms and they can pierce dante... wooo?
  • lightning bolts: just normal lightning... might just be a result of the storm they are fighting in.
  • meteors: each on the size of a person and they dont even make craters in the ground.
  • lava dragon summon: not much to say. its not giant or anything.
  • energy beams: they can destroy the rocks dante fights on and seem to be his most powerful attack. (didn't destroy thesewer they were fighting in though...)

so yea, that's pretty much it for Mundus. now lets check out ares.


you can watch the fights I linked above to see if I left any out or if my assessment is accurate. (remember to notice kratos and ares dwarf the city of Athens)

Ares powers are:

  • flight and teleportation
  • Meteors: he can spam them and each looks to be the size of a city block or larger.
  • Maul of Olympus: with the maul he can create city sized shockwaves and unleash fiery lava blasts the size of a city.
  • razor arms and a giant sword: 'nuff said.
  • Soul barrage?: ares can unleash a massive city sized attack of souls.
  • Fire manipulation: ares can unleash and manipulate flame as he did to burn an entire army.

and then there is Ares telekinesis which he used to kill many barbarians, but most impressively he used it to bring mountains from deep out of the earth and attack with them!:

No Caption Provided

just look at the two fights, Ares is by far the more impressive of the two. the destructive power, range and versatility of ares attacks far exceeds that of Mundus.


After reading through this blog it should be clear that Ares from GOW is superior to Mundus in most every way. Not only is Ares a better reality warper but he is also a greater combatant and wields powers superior to those of the Demon Lord.

Now im not trying to downplay Mundus, im just showing the facts. By feats Mundus is inferior to Ares and thus is inferior to other GOW gods like Hades, Poseidon and definitely Zeus.

I hope you have had fun reading and gained a new respect for the GOW universe :D



What does it mean to be a god in marvel? many comic fans nowadays think gods are just advanced aliens. while this may be true in the MCU it is not true of the gods in comics. Before we get into the gods unique physiology lets explain what magic is.


if you read my debates alongside @zetsumoto about magic in the MCU you know that I believe magic is a spiritual science. Why is this? Magic is something that can be studied in the form of spell books and replicated time and again with spells, it can also be used to enchant objects and in many cases can be mixed with technology (Doom's armour, the destroyer armour, sorcerer supreme stark, ect). Magic and science have counterparts in common:

Spell books=formulas


So yes, magic is an ascended form of science... for the most part. why do I say for the most part? because unlike science, magic at its core is faith and story, as so eloquently explained by Dr Doom here in loki agent of asgard:

"To be a creature of magic, to be a god, is to be a creature of story"

unlike science which is all about discovering the wonders of the "natural" world and manipulating it to your needs magic is about imposing a narrative, a story upon reality to bend it to your own or another's will. For the most part science and magic are very similar but when you get to the roots, the ultimate end of both, magic is faith, the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Now then, what does this all mean? what are gods? well doom told us, they are...

GODS: Living Stories

That's right. the gods of marvel are living stories in physical form. As explained by Doom to be a creature of magic is to be a creature of story. Though the portrayal of gods in marvel has been erratic over the years it has been hinted at forever they are living stories and in more recent times it has become increasingly apparent in strazinski's thor and especially in loki agent of asgard. Another proof of gods being beings of story is evidenced by ragnarok, the great repeating "story" of asgard that the gods were bound to until thor "rewrote their destiny". Here are several scans hinting at the gods being living stories:

  • 1,2,3. loki hinting at the gods being formed from humanity's stories and faith.
  • 4. RKT actually finds the story of the asgardians woven by the fates.
  • 5. Donald Blake seems to hint at gods being stories.

now of course the true origin of the gods is uncertain. them being living stories doesn't even necessarily mean humans created them as loki said that even when the omniverse is destroyed there would probably a ton of stories still in the nothingness, seeming to show stories are eternal (cant find the scan right now). What we do know though is they are stories in physical form.

lets look at what else makes them different from advanced aliens.


DIMENSIONAL FREEDOM (Both Spatial and Temporal)

what is "dimensional freedom"? it is not higher dimensionality like mr mxy nor is it infinite dimensionality like pre-retcon beyonder, rather it is the ability to exist in the same state on all different planes of reality. for instance a 3D being that goes into the 4th dimension would be a piece of paper, utterly powerless against 4D beings, however a dimensionally free god would be just as powerful in the 4th dimension as he is in the third, there would be zero change in power.

Is this belief that gods are dimensionally free supported by feats? yes indeed:

  • 1,2. Thor says his "divinity transcends dimensions and so might his corporeal form" then proceeds to back this up by climbing out of a 4 dimensional (3 special and one temporal dimension) universe!
  • 3,4,5. X-man hides outside of time in the plank length between moments, does this stop ares from fighting him? nope! Ares not only busts right into this temporal dimension and stomps X-man easily as if the fight was in the normal world. Ares even says being in the place in between planck lengths doesn't limit him!
  • 6. Odin battles Seth on literally every plane of reality.
  • 7. Loki fights odin on every metaphysical plane.

In both classic and modern times it is shown gods are dimensionally free or, dimensionally independent. time and space mean nothing to them, as explained by X-man:

No Caption Provided

a god is a god on every plane of space and time. we also see that because of their unique dimensional independence gods cannot be molecularly broken down to their base bits.

No Caption Provided


this one is pretty simple to understand. gods in marvel are empowered by and can hear prayers.

  • 1,2. thor hears the prayers of a child a universe away and answers them.
  • 3. thor is empowered by a prayer to God when fighting glory.
  • 4. Thor prays to Gaea and she answers.

gods are creatures of faith and hope and thus can hear and answer the prayers of mortals.


This is something that definitely sets gods apart as divine. major gods embody something, for ares its war, thor the storm, hela death and odinforce users embody their pantheon itself. A god as a living story is the living story of their concept:

  • 1. X-man says he cannot counter ares because he is war personified on every plane of existence and time.
  • 2. Hela is an embodiment of death, so when odin kills her earth is ravaged by un-death.
  • 3. Thor is the storm personified, as he explains all the storms of earth are his.
  • 4,5. It is explained he who has the odinforce sustains and embodies Asgard.


Gods are metaphysically connected to the fate of their worshipers. The skrull's many conquests were made possible because the skrull deities slaughtered the gods of the worlds they conquered. This is totally in line with the belief from ancient times that when kingdoms fought their gods fought as well and whichever pantheon won decided the fate of the battle:

The skrull invasion of earth failed because hercules and his god squad defeated the skrull slave pantheon's "Sacred invasion".

PIS or just godly awesomeness?

many people say that certain feats are PIS (thor knocking out PF, hurting galactus) but I see it differently. don't get me wrong, im not saying thor can go around oneshotting multiversal abstracts nor that he can hit that hard against lesser opponents, im simply saying as creatures of faith and story many times gods scale up to overcome the odds... and also scale down to make a story more interesting and believable. when the odds are stacked against them gods as beings of story and faith can accomplish the impossible, an example proving this is thor killing glory, however when fighting lesser beings gods are scaled down to make the story of their existence more interesting and worthy of telling.

please voice your opinions :D If you have any more scans showing gods as living stories or scans of them doing something unique because of their physiology, please show me so I can add them.


Odin Force/King Thor respect thread

Many people don't seem to know much about King/OF Thor and as I am a huge fan of the character it is my duty and pleasure to make this respect thread. I hope you enjoy it :D


No Caption Provided

"The die is cast. If its death ye seek... let death be thine. Behold the power of the Odinforce unleashed... a power dwarfing all others! Let it end thy miserable existence fore'er!"

- Our Lord Thor

After the death of Odin at the hands of the eternal enemy Surtur Thor was bequeathed the throne of Asgard and with it the Odinforce. Thor's love of midgard caused much trouble for him as it interfered with his duty to protect and rule asgard so Thor came up with the "excellent" idea to move Asgard to earth. Unlike his father who had allowed humans to live their own lives governed by free will Thor began to meddle in mortal affairs, dethroning barbarous governments, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, ect; of course this did not sit well with the powers that be on earth or in heaven. The UN launched a nuclear attack on asgard to no avail and Thor was kicked out of the council of godheads. As the days went by Thor's worshippers grew on earth and the leaders of the world became terrified so at the behest of Zarkko they launched an undercover attack on asgard, planting bombs that blew up the city eternal and sent it crashing into new York below, killing millions. On that day Thor saw the wickedness of man, on that day the reigning would begin and none was able to stand against it.


What is the Odinforce? Its true origins are vague and mysterious, some legends say it is the life forces of vili and ve added unto Odin, some say it is the power of yggdrasil itself and some say it is a mixture of both, but whatever its origin may be it is a power beyond comprehension. To understand the true power of Thor we must realise what the odinforce is and who better to explain than the personification of the Odinforce itself:

Here Thor is taken into the dimension of the Odinforce where the OF in the form of Odin explains to Thor what it is. The OF is not just a form of energy (though it does boost its wielders in every way) the OF is the power to do ANYTHING, literally anything you want on a certain scale (galaxy to multi-galaxy in thor's case). With the OF your word is law, your every whim binds reality to your will, you are the end all and the be all over your sphere of influence. the OF is basically divine reality warping, the only limits to what it can do are the scale on which it is used and the limits the user places on himself willfully or subconsciously. Now then on to the feats!


King Thor is insanely durable, even for skyfather level beings.

1. Thor tanks a beatdown by an amped perikkus, the god of power

2. Thor tanks the attacks of the gardner, a mighty cosmic being (CONTEXT: At this time thor was also subconsciously restraining the odinforce, so he wasn't at his best)

3. thor tanks attacks from the destroyer

4. thor withstands the full force of the destroyers disintegration beam. (CONTEXT: while powered by the soul of a mortal this beam was shown capable of oneshotting base Thor, so this feat is even more impressive as this feat was accomplished while the destroyer was empowered by balder)

5. Thor tanks the shockwave of his and Bor's attacks connecting. (CONTEXT: the shockwave was so powerful it would have oneshot killed normal thor!)

6. Thor withstands a brutal attack from bor that breaks one of his ribs.

7. Thor withstands Bor's destructive beams channeled into Thor's eyes.

8. Thor tanks the full divine might of bor unleashed, thor says he has never felt such force before.

Those feats are very impressive right? Well their nothing compared to what Thor showed at his peak during the reigning:

No Caption Provided

CONTEXT: In the above scan Thor outright tanks a prolonged attack from the destroyer empowered by Desak, why is this so impressive you ask? Desak is powered by the spirit of the jewel/Designate who has been said to be nearly as powerful as Odin, but wait theres more! Every time he kills a god their soul is absorbed by the jewel and amplifies Desak and desak has murdered scores of pantheons. This means that Destroyer armour Desak is at least as powerful as Odin in the destroyer armour powered by the souls of all asgard and that is even lowballing! Desak has the souls of many pantheons absorbed inside of him! For Thor to outright tank and power through the attack of Destroyer/Desak would require durability magnitudes above galaxy level.


It shouldn't surprise anybody that KT/OF Thor hits hard... real hard.

1. Thor stomps perrikus amped by the designate. (we don't know exactly how much he was amped, but perrikus was at least a herald level being)

2. thor wounds Surtur (surtur may not have been as powerful in this instance as usual)

3,4,5. Thor fights the inbetweener and knocks him around.

6. Thor kills both Hulk and thing at the same time. (CONTEXT: Thor was depowered considerably at this time. To what degree he was depowered is a point of contention, some think he was fully deprived of the OF while some think he still had a bit of an amp.)

7,8. Thor unleashes the odinforce on desak. says its a power dwarfing all others and it is as strong as the power of fires of all hells combined.

9. Thor equals Bor in striking power.

10. Thor melts wolverine to slag including his adamantium skeleton and claws!

11. Thor blows a hole in caps shield!

12. Thor accidentally destroys a planet just by touching it. (CONTEXT: There is some debate over this little known feat. I personally believe this is a legit feat of power accomplished by thor while in the OF dimension as the designate has a dimension just like it, however some believe it simply to be a mental journey.)

13. Thor kills Bor.

14-22: thor imbued with the OF by odin takes on surtur and equals him in every way.

23,24,25: Thor destroys the destroyer.

Great feats right? I agree, but they pale in comparison to the power of KT at his peak during the reigning:

No Caption Provided

CONTEXT: Thor here channels the full might of the Odinpower into Mjolnir and oneshots the Desak/Destroyer. As I explained higher up in this thread, the destroyer was empowered by Desak who in turn is powered by the designate (who is nigh as powerful as odin by herself) and the souls of countless slain pantheons. This means KT oneshot a being on par with Odin wearing the destroyer armour powered by the souls of asgard and that is a low end estimate! Also in case anybody forgot, it took the full 4th host to destroy the destroyer empowered by odin...


Thanks to the OF Thor can accomplish nigh anything he sets his mind to.

1. Thor telekinetically tears Asgard from the ground and causes it to float in the air.

2,3. Thor telekinetically restrains the Gardner and fixes the moon on a molecular level.

4. Thor resurrects a dead girl. (CONTEXT: Thor was still inexperienced with the OF so he accidentally didn't bring back her soul. this is not indicative of his power at his peak)

5. Thor resurrects a bunch of Asgardians.

6. Thor resurrects himself.

7. Thor by sheer force of will transports Asgard from its universe to earth 616.

8. thor creates a feast from nothing.

9,10. Thor creates a world with a subconscious thought. (CONTEXT: Some say this was just a mental journey but there is more evidence to it being real)

11. Thor recreates Asgard from nothingness.

12. Thor shows the ability to wipe beings from existence. (CONTEXT: Unfortunately the ability did not work when used on desak because of his immunity to all god power, and thor never used the ability again because he never fought another powerful foe during the reigning)

13,14: while on asgard thor BFR's the mangog off earth and into another dimension.

As you probably expected by now, at the peak of his power King Thor can do some crazy stuff, like this!:

No Caption Provided

CONTEXT: KT goes back in time to undo the damage he has done. He goes back to the moment when OF Thor is about to kill olsen and go crazy and the KT forcefully manipulates their souls and melds them together against their will. Why is this impressive? KT just forcefully manipulated the soul of a skyfather who dwarfs people like hela even in her own realm in power!


By looking at his feats it is obvious that KT surpasses Odin in destructive power and durability as King thor showed destructive power and durability rivaling the combined might of the entire celestial 4th host which would put him FAR above galaxy level. In hax abilities however KT simply is not on Odin's level and lacks the experience. In the end Odin>KT but only because of Odin's immense reality warping power, in a fight using only energy projection and brawling KT would mop the floor with his dear old dad.

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