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Sabaoth, the mortal messiah, god of miracles

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"My Father my God, why have you forsaken me?"

ALIAS: Michael Sabbath

EYES: Bright blue

HAIR: Blonde, bearded with long hair

HEIGHT: 6 foot 3

WEIGHT: 210 lbs

PLACE OF ORGIN: Empyrean, the well of miracles, sea of everlasting life

(in mortal form he looks the exact same but without his imposing divine aura)


Sabaoth was the skyfather deity of the Empyreans, a long dead race of gods who were overcome by the first wrath. Sabaoth sacrificed himself to give his mortals everlasting life and to destroy the corrupted gods who had turned into demons. As the god of miracles Sabaoth has resurrected himself from the dead in the form of a mortal human in a new universe and now roams the earth in search of his dead pantheon and spreading miracles throughout the mortal world. As the god of miracles Sabaoth has the ability to resurrect gods affected by the wrath into their former divine forms, this is a sign of hope to some and a cause for concern to others.

SUPERPOWERS: (though he was a skyfather being he is now only around herald level. to regain his full power he must restore his pantheon as the holy energy and faith of his fellow gods is what gave him his supreme power.)

Divine energy manipulation: Sabaoth can call upon divine energy whether his own or others for a variety of purposes including reality defying miracles. He can also call on energy generated by prayer or holy items/places.

Soul manipulation: Sabaoth can see souls and the spirit realm as well as resurrect the dead souls of gods from within mortals.

Divine aura: Sabaoth has a divine aura about him that makes him nigh invulnerable to all harm, physical, energy and mental. Sabaoth is also immune to poisons. The mind of sabaoth is so pure and divinely alien in nature that daring to look into his mind can purify you to such a degree your basically lobotomised. Sabaoths divine aura is very soothing to righteous people and gives off an essence of pure love. Sabaoth has a great healing factor.

Super strength: class 80 but can be amped by holy energy.

Speed: massively hypersonic but can be amped with holy energy.


Evil energy: unholy energy can harm Sabaoth and seriously slow down his healing factor.

The First Wrath: like most all gods Sabaoth must stave off the first wrath. if he succumbs to the plague he will transform into an evil, demonic counterpart of himself (think the void) and will eventually lose his immortality.