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Finding solace at the bottom of the bottle 0

I admit I have been following Venom at arms length ever since issue one, however after this issue I think it may become one of my frequent reading titles. So how has Rick Remender's Venom fallen under my radar for so long? well I have been preoccupied by the awesomeness of Remender's other title Uncanny X force! but i digress. This issue wraps up Flash Thompson and Jack-O-Lantern's awesome roadtrip to Vegas, when it is revealed that the package that the two are charged with picking up is none ot...

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Yeaaarrgh my MIND! They Broke the Bat! 1

Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo has been both very well written and illustrated thus far, I have been trying to back away from reviewing popular titles with overwhelming amounts of positive reviews because another positive review would have very little meaning to what is already said. However with that said this issue goes above and beyond in the storytelling aspect as well as illustrative. This issue in particular gets so engaging to the point where one must actually turn the book in an...

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When Wanda comes out to play, run for the Hills 0

Title says it all. The remnants of the Amazing Xmen return back to Age of Apocalypse only to find a bad situation turn into a real stinker. We meet a man named The Prophet, also known in our universe as William Stryker who single handedly takes down a Sentinel, claiming his ability to do so came from his extensive study of the sentinels during the human genocides over the years. It also appears that the Amazing X men have allied themselves with the prophet and the remaining human resistance. As ...

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Uncanny X force #18(with some spoilers) 0

Hats off to Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Esad Ribic, Dean White, Mark Brooks, Billy Tan, and the rest of the UXF team for crafting one of the most engaging X titles to come out in a while. All issues prior to the conclusion of The Dark Angel Saga have been building up to this point. In the issue X force throws their last Hail Mary in order to stop one of their own from remaking the world in "Apocalypse's" image (to be more precise the Age of Archangel). On that road to Saving the world, you can ...

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If anything This Issue only made me Like Bucky even more 0

Death and Reincarnation seems to be a pretty common occurrence in the comic industry as of late, however my hat goes off to Brubaker on this issue for trying to make the best of a terrible situation. So the events of Fear Itself have left a major hole in the heart of Steve Rogers after Bucky falls in combat to that crazy hammer wielding psycho, which was quite disappointing to see; and at the time seemed like a insult to all the hard work Brubaker and other artists went through to bringing Bucky...

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Three Issues in and I just cannot get out! 0

I have always been a fan of Animal Man, couple years back I purchased Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man and became an avid fan of the character. Since the start of the 52, Animal Man has been sort of a back up on my pull list until recently. I feel that the 52 was the best thing to happen to the character since Morrison's run, under the helm of Jeff Lemire, I feel like I have fallen in love all over again with the character. In many ways I feel what Lemire has done was continue Morrison's run (...

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Good, but Avenging What exactly? 0

I thing what stuck out to me the most when i first picked up The Avenging Spiderman was the use of "Avenging". What comes to mind for me when i think of an Avenging Spiderman is the badass Spiderman from Kraven's Last Hunt or The Grim Hunt; however throughout this first issue Spiderman is primarily his good natured self; Granted thats not a bad thing as well of the fact that this is a first issue and all. nitpicking aside i feel that this issue really was just a fun read, the fact that it doesn'...

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If Dick goes back to Nightwing is that bad? 1

First things first, I was a huge proponent of Dick wearing the cowl, I felt that in many ways The Dick we all loved and knew had grown up and come full circle. However There is one statement within this issue that Kyle Higgins writes that really stands out and emphasizes the need for a Nightwing: "Guess that's part of what makes us different". In essence Dick is and forever will be Nightwing; not to say that he didn't pick up a thing or two as his time as Batman. I think what really shines withi...

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American Vampire Blitzkrieg! 0

Scott Snyder has continued to amaze me time and time again with keeping a story about vampires fresh and extremely exciting. That said it should come as no surprise that Snyder and artists(Albuquerque, Sean Murphy, and Mateus Santolouco) have really created a gem within the comics industry. Perhaps what i appreciate most within this issue is the focus upon Felicia Book, a character who has until now taken a supporting role within the main story. I feel what draws me most to sympathize with this ...

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Mystery Men issue one 3

If you are a huge fan of superheroes and thirties noir, i highly encourage you to check this issue out. To start off i want to state that the approach taken by David Liss in regards to setting and continuity is very well done. I went into this issue not knowing what to expect, however after this issue i feel that this may be one of the hidden gems of comics, much like Scott Snyder's American Vampire was when it first begun. Now in regards to the concept of superheroes set in the golden age from ...

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Mystique Exit Stage Left?! 0

I would have to honestly say this is my pick of the week! Wolverine by Jason Aaron has dragged me to the pits of Hell and back and I just cannot get enough of it. In the last issue Wolverine was literally in the fight for his life, if not his soul. After just barely overcoming numerous obstacles Wolverine has little time for rest, because he is on a warpath of revenge. I think whats most refreshing about this issue is first and foremost Daniel Acuna's art. each page is like dash of van gogh colo...

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Grown up Archie in a dirty dirty world 0

Criminal: The Last of The Innocent is a very interesting read; with that said I must say if you are a avid reader of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Criminal series, it is unlike any of the previous stories told before. Most notably about this first issue of the story arc is the overall tone of the story. First off it feels significantly less gritty than the usual neo noir tale.interestingly Brubaker chooses to start this yarn is 1982 New York train station following a man named Riley Richards wh...

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This is what Comics are about! (spoilers) 1

Coming into this series from the begging i was at first a very angry skeptic, perhaps even troll level. Right now i am eating my words, Black Panther has easily jumped to the top of pull list along with the amazing American Vampire. That said I wasn't quite sure of the purpose of having Black Panther watching over Daredevil's stomping ground, however David Liss has really done a great job of creating a world with fresh challenges and limitations for Black Panther in a buisness where fans(such as...

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Old School Samurai Action! 0

I like Wolverine. Especially as an old school hack and slash Ronin. To start off this is not your typical x men alternate universe, for me it seemed like a darker vision of X men fairy tales. I think as to the only wall that one might hit would be the heavy use of mysticism in the story. I don't mean doctor strange spell slinging magic bolts, but rather along the lines that in order to really get into the story, does require one to suspend their disbelief.  I would highly suggest this title to f...

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Dude! I just got SCALPED! 0

This review is for both issue 36 and 37. Also I have just literally just jumped onto reading Scalped at issue 33 and not 1, so a lot of what went down is unknown to me. yet i digress. After much delay I jumped right into scalped, And boy do i have to say that I have been missing out on a whole lot. What I like most about Scalped is that it takes the big pink elephant in the room, drags it into the corner and proceeds to scalping the s.o.b. for all to see and those who choose to listen. Translati...

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Nikola Tesla is a Beast! 0

So what can be said after finishing up the first volume of S.H.I.L.D.? well for one It seems that Jonathan Hickman took the concept of what mainstream Shield is supposed to be in theory and executed it out in a very interesting fashion. I think for one to really get into this series required some suspension of belief. Yes Nikola Tesla was going around blowing things up, yet did it make him any less awesome or fun to read? for me it didn't, but then it differs from person to person. In regards to...

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Magnificent 0

Have you ever read or watched something, and after all was said and done you had to immediately review it again just because you were taken aback  (in a positive way) by what just occurred ? Scott Snyder's work with American Vampire had that affect upon me and likewise Snyder's work on Detective comics is no different. What makes this title so great for me is that the team of Snyder and Jock are establishing the mythos and Legend of Dick Grayson as Batman, and quite honestly this title for me ha...

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Lets start our journey into the Heart of Darkness 0

-Warning a spoiler may be dropped-  I thought this issue was great!  with that said you know my stance on the first issue of Ultimate Captain America #1.  For this title the team that brought us Wolverine get Mystique is back to explore the long old question were was Cap while the War in Vietnam was raging? Specifically the ultimate Steve Rogers was in a block of ice somewhere in the Atlantic. That doesn't mean the mantle of Captain America sits gathering dust  and who better than the ultimate N...

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This is not the end...only the beginning (spoilers) 0

Let me start out by saying that I was probably the one person who was the most anti Wolverine up until perhaps a year ago. While I loved the guy as a kid on the 90's X men animated, my views and tastes for comics became more  pretentious.  However as i picked up Wolverine #1 a couple months back i found that I was going back and buying a lot of the back issues at my local shop. I was hooked upon the happenings of the man who's the best at what he does. This story arc as a whole I felt was a real...

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Easily My Favorite Title This Week 0

At first I was indifferent to reading American Vampire, but after 9 issues and 2 story arcs later, I will say without a doubt that American Vampire has jumped to the top of favorite titles i am currently reading. Issue 9 is the final chapter for the second story arc "Devil in the Sand"; and what a closer it is. "Tense" is probably the right word to describe the setting. I will say without hesitation that the final stand off between Cashel McCogan and Skinner Sweet is as "Tense" as the stand off ...

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The Wrath of Mighty Lord Death Man! 0

I just gotta say it....BRUCE IS BACK! and looking awesome as ever! thanks to the wonderful pencil work by Yanick Paquette(I'm a fan of his work, but it's ok if you disagree). Where to start, well Grant Morrison jumps straight into the next phase of Batman's crime fighting career, by picking following Bruce's venture to bring the "Batman" to the global public, in other words Bruce is setting up a global network of Batmen, much like to the effect of the club of heroes in previous batman stories. C...

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I don't care what you do, but get your hands on a copy of Strange Tales 2 before it's gone. Run by foot, speed in Traffic, ride a cheetah, it doesn't matter,in my opinion this comic is just that good. Let me start by saying this comic has an array of wonderful stories created by some of the up in coming talents too be. My personal favorites being Rafael Grampa and Jeff Lemire. Each of the stories in this issue is a reinterpretation and or closer look at a specific character in the Marvel Univers...

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Perhaps the X men title some of us have been waiting for! 0

Uncanny X Force is the new X men title that focuses upon the black ops team originally created by Cable, revived by Cyclops and Wolverine during the second coming story arc, and now focuses on a collective of X-men and X associates who now have a different vision as to deal with threats that don't necessarily coincide with the higher ups in Utopia. First off I feel the team roster is very intriguing and dynamic. In this issue i get the impression that it isn't Wolverine who is leading the group ...

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Pleasantly Suprised 0

Let me start off by saying that I know next to nothing about Moon Knight...thus I did not go into this title expecting much. I would also like to say that I have been avoiding many of the tie in one shots, due to my financial restrictions and lack of desire, however after reading the Sahdowland Moon Knight tie In i can say that I was pleasantly surprised that i enjoyed this issue. for one thing what I liked a lot about the issue was the art work, specifically the pencil and ink work. I feel as i...

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I need some more convincing 0

First off I thought the Art was well done, but to be honest i need some more convincing. To sum up what Scarlet is about, one could easily pop in The Brave One with Jodie Foster to get the general idea. The breaking of the Forth wall at the right moments can become a wonderful tool in engaging the reader within the story, however i felt that Bendis over did the break of the fourth wall. It almost  felt as if I picked up the book and almost immediately this really angry woman starts telling me ab...

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More Zombies folks! 0

First off I want to say that I love the cover! Now onto the sum up what exactly The Last Zombie would be is to say imagine The walking dead meets the 2008 movie doomsday. I was really worried that I would find this story boring with the fact that monsters like Vampires and Zombies are being played to death in media today. I was also worried that it would pale in comparison to the Great Walking Dead, however i was quite surprised to find that I enjoyed this comic. It was interesting t...

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OK...this is what i expect from a Spiderman story!!! 0

As the title of the review states above "This is what I expect from a Spiderman story!" It is honestly without a doubt for me the best Spiderman story that i have read since New Ways To Die. I suppose those of you who have graciously  taken the time to read my review, thank you and that this review can easily be a review for the Grim Hunt story thus far. Let me start by sating that Michael Lark's art truly works wonders in depicting the grimness of the situation. With that said, this Spider man ...

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Hey Hellboy where ya been? 0

It's been a while since the last Hellboy story came out...and this issue is honestly a breath of fresh air. the art is...well breath taking, the coloring just adds to the quiet homely feel to the story. There are just some scenes that just literally made my jaw drop from the sheer beauty and artistry of Duncan Fegredo's work.  In regards to the story, It still continues Hellboy's adventure after several revaluations in recent stories.  in all honesty what i enjoy most about all the Hellboy stori...

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Shadowland is upon us 0

I can only say that after reading Shadowland, i could not help but hope that the next issues can top the opening issue. So for those of you who have no idea of the latest happenings in Daredevils world, I would highly advise one to get caught up before diving into Shadowland. What I enjoyed most about this issue was that it was a total mind F@#$ in the sense that myself as a fan torn between the actions of Daredevil. I found myself rooting for Daredevil because it was just great seeing the guy w...

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Man of Bats 0

The Return of Bruce Wayne has finally begun! Despite the flaws of the issue, i was relatively pleased. So you may be thinking flaws? forget this!  But wait hear me out first...Ok after Bruce has been transported back to the past after Final Crisis, we find him in the stone age of all places. To tell the truth i was against the return of Bruce so early on in the game, i really wanted to see Dick grow into the role of Batman, however when i saw the images for the return of Bruce Wayne i just could...

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Avenger's Dark Chocolate 0

Wow I for one am really happy to get the next chapter to the ultimate Avengers in such a timely fashion. Ultimate comic Avengers 2 #1 hits the ground running fast! for the first third of the book, Punisher is shown decimating the criminal underworld in various forms of acts of violence, until he is stopped by a familiar face(honestly when it happened i laughed). while in custody Frank is approached by Nick Fury, being the awesome super spy Samuel L. Jackson he is,  Fury offers the Punisher an op...

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I'm sold on this title 0

To be honest i was quite reluctant to start reading this title, mainly due in part to the current portrayals of vampires in mainstream media: Twilight, Vampires assistant, the list goes on and on...well a month ago i picked up the 1st issue because i had been hearing great reviews about the title. the first issue was good, but i wasn't too keen/sure with the separate story lines/flashbacks. however i was still curious, so i sucked it up and put down 3.99 plus tax to purchase the second issue; an...

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Kato #1 0

I'm going to be really honest hear, mainly because i feel that i myself as an individual felt that i could really connect with Kato's character in this issue. When it usually came to comics such as the Green hornet and other stories set in the time of WWII, I always made the conscious choice to avoid them, on the basis for the anti Japanese sentiment within the stories. I myself am a full 4th generation Japanese American,  and it was always hard to read stories when i looked like the enemy. Out ...

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Best issue by far 0

i never thought i would say this, but i think Batman Streets of Gotham may be my favorite Batman title currently. everything comes to a boiling on the streets of Gotham, as Damian and Abuse try their best to hold their own against zsasz, Batman tries his best to pull them out of the fire. with each issue the story keeps getting better and better, adding a whole new level of depth to Dick, Damian, Abuse, and whatever villain that spotlights within this title. the tag team of Paul Dini and Dustin ...

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Shield 0

I don't really know about you, but i for one have been really looking forward to Hickman's Shield. I want to start of by saying that Weaver and Strain's work on the art is absolutely amazing, really blew me away. now to the story. I'm sure most people who are into comics know about the organization of Shield, which for those who don't know Shield is/was the top global peacekeeping organization in the Marvel U. Shield was initially formed and led by Nick Fury to combat the growing threat of terro...

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Nemesis is Here! (spoilers!) 0

My head is going to explode from the awesomeness!!! Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Nemesis is finally here!, and he is kicking @$$ and taking names! To start, for those who have never heard of Nemesis, he is a mixture of the the Batman and Joker, basically Nemesis goes from one city to the next and sets up shop with the local hoods to combat the greatest police officer/detective the region has to offer. We start off in Tokyo where Nemesis is finishing his endgame with the greatest detective in ...

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A story of biblical proportians 1

Sentry he has been many things: a man, a hero, a looney. However this issue just might surprise you, to who or what the sentry really is. The thing I really enjoyed about this issue is that it is all about the answers, and boy oh boy are they answers! perhaps the biggest answer is to who Osborn's secret weapon is, and it isn't quite who you would think it is...or is it?  Dark Avengers is probably THE marvel title that i am always excited to get my hands on, and issue 13 does not disappoint. Like...

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This comic is Gorgeous 1

So I was at my local comic store, picking up my new titles, when i stumbled upon Joe the barbarian. At first i was hesitant because of the reason that no Vertigo title currently going on has really grabbed my attention. I would never suspect that underneath a cover of a scrawny kid and his pet rat, would be a work of art! I was hooked and just had to add it to my stack. i went home and reread Joe the barbarian a three times before i was finally able to move onto my other comics. I didn't quite k...

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I liked it better when there were less mutants... 0

To be frank my attention and acceptance for the resurrection of dead characters in both Marvel and DC has been wearing thin. Yes Zombies are cool, super powered zombies are even better, but when it seems that Marvel and DC are taking us back to where we were in comics 10 or 20 years ago i have a problem with that. And No Wolverine does not appear in this book, despite him being on the cover. The X men and Inhabitants of Utopia are still fending off the attack of Selene's zombie cyborg mutants, C...

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Fallen Soldier 0

So far I have been really enjoying The Fall of The Hulks story arc. Now the thing i enjoy about this series other than the fact that it follows a character i am found of (Hulk), Is that It has no tie ins to the major going ons in Dark Reign, which is a nice break from the Bendis monopolized story titles, not to say i don't enjoy his writing, but it is nice to read something in the marvel universe that is written by someone else. And to be frank i never expected to enjoy this Hulk story as much a...

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