Top 100 supervillains (According to IGN.)

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Posted By Darth Paul

Very few that I don't recognize, so all in all a very good list that I can agree with.

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Posted By queenfrost_

Amanda Waller?

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Posted By humanfly26

cool, but why are there only 99?

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Posted By superboyrocks13
i gess some one became a good guy lol
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Posted By superboyrocks13

i love dat omni-man made ur list but hes a anit-hero
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Posted By doomsilver

this list is pretty cool
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Posted By Idea

Sabretooth is the 44th!!!

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Posted By Emperormeister734

huh i thought Megatron would make the list

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Posted By HombreMan

Joker must be Number 1

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Posted By The_Thunderer

Loki should be above Ra's, Megatron is at least top 50, and thanos should be higher

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Posted By ShootingNova

@The_Thunderer said:

Loki should be above Ra's, Megatron is at least top 50, and thanos should be higher

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Posted By pato1234567890

why is galactus on this list in the silver surfer series it says he is not good or evil

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Posted By blackadamFTW

How could Magneto be number one and how could Dark Phoenix be in the top ten?

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Posted By funnymanfish

@humanfly26 said:

cool, but why are there only 99?

He forgot number 44 who is Sabretooth

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Edited By Grimreapervegeta

Mandarin from Iron Man Armored Adventures animated series should be ranked no.1. To know about the powers of his Makluan rings and about him, visit the links given below -

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Posted By Matepool

Carnage is just 89...wonder how many people you need to kill to be on the top half.

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Posted By PunyParker


Hell no.

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Posted By Baron_von_Santa

lucifer Morningstar is neutral, he is not evil at all

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Posted By spideyKK

Venom and Norman Osborn/Green Goblin should be in the top 10 in my opinion.

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Posted By rod1949us

In all honesty Magneto really isn't a villain...more like Anti-hero. Same for Catwoman. Joker by far is #1. Based off this I assume this more of a popularity contest. Going by popularity this list make perfect sense.

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Posted By Eleup_o

Electro should be higher.

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Posted By gtheodosi

Zoom is in there twice....

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Edited By Arzix

ok they completely ruined this where the hell is trigon supermanprime eclipso harvest black manta atrocitus prometheus the crime syndicate time trapper nekron imperiex the hood vulcan morbius ultron chemo black mask guardians of the universe and lex luthor even here and some of these guys are neutral

seriously, ign...........................

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Posted By xDOOMGUYx

I think if Taskmaster was written better he could definitely been somewhere on this list

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Edited By Bats_Colony

Darkseid and Joker are my favorite super villains.

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Posted By Efficience

Carnage should be at least top 15. Also weather or not galactus is neutral he is considered a villain and being said he should be number 1 cause the super heroes could not stop him!

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Posted By Mr_Mcgovern91

How can general zod only be number 30?!! And bane at 33?!!!

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Posted By max11603

Why wasn't Doomsday in there sillys!

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Posted By shadyways

The list is cool. Some villains should be replaced or are in the wrong spot. However, there is only 99 villains instead of 100 and wtf is Dupe?

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Posted By shadyways

@max11603: lol he was in the list. Number 45.

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Posted By ConnorDorian

Nice list ,but Dr.Doom should have been above Joker.

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Posted By Moai

So top female supervillains would be

1. Catwoman 2. Mystique 3. Talia 4. Harley 5. Cassandra Nova 6. Amanda Waller 7. Poison Ivy 8. Cheetah 9. Lady Deathstrike 10. ...

I would exclude Catwoman and Waller because they are antiheroes. Where is Circe or Enchatress or Madame Hydra or Emarald Empress?