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Top 10 Batman enemies.

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  • He gives Batman a choice no one can ever make. He must either kill someone he considered his own son or let the criminal continue his rampage of crime.

  • The classic supervillain. Need I say more.

  • Someone who is just as smart and powerful as Batman is. Also one of the oldest and best fighter with a sword on the planet.Now that is an enemy that is worthy to fight the Batman.

  • An insane yet powerful mind who has an obsession with riddles. Just the right fit to match wits with Batman.

  • One of the richest men in Gotham City, he routinely sends out hired killers to do his dirty work for him.

  • Formerly one of Batman's best freinds, Harvey Dent is now one of the greatest villains to ever fight Batman. Like with Red Hood, Batman is stuck with his feelings of comradeship and villainy twoard his enemy.

  • He could be one of Batman's best freinds or worst enemies, depending on what mood he is in. The two have been known to help each other out on quite a few occasions but the two of them have also battled many times.

  • A beautifal seductress who controls plants. Beware of her toxic kisses. Need I say more.

  • While his intentions are good he is still one of Batman's most powerful enimies.

  • An insane man with fear gas that allows you to see your worst nightmare. That is a true test for the Btman's skill.