Hall of fame superheroes.

List items

  • The dark night. He really started the dark and mysterious trend for heroes heroes like Punisher and Rorscach.

  • The man of steel, the first superhero ever made. You would have to be stupid not to put him in a hall of fame of superheroes.

  • The fastest man alive, what more can you say. He started the now famous Flash legacy which has lived on for more than 60 years with others like Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen taking the throne.

  • The emerald warrior, he started the ever popular Green Lantern legacy which has lived on for more than 60 years with people like Hal Jordan, Guy Gardener, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart wearing the ring.

  • He began the new revolution of dark characters. I mean HOW COULD YOU NOT BE SCARED OF THIS?

  • The super soldier, he was killing Hitler and Nazis before we were even in the war. During the war he proved to be very succesful. Suprisingly he remains a legend even over 60 years after his birth.

  • The amazon princess, the most famous woman superhero ever who was ironicly created by a man. She stood for everything woman should be- strong, brave, intelligent, and fierce. She issued in a new era of comic book readers and women alike.

  • The boy wonder, the first real teen sidekick which became a major fad when people like Speedy, Aqualad, and Wondergirl joining his ranks. Even from his transformation from Robin to Nightwing, and Nightwing to Batman, readers have stuck by the first ever boy wonder.

  • One of the most popular superheroes ever created. He ushered in a new wave of readers. He had every problem teens did- girls, acne, school, and family.

  • The dog from Krypton. He created the fad of having a animal to help you out.