I fear not that I will die, but that all I have come to love will perish with me.

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Lancer's Inheritance - Diarmuid's Gifts

Tools of the Cursed Bloodline

Gáe Buidhe: The Golden Rose of Mortality

Gae Buidhe is a lance 1.4 metres in length (115 cm shaft, 25 cm blade) with an appearance as if it were made of solid gold. Once wielded by Diarmuid, it was one of his four treasured weapons, purported to inflict wounds that can never be healed, not by magic nor any other means save for one – wrapping the wound in a one-of-a-kind talisman cloth. Acting as a tourniquet, when the violet cloth is placed and then removed from an inflicted wound, healing is almost immediate. But without this specialised item, even shallow wounds made by the lance can become life-threatening. In a normal human, for example, even a seemingly shallow cut to the cheek would take a far worse toll than practical with any other weapon, and would eventually bleed out.

Gae Buide is equally effective on humans, demons and gods alike, including those designated immortal. Legends say Gae Buidhe was able to separate beings from immortality, though the means were never exactly understood even to its wielders. Some suggest a literal severing of any being from its state of immortality; others, a mortality curse so potent it could affect even gods and abstracts. Or perhaps a combination of the two. Many of these tales are hard to trace, however, as they were oft passed by word of mouth well before ever being written down.

Once the lance was located, Abigail set off with Vincent Harrow to retrieve Gae Buidhe from its resting place with the body of Fionn mac Cumhaill.

Gáe Buidhe (with the talisman cloth)
Gáe Buidhe (with the talisman cloth)

Gáe Dearg: The Crimson Rose of Sunderance (of Exorcism)

Gae Dearg is a lance measuring 2 metres in length (170 cm shaft, 30 cm blade). It's been said to appear as if it is made of a pure ruby, or perhaps the crystallised blood of some deity or other high power. Its primary property is called sunderance, wherein Gae Dearg will pierce, split, disrupt, or destroy any barrier its blade comes into contact with. Powerful telekinetic barriers, magical barriers and bounded fields, unorthodox elemental shields, and even those called unbreakable; any may fall before the Crimson Rose.

Gae Dearg also bears a defining secondary property, giving rise to its epithet, "The Crimson Rose of Exorcism." By its nature, Gae Dearg completely rejects all magic, and all forces and energies of a mystical or "unnatural" nature. All such forces are disrupted if not completely dissipated upon contact with the lance. This includes any enchantments one might attempt to place upon the weapon itself; as such, the source of Gae Dearg's esoteric power is known to very few individuals, but that source is surely something greater than magic.

Because of this property Gae Dearg renders mystic enchantments, attacks, projections and other enhancements useless. Inwardly it manifests on the lance as an inability to cast any enchantments, damage, or otherwise affect it through paranormal means; outwardly, on other objects, it would be well-said that the lance severs all ties between the stricken target and its power/energy source, whatever that may be. Or, in vice versa, an item or person acting as an energy source or connection would have all bonds severed from its recipients. This includes possession, telepathy, mind control, and possibly even mystically bound contracts, at the behest of the wielder. Armour or weapons made of pure ether may as well not exist at all when faced with Gae Dearg; it would pass right through - including the Priestess's armour. This is also true of enchantments or mystic properties inherent in other items. Enchanted steel becomes mundane steel (for as long as Gae Dearg's blade is in contact, and prolonged exposure may remove the enchantment permanently), a being boosted by an outside source (artifact, souls, etc.) can no longer derive power, and so on. Gae Dearg also acts effectively as a counter to attacks of a mystic nature by this same principle. An attack such as conjured fireball, stricken like any other target, would fizzle out; an opened portal would dissipate; and so on.

Gae Dearg poses a particularly increased risk to those deriving power from unorthodox energies within themselves. Exorcising their very own strength from their bodies, the lance could be used to drive demonic spirits out of a place or person, or to kill them. An enemy empowered by such forces as the lance counters can be struck even while in a state of intangibility.

When Abigail reunited with her mother after an absence of more than a year, Emilie was seen wielding the crimson lance, Gáe Dearg. She would later allow herself to be captured to facilitate a safe escape for her allies, but left the lance for ally Vincent Harrow to give to Abby, who still possesses it.

Gáe Dearg
Gáe Dearg