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Name: Abigail Aensland

Aliases: Arquitenens; Raysh Al Shaytan; The White Priestess; "Saint Aensland"

Titles (Affiliations): Head of Ambrose Foods (Avalon); Raysh al Shaytan (Head of the League of Shadows)

Identity: Public

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 136 lbs

Hair: Naturally Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Birthplace: London, England


Abigail Aensland was born to Atticus Aensland, a member of the Lords Temporal in the Parliament of the United Kingdom, and Emilie Aensland, a geneticist studying mutations. She grew up in a castle isolated on the outskirts of London, passed down with their wealth and investments through generations. She was raised almost in private, homeschooled and almost never in the public eye. She functioned as well as any other child or even better in most areas. She had a talent for many things and succeeded at most without trying very hard at all. But despite all that she could do, she never received much real attention from her parents, always wrapped up in their work. They were supportive and gave praise and acknowledgement, but mostly they were just distant, leaving her to be raised by a nanny.

Controversy hit when it was said Atticus was trying to help “draw up some kind of mutant-loving law,” and someone leaked a bit of Emilie’s research to the papers. People started to question. Why was he fighting so hard for this? Why were they kept secluded so much in a castle on the outskirts of London? Were any of them mutants?

Although there was fear, life went on as normally as possible, despite numerous threats through phone and mail. “Just don’t acknowledge it. All will be fine.” Those were her parents’ words. By no means was Abby sheltered from any of this. She was always told, mutant or not, if one supports them in any way, he or she will find trouble, and that is why it was ever-present in their lives.

But over time, things didn’t go away. All the ducking and dodging made it worse, and it all came to a head much more quickly than expected.

For Abigail’s tenth birthday, they were treated to a movie, followed by dinner. It turned out pretty well at first. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the movie, but on the way to the restaurant, trouble started. A few disgruntled citizens started up a verbal disturbance outside, but no harm was done. Everyone went inside and tried to enjoy themselves.

On the way out, there was a bit more trouble. There were more, but as usual, they simply moved on. Most of the belligerents moved on as well, save for a few, who continued to harass, spit and insult. They were no big deal, until one made a move on Emilie. Driven to anger, Atticus confronted the man directly, and they began fighting. In the scuffle, the man pulled a gun and shot him three times in the chest. All around, people started to panic, and in a fit of his own, he shot both of the girls too. Though she survived, Emilie suffered brain damage. Abigail went into shock, then cardiac arrest, and she had to be rushed to the hospital. In the end, she died, but they were able to revive her, and she later recovered, mostly. Atticus was not so lucky.

Through careful preparations in a will created beforehand, the estate and everything else was left to Emilie, but she was not properly functioning to a full extent, making Abigail the de facto head of the family at the age of ten.

Also with his will, he left her a letter, explaining a bit.

Dear Abby,

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. If you are reading this, it means I am no longer with you. I wrote this letter to try and explain things, or at least a few of them.

Generally, a mutation in the sense that most of the general public tends to think of it occurs with a special gene inherited that gifts one with extraordinary abilities. We’re not sure exactly where it comes from, but the search for answers is often one of the most exciting parts, no? The truth is, yes, I was a mutant, and so are you. But the nature of our mutation differs from most.

You see, I was born with the gift for manipulating probability fields, as was my father, and his father before that, and so on. With this, I was able to guarantee with almost 100% certainty that my only child, that’s you, would be a mutant too. You may have access to all of my books and, if she permits, which she should, your mother’s research notes, to help you learn more. I apologize for any trauma or trouble this has caused you, and in advance for that which it will cause you in the future. But I truly believed this to be the best course of action for you as a person, that you may be enlightened to the truth that most fail to see, and maybe even something more. But there I go, rambling on to you in a letter. But this probably adds up to twice of all that I could devote to you in life, hm? I truly am sorry for that.

Ask your mother about York, sometime.

Peace, love, and happiness,

Atticus Aensland.

Abigail kept the letter for a long time, as a memento, but later burned it, seeing it as incriminating evidence of the mutant situation within her family. In time, she grew to hate the fact, and to hate all mutants, until entering university. When she came of age, she left her mother with the aid of a caregiver and left to pursue higher education at Oxford University. With this came new perspectives, new people, and experiences. Most notably, an event in which a student discovered to be a shapeshifting mutant was jumped and beaten to death by his friends, witnessed by both Abigail and her room mate. Deeply upset by this, Abgail dropped out before completing a single year, partly out of fear of past controversies landing her in the same predicament. She moved back home and after a bit of contemplation, decided she would try and find some way to help.


Born a mutant, Abigail inherited the power of manipulating probability and latent reality warping capabilities as a direct result of her father’s meddling since before her birth. Though not totally effective all of the time, when in use, manipulation of hex spheres may cause strange phenomena to occur. These may be good or bad, and don’t always turn out as she intends, sometimes backfiring completely. The deeper her concentration level, the more certain it can be that she will obtain intended results.

Disuse through most of her lifetime has led to little experience or understanding, but they were apparently successful in subconsciously aiding her in childhood, thought responsible for both she and her mother surviving the incident that killed her father. Use of these abilities may also be affected by her physical or mental/emotional condition. Lack of training may lead to reflexive or otherwise inadvertent use. These effects are unpredictable, but may be harmful or beneficial; arrows have exploded before reaching intended targets, and alternatively, Abigail has directly charged lines of gunmen firing automatic weapons, managing to come out unscathed. Additionally, manifestations may occur naturally as the result of an aura-like bounded field encompassing her body. Because of this she has a natural resistance to interferential phenomena and effects, a potential counter to things such as other reality warpers, impairments, and other effects upon her body.

Unbeknownst to Abigail for most of her life, she is possessed of the blood of a witch descended from a special lineage, granting her amounts of yet untapped magical potential.

Heritage of the Witch

Timeless Myths

The Fenian cycle of Celtic mythology tells the story of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, the legendary warrior of the Fianna, foster son of Aonghus Óg. He is known for being skilled with sword and lance. Marked with what is called a "love spot," it was said that any woman who set eyes upon it would fall in love with him. This, legend tells, would prove to be his undoing.

Inexorably linked with the story of Diarmuid is Gráinne, daughter of the Cormac Mac Airt, high king of Ireland. Betrothed by her father to Fionn mac Cumhaill - leader of the Fianna, when he was already much older, Gráinne set her sights on one of his younger companions. She approached Diarmuid with a proposal to elope, but the hero rejected her advances out of loyalty to his friend and ally.

Even considered as myths, tales as old as these are inevitably subject to embellishment, alteration, or outright falsification; however, Gráinne’s character is always drawn with consistency. She was a shallow woman, wilful, ruthless and passionate, and what in modern terms would be described as a neurotic. None too pleased with Diarmuid's rejection, she placed a geis on the warrior that he must run away with her. Left without a choice, the reluctant hero obliged.

All including Diarmuid and Gráinne knew Fionn would pursue them, and he did. For sixteen years, though Diarmuid continued his adventures in spite of the chase.

Eventually, Aonghus Óg and Cormac Mac Airt persuaded Fionn to make peace with the young couple; however, the peace was uneasy, as Fionn still bore resentment of Diarmuid for taking away his bride.

Diarmuid's death was foreknown by most all who knew him, its cause and the circumstances leading up to it. The Fianna were hunting a magic boar that roamed through the forest near Tara. Resistant to his weapons, the beast left the hero with a mortal wound. It was said that water drank from Fionn's hands had the power of healing, and he was sent to a nearby river to fetch water for Diarmuid. Twice he let it run through his fingers before his own son Oisín and grandson Oscar threatened his life. But on his third return, Diarmuid had already died.

After his death, it is said Aonghus took his body to Brugh na Boinne, breathing life into him once more whenever he wished to speak with the hero.

Before he died, Gráinne had already bore Diarmuid four sons and a daughter.


Recorded as myth, many within an esoteric circle would suggest there to be degrees of truth to the tales. Abigail Aensland's own bloodline points to her as well as all in her mother's line as descendants of Diarmuid and the witch Gráinne. Abigail, however, remained unaware of that fact until she was already a full-grown woman. This does not entirely preclude her from experiencing or otherwise being subject to a number of effects, as heiress to the title, The White Priestess.

Blood of the priestess - A magical effect or not, Abigail possesses a blood-borne healing factor that allows her to recover from injury more quickly than the average human. Surprisingly, however, unlike most, she does not heal with any extreme notable rapidity, nor is it suggested that she could continuously recover from wounds that a normal person could not recover from. [Although she somehow revived after her heart was damaged, the scarring remains, and her mother who shares the same blood and many effects did not recover from the damage she sustained, save for the influence of outside forces (Charlemagne LeBeau).]

This effect's most worthwhile use is in fact in support of others. Abigail's blood, if transferred to an injured or ill individual, would allow the other person to recover much more quickly than normal, and could even help to recover seemingly irreparable damage. This ability is limited by the amount of blood Abby can transfer or survive losing. The effects of her blood on the undead or other "unholy" creatures would be very much the same - ancillary healing, rather than harm. Unfortunately this may have the effect of making her a more attractive target for vampires, bloodsucking demons, or other such persons/creatures.

Also unknown, perhaps related, an inborn family magic would allow Abigail an empathic healing ability. She could actively heal others, even without a blood transfer, through the use of prana within her own body. However, this would require Abby take their damage or affliction onto herself. Unlike most of her magic, this is completely inborn and is not tied to the biosphere.

Mana Flow - Inverse Expenditure: In most cases, when a magus uses magic, energy is poured from within a body (their own or some external source) into the world, channelled to achieve a particular effect. To achieve, there is a cost that depletes with more use, and magics become weaker. For Abigail, this is not so. The reasons are as of yet unknown, but the strength of her magic grows with use. For example if she were to cast numerous firebolts in succession, each successive blast would be stronger than the last. But while this may provide short-term benefit in a pinch, it isn't without dangers. Using magic greater than oneself comes at a great physical cost, and abusing this could quickly lead to averse effects not unlike overexertion using her powers by mutation, including bodily degredation and death.



Having practised since childhood (and in fact, she professes that her very first memory was of shooting a bow), archery, for Abigail, is not a hobby; it is a discipline and considered her most natural gift in life. Archery and training for it serves as the foundation for development in most matters pertaining to her natural and now more active lifestyle, including general fitness and health, and mental toughness. It helps builds core strength as well as overall upper-body strength. It's also good for toning.

After practising for so long, Abigail has developed a preternatural proficiency with the use of her bow and body in conjunction with one another. Previously, she had been able to shoot equally well with or without the use of her dominant eye, and using either hand to hold the bow or work the string. However, after a confrontation costing her left eye, the sharpness of her abilities has been called into question.

Stronger archery muscles developed over her lifetime allow her to use more powerful bows, which means she can shoot arrows farther and with more punch. Even alternating bows, or using an entirely new one, she possesses a natural aptitude for quickly learning to shoot instinctively with said bow. Her skill foregoes the need to take formal stances, use sights, or other aids to achieve full efficiency and accuracy, the experienced archer developing her own mental and physical techniques for compensating in various conditions, tempered with field experience as well as realistic field practise, with an understanding that rarely will there be adequate time to perfectly prepare a shot following normal conventions.

Physical/Mental conditioning

Even outside of actual shooting, Abigail regularly exercises to develop ability, skills and conditioning, constant training maintaining sharpness in as many areas as possible. As she has grown, she's focused extensively on developing endurance and stamina, improving resistance to problems like muscle fatigue.

Physically, Abigail has no posthuman enhancements. Born with natural physical abilities no greater than the average human being, she entered the fray with what capabilities she had at that point, suffering in part due to a pre-existing condition in the form of a weakened heart. Field experience as well as extensive training since then have allowed her to train her body to an impressive athletic proficiency. Regularly confronting physical superhumans, this has, over time, conditioned her not only physically, but as a quick thinker under pressure and in a multitude of stressful conditions.

As per her regimented training, among the stressed fundamentals is core muscle development, aiding with solid posture, adding support for extensive upper body activity, and further aid in solid balance and often neglected fundamentals like efficient running. Knowingly facing what she considers an uphill climb with her cardiovascular health, exacerbated at times by her mind, Abby trains for cardio as often as possible; every day, when circumstance allows. On most days out of the week, this training includes jogging, cycling, and/or swimming (with Alyssa, when available) and aims primarily for moderate exercise designed to raise heart rate less drastically, done over longer periods of time, rather than raising heart rate significantly for shorter periods, though the latter is included on designated days. Additionally, stretching exercises are designed to increase flexibility and range of motion, as well as help with regulating blood flow and reducing risk of injury when performing physically demanding tasks. Finally, all is complemented by a healthier, more balance diet adapted to the lifestyle she leads. Abigail has almost completely phased out those things considered "junk," or which otherwise provide little to no health benefits.

Archery fitness requires, perhaps above all else, a great amount of upper body strength in order to use the bow effectively. Think of the control it takes to pull back the string, hold it securely, and release in a smooth, consistent and controlled manner. Even the tiniest deviation, the smallest falter, can send the arrow far off target, especially at farther distances. Precision really matters, and the best way to achieve that precision with any consistency is by having full muscular control. Being successful at archery also requires the ability to focus and block out distraction as you prepare for your shot. Mentally sharp. Her mental strength allows her to find focus in a myriad of conditions and situations (though at times faltering in ways under sufficient stress), and endure immeasurable amounts of physical and mental torment atop a difficult battle with depression constantly over her lifetime.

A veteran of the Metahuman Civil War as well as the Venezuelan Civil War, and overall heroine, Abigail has been trained in fighting techniques during her time as a guerilla figher in Venezuela, as well as with the help of friends like Kelly Coltaine, Antonia Dain, and the League of Shadows. With the former wars, she learned mostly guerilla and dirty fighting tactics, basic principles, aiming for a "simple and effective" style (Krav Maga, for example). With the latter persons, she began to explore deeper intricacies of combat, and she is more than capable of applying things she's learned to self-defence and combat. Granted nigh unrestricted access to Avalon's main headquarters, and full access to Redwood Manor as well as the many locales of the League of Shadows, these facilities are of paramount importance in ensuring technique and conditioning not only stay properly maintained, but are constantly improving.


Telescopic Arrows
Telescopic Arrows

Abby uses a recurve bow and arrows, some with special attachments. Whilst trapped in Venezuela, she conceptualized a grade of telescopic arrows, stored in a smaller quiver at her leg, suitable for carrying a higher number than her former limit of fifteen. After fleeing the country, she had these put into actual production, sometimes carrying as much as thirty inside these cartridges, in addition to the fifteen on her back. In addition to these arrows, after her first bow was broken in a confrontation, she managed to unknowingly recover the nanite bow used by Kratesis during the attack on the HALO Corporation, but remained unaware of this fact for the duration of her possession. This bow was later stolen from her by Ivana Strigidae, though it was subsequently returned.

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Zythium Nano-Bow: Specially designed living zythium, each part painstakingly grown into whatever form was required. The cam system, limbs and riser are assembled in such a perfect fit there are no vibrations resulting in an almost completely silent bow, and virtually eliminating energy waste.

The poundage of the bow is truthfully better measured in tons. This is variable, controlled by the 'stiffness' of the limbs.

Several sensors are present upon the riser of the bow. These track air pressure, wind, gravity, the rotation of the earth, and even esoteric effects.

A small quantum computer is stored within the riser. It handles the basic tasks of selecting the poundage of the bows limbs and manages the data collected by the sensors.

Additionally it controls the assembly of the nano-arrows. Grown from living zythium, these nano-bots attach themselves to each other in the proper form to create whatever type of arrow is needed on demand.

After their function is performed they self destruct, breaking down into Nth energies, fading away into the universe's backdrop of random noise. This helps to prevent the capture and reverse engineering of her Zythium technologies.

Although her understanding of this particular bow's use is limited, she is effective enough to put it to good use.

Additionally, she sometimes wields a 16” dagger as well as a smaller 8” athame.

Neural-Optical Operated Computing System (NOOCS) - (May be pronounced "nooks.") A piece of Magitek designed by Abigail based in part on modifications to extant project designs by Antonia Dain. Miniature clear lenses adhere to the eyes like contact lenses. Through the eyes, they form a link to the entire brain initially via connection through the optic nerve to the chiasma and finally to the thalamus, whereby connectivity is spread throughout the rest of the brain, itself a biologically connected network.

The neural lenses receive and record data through the eyes. Features include such things as transparent (a la x-ray) vision, night vision, neural, biological, and other scans, and the ability to track a body by the atmospheric heat it leaves while moving through the air. Data may be fed to the user through the lense, but is also fed and filtered through a quantum computer in order to avoid overwhelming the wearer. May or may not be used to establish connection to Internet and Intranet systems via proxy. The established connection within the brain allows Abigail to control flow and perception of all information with her own thoughts, making it a handsfree device as well as allowing faster and more diverse operation. Additionally, they may serve as a defense mechanism, protecting the wearer from hypnotizing, mind control, and most other effects based on eye contact.

Independently designed Arrows

[Far from a comprehensive list, but some more orthodox types I felt the need to detail for future reference and ease of explaining.]

All of Abigail's arrows are made and customized personally for optimum performance for herself, with respect to material and stiffness, length, and a particular draw length and weight. Many are customized "trick" arrows designed with special attachments to suit a particular purpose other than traditional arrows. In addition to designs which have been circulated and used widespread by heroic archers, she also uses those of her own make and design, from original conceptual designs to branching designs stemming loosely from thoughts on pre-existing implements.

Hollow Point Arrows - Hollow point arrows act generally like hollow point bullets. Their modified design is intended for greater reliability than broadhead based arrows which may carry risks in things such as accuracy, penetration, durability, or even outright failure, depending on mechanical or fixed blade broadheads.

Made of an original nanocarbon of Arquitenens's own design, these arrows operate on a similar principle as the memory material popular in the glider-capes of many vigilantes. By running a charge through these materials, they snap into a previously held "memorized" shape. Abigail's hollow point arrows operate in the inverse. The charged arrow is released, and on impact the charge is deactivated. The arrow then flattens and spreads, mushrooming like a bullet inside the body, creating a wider area for its tracks and increasing the damage caused by shock waves and cavitation.

Kinetic Arrow - This arrow is intended for larger, more structurally sound, and overall more durable targets. Its head and shaft are crafted of an aluminium trion alloy, combining the durability and esoteric energetic properties of trion with the relatively lower spine (stiffness) of aluminium. [Because it is an alloy, it is not as durable as pure trion, nor does it store quite as much energy.]

A charge of pure kinetic energy is stored within the shaft and arrowhead. The instance it strikes its target, the arrow amplifies and discharges pure kinetic energy into the target. The charge is variable and may amount to a few ounces, pounds, or even a few tons, depending on how much energy is stored within the arrow and how fast the arrow is travelling just before it strikes.

Gel Arrow - Dealing more and more with enemies who may regenerate, after an encounter in Gothic City Abigail determined that traditional non-lethal methods were no longer fitting for every occasion, and even death is not one-size-fits-all.

A relatively simply designed arrow, the gel arrow adheres to any target on contact. The target is then coated in an experimental substance which spreads outward from the point of origin wherever there is space to grow. Its viscosity has been said not unlike gum on the bottom of a shoe. This is an understatement; the truth is the gel-like substance adheres closely to the subject on a molecular level.

The gel arrow was determined as necessary in lieu of the cryo arrow for a number of reasons. The first notable difference is that cryo arrows may be deflected harmlessly, while the gel arrow cannot. For instance, if one were to try to deflect the gel arrow with a sword, the substance would merely adhere to the sword and spread from there - to the body, if one is unable to react quickly enough, but nevertheless neutralizing the weapon. Against projectiles such as bullets or other arrows - assuming the velocity of the arrow is greater than that of the enemy projectile (possible with the nanite bow), the gel would simply engulf the agent and continue in its path. An additional advantage over solid-based "trap arrows" is its lack of simple destructibility. Bolas and nets may be cut, ice may be shattered, and a sufficiently powered enemy may even shatter concrete. Choosing a non-solid adhesive substance such as this allows it an extreme degree of tensile resistance and flexibility; an enemy may struggle, but like the insect in a web, they are trapped.

Arc Arrow - One of the most prevalent fantasies for aspiring range fighters is the ability to master the bank shot - that which involves a projectile ricochetting from one or more surfaces into a target. However, with the bow and arrow, attempting these shots is by and large impractical because they involve inertia. The sharper the angle, the more energy lost. Generally one can't make very extreme bank shots with bows because arrows are long and slender, unlike bullets which are short and fat.

The arc arrow is designed with a gravitational rebound mechanism, specified for ricochet. This mechanism allows the arrow to maintain its momentum even while rebounding from any number of surfaces until the direct hit has been made. Because it is new in nature, presumably the first of its kind, bank shots being inherently tricky to attempt, even an experienced archer attempting its use may struggle to grasp it at first. However, Abigail has done well to master this upon the debut of her new invention.

Additional capabilities: This is where the arc arrow gets its name. Activated remotely, this arrow is capable of generating an electromagnetic field as it travels through the air. Arcs of electricity follow the arrow as it travels through the air, If touched, they give a shock, these with varying degrees of intensity controlled by the same mechanism. These electrical arcs may then link up, and from this, spawn a hyperdense electromagnetic barrier, over which she may exercise an additional level of control, inside and out.

Hornet's Nest
Hornet's Nest

Hornet's Nest - A kind of nonlethal intended arrows mostly designated for crowd control and concussive disorientation effects, the hornet's nest works through a cartridge containing rubber pellets (and sometimes steel bearing balls, marbles, or other pieces of shrapnel for the posthuman target). After the arrow is fired, the package explodes, delivering the payload radially throughout the area. Pellets ricochet off of the surrounding area and create a disorienting chaos, making hornet's nests especially useful within confined spaces or for already chaotic situations, but dangerous even for the archer at close range. While there is no such thing as a totally safe shot, the use of rubber may make this option relatively safer for use against those with typical human durability and no advanced healing.

Transmutation Arrow - Controlled via remote device or, primarily, NOOCS lens and Magitek software interface. On contact with an object or surface, it creates an interface between the user and the target that allows the user to manipulate the subject's atomic structure. It allows the rearranging particles from as small as protons and electrons to the molecules themselves. Contact-area-of-effect may range from a small point only an atom thick to the entire surface and anything in direct contact. Transmutations make possible anything from strengthening the bonds and structure, fortifying, to weakening those bonds, making them more susceptible to breaking and decay, to shifting the very nature of the substance itself.

However, the latter is not unlimited in its capability. One cannot create something out of material that is not there. The atomic structure of the destination effect must be less than or equal to that of the initial structure. [i.e. a cup of water can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, but cannot be multiplied to fill a bowl of greater volume without drawing from surrounding sources; even then, additional sources would themselves have to be sufficient.] Additionally, if two substances have entirely different make-ups, one could not be made into another. A sheet of ice could not be made into a sheet of steel because the material is not there.

Transmutation Arrow - Transmogrify: An additional capability of transmutation arrows, when a target is struck Abigail could not only alter its composition, but alter its shape in more extreme ways. From the verb, which is to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect. A wall struck by an arrow peeling away, folding in on itself or developing protruding shapes; the ground erupts into columns; or armour that spikes inward on the person wearing it. Because of the nature of the arrow to change rather than damage or even necessarily pierce, durability of a substance is not a factor.

These arrows are favoured as some of her more versatile variants.

Smart-sonic Arrow - A variation of the sonic arrow that works differently than most. Typically, sonic arrows are used to project a radial shrill to cause harm to surrounding persons using their senses. Smart-sonic arrows work differently. They operate on principles of destructive interference.

All things exist as waves giving off a vibrating frequency, like sound; and like sound they have amplitudes, wavelengths, frequency, and pitch. When two waves meet, there can be two kinds of interference patterns. One such kind is destructive interference. Destructive interference occurs when two waves are out of phase.

Destructive Interference: Wave A and Wave B are out of phase.
Destructive Interference: Wave A and Wave B are out of phase.

In this case, the peaks and troughs of each wave cancel out those of the corresponding wave, diminishing it. If the corresponding waves are of matching amplitude, they cancel one another out completely, leaving nothing.

It is upon these fundamental principles Abigail has based the smart-sonic arrow. With the aid of a mutual connection in both Avalon and Gothic City, she has been granted the technology to imbue arrowheads with these properties.

Upon contact with a target, the arrow adheres to its surface via molecular bonding and an automatic monitoring-attack system in the arrowhead measures the frequency of the target. The arrowhead then discharges its own vibrations. These vibrations can be made to vary in phase or amplitude, but it is most often used as a corresponding counter-vibration, perfectly matching that of the target. This results in a perfectly silent waveform - in other words, destruction.

فانغ من الشيطان – The Devil's Fang

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The Devil's Fang is the name of Raysh al Shaytan's ceremonial talwar. Passed down through generations, this curved blade has been gifted to each who has ever held the title Raysh al Shaytan and is as much commemorative as the ring and the throne itself.

The grip of the talwar is cramped and the prominent disc of the pommel presses into the wrist if attempts are made to use it to cut like a conventional sabre. These features result in the hand having a very secure and rather inflexible hold on the weapon, enforcing the use of variations on the very effective draw cut. Like many of its kind, its blade widens toward the tip, increasing the momentum of the distal portion of the blade when it is swung. For this and other reasons, a blow struck by a skilled warrior comes with a practical guarantee that limbs will be amputated or persons decapitated. The Devil's Fang is also spiked at the pommel, allowing it to be used even in extreme close-quarters where the blade may be unavailable - a feature many swords do not have, granting it an additional advantage over many others.

Notably heavy, even more so than the typical talwar, the little-known secret to the Fang's endurance over many generations is that it is forged of true adamantium. Its blade is almost infinitely sharp and virtually indestructible as well. As such, while it is heavier than others of its kind, it is also more effective on a follow-through and carries more danger in a fight. However, because of its differences the Devil's Fang is considered a challenge even for many experienced swordsmen, and as such she could hardly have mastered it in the time since she was inaugurated.

The Devil's Fang was given to Nikademus when Abigail abdicated the title of Raysh al-Shaytan.

Aside from her bow and arrows, Abigail often makes use of customised combat gear designed and created with the help of Avalon scientists. This equipment is designed to maximise field utility with minimal compromise and consists of several parts.

Body armour

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From the onset it was determined that the armour should not compromise Abigail's movement in any way if it could be helped. Its materials are lightweight to this end. Her armour is both lightweight and maximally protective. It is comprised of two layers: an overlayer of dyed synthetic imitation spider silk for mobility and a standard degree of protection, and—the backbone of the armour serving most of its functions—an underlayer of a newly constructed theta trion weave made specially to serve in Abigail's armour, tailored to fit her physical form perfectly. This theta trion is even more costly to make than previously constructed varieties and its secrets are known to even fewer persons. It holds a number of other different properties as well. It is also one-of-a-kind; that which is used in Abigail's armour is the only theta trion recorded to exist.

The most commonly used form of Trion is the beta trion originally invented by Andres Knightfall. Traditionally fashioned into bladed weapons, it is nearly unbreakable and almost infinitely sharp in most constructions. Because theta trion only exists as an armoured weave, it doesn't measure in terms of sharpness nor does its durability include a measure of how "breakable" it is. But like beta trion, theta trion has energy absorbing and amplifying properties. Energy projected into the armour is absorbed by the underlayer. This makes it an ideal form of protection from many kinds of damage including blunt force, all kinds of ballistic weapons, and cutting from blades. It also absorbs the effects of all kinds of energy attacks, from the mundane (e.g. kinetic, thermal) to more exotic kinds (qi, magic, etc). Because trion absorbs incoming kinetic energy, there is no need for layers of ablation or other materials for trauma absorption. It is also made a natural insulator, protecting against threats from electricity and temperature variations, and it also protects against direct hits of radiation and chemical attacks; this removes the necessity for an additional insulation layer as well.

Another difference between trion's theta and beta varieties are their respective uses for stored energy and their means of energy release. Beta trion weapons store and amplify energy, and use that energy to enhance cutting power or otherwise release it in a destructive wave. Theta trion stores and amplifies energy but by default uses that energy to further enhance its durability. Thus, the more the armour is struck (or the harder it is struck), the more its bonds tighten and the more durable it becomes. This valued property would allow Abigail to survive direct strikes from all manner of enemies, no matter their abilities, strength and speed and force-exertion capabilities.

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The scientists at Magitek were happy to lend their expertise in the creation of such innovative equipment such as this. While the armour itself could be considered a piece of Magitek because of this, it was only another piece of equipment before Magitek was applied. These applications are primarily in temperature control measures. The armour is built in tune with Abigail's vitals and automatically senses details about her environment and internal body temperature. While external environment may vary, her internal temperature is kept within perfect normal ranges (plus or minus an acceptable standard deviation). But, should internal or external temperatures drop below a certain point, the armour is programmed to assume she has been frozen solid or is otherwise in a hostile cold environment. It then compensates by heating up internally and/or radiating heat outward. Should temperatures increase above a certain level, the armour is programmed to assume a hostile environment by heat and absorbs excess thermal energy directly and completely into itself, keeping her from harmful effects. The former process costs energy and requires energy to have been stored beforehand; the latter process requires no energy. The armour compensates directly in proportion to the needs as ascertained by Abigail's body and the environment. However, there is a limit to the ability of the outer layer to withstand degrees of heat and cold before breaking down.


These gloves cover her entire hand and run up the length of her arm, stopping midway up her bicep. Like archery gloves they provide a smooth covering to protect the archer's hands from stress and soreness of repeated firing and friction with the bowstring. And like other parts of her amour, they contain bits of theta trion. It comprises the fabric and provides a number of benefits.

Trion's energy amplifying capabilities are used in conjunction with firing, enhancing the energy channelled into arrows upon release, and thus the speed and force of the arrows. In synchrony with the nanite bow's enhanced capabilities her projectiles can fly much faster and farther than those of other archers and bows. The trion's energy absorption and projecting would even enable Abigail to use the nanite bow on its default setting (draw weight best measured in tons), greatly reducing the amount of work the muscles must do.

The gloves may also be used to administer electrical shock on contact (strength control variable with NOOCS–Magitek neural network), enhancing strikes or handiness in grappling. Shocks may be weak enough to stun but generally cause an accompanying temporary muscle paralysis, and may be powerful enough to affect even metahumans. Each of the knuckles is additionally reinforced with brass - an implemented idea borrowed from Antonia Dain's run as The Noir Rose.

A final supplementary implement of these gloves is a molecular bonding mechanism by which, on contact with any surface, the molecules of the gloves attach themselves to the surface, bonding at an atomic level. This lets her adhere to the surface essentially as if she (or rather, the gloves) and the surface have become one.


Abigail's boots are also made largely of trion. Theta trion underlaid beneath a modified (more durable) rubber maintains a significant degree of flexibility and protection. However beta trion plates rest in the toe of each boot, providing an extra kick in addition to protection. Trion's energy absorbing properties would allow Abigail to fall from greater heights without injury [though it should be noted sufficiently dangerous falls still carry the dangers of inertia], and its energy amplifying/projecting properties would allow her to kick "harder" for the same amount of mass and speed/acceleration by transferring amplified kinetic energy through a boot. Multi-layered inner soles and top-to-bottom design made to cater to Abby's unique foot structure and leg muscles ensure maximum comfort and facilitation of proper movement. Also, like her gloves, Abigail's boots are made with a molecular bonding implement.

The Priestess's Armour

The Priestess's Armour
The Priestess's Armour

Along with her inheritance the Priestess is bestowed with a set of sacred armour. Not entirely physical, the armour is called into being by channelling her inner mana, constructed of some unknown material (usually some metal). Its appearance is based largely on the mental state of its summoner and may vary drastically from any one time to another. One of its chief benefits is the fact it can be summoned instantly onto one's body at any time, allowing for instant protection at any time and bypassing the need to carry the extra weight around when it isn't needed. However, the armour must be supplied with energy from the wielder, and when the wielder has no more the armour gets weaker and eventually fades. With Abigail it isn't so. Because of the nature of her power (her energy grows, power gets stronger the more it is used), her armour is hardly short on supply once it is properly established. The only limitation, then, lies in her physical self.

For virtually the entire tradition of the bloodline, the Priestess' armour was noted for its ability to provide a natural resistance against magic and other mystical effects. Abigail has learned to take this power even further. Under the guidance of her mother, using her father's power she was able to attune it to her trion weave suit so that she may be able to channel those properties through the armour she summons.

Its special makeup means the armour of the priestess can only be repaired through specialised means. Once damaged, it can only be repaired by proper additional flooding of mana into the armour to fill the broken spots. Any attempt to mend in another way wouldn't work, and would actually cause an unnatural deterioration in the armour as a whole over time, until it is restored properly.

Since reuniting with her mother and learning of this lineage, she is also in possession of a crimson lance by the name of Gáe Dearg, once belonging to Diarmuid.


Lack of focus may cause unintended and potentially harmful results when using powers.

Overexertion with powers may lead to physiological problems such as headaches and feelings of sickness and nausea, or, prolonged, death.

She suffers from cardiac issues since an accident that took place as a child; a gunshot wound which miraculously healed after a brief touch with death, but left Abigail with scarring on her heart. Because of this she is not as effective as she would otherwise be. Although some suspect all lingering effects are only in her head, and if she were to get over it and actively try, she would be perfectly fine.