Serenity - Origins: chapter 1 (my getting back into writing!)

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Serenity - Origins: chapter 1

It was early in the morning, the sun had only begun to rise over the city when a car with three inside pulled up to the ACIAP (Asgard City International Air Port).

They had just arrived at the airport when he was spotted; an elderly Asian, mid 70's, waiting out front. In his hands he held a piece of poster board with the Chinese character "" written in black marker.

"There he is" the woman in the passenger seat said.

"Of course the old man would be wide awake this early in the morning" her father remarked "Other old people are fast asleep, and there he is defying the norm with his impeccable timing"

"Your father, dear, and you did tell him that we'd be here by 4-ish"

"Yes, but I didn't, though should have seen it coming, expect that he'd be here before us"

The car was stopped a few feet from the elderly man and at once the passenger door opened, revealing a beautiful young woman at the age of 19; her straight black hair down to her lower back, her height at 5'7 with her weight at 120 lbs. Her name: Serenity Marilyn Chen.

"Ni hao, grandpa" she said as she hugged him.

"Ni hao, 'Jing".

After her bags had been removed from the family car and the "hellos" had been exchanged she gave her parents her goodbyes, leaving with her grandfather to catch their flight.

"Serenity!" her mother called out, "I'll just tell Harmony that you said good-bye!"

Serenity, turned to face her mother while walking backwards: "Don't bother, if she's too busy to come see off her own sister, then that means that she's mine to harass later!"

"So, how was high school? Ready to go back yet?" He asked with a playful smile.

"Oh no, I'm done with that for good; I am free for a while and I want to use that freedom up as much as possible!" She replied boastfully.

"And that means spending it with your grandfather on an island in China?" He chuckled "I figured a young lady would want to go out with her friends and get into trouble"

"Not all 'young ladies' have martial arts masters who have their own islands for grandfathers, now do they? And besides, I really didn't have a better alternative at home"

He paused for a bit as she kept on walking "...So that means no boys then? I see..."

She whipped around, blushing slightly "NO, no, I just...I never really met anyone I cared to know better is all"

He raised his head, taken aback some by this "YOU couldn't find a man? Ji, there should be LINES of them asking for your hand!"

Serenity's face only grew more blushed "Grandpa, stop! You're going to draw a crowd!"

"Good! Then maybe we'll find you a man!"

"GRANDPA!" she laughed as she pleaded.

"Alright, alright, I'm done."

"Thank you"

"...But you do know that there won't be any boys on the island, right?"


Sometime had passed and their plane had finally come in, it was when they had finally been nestled into their seats that Grandpa Chen's memory kicked in.

"Oooooh, I had completely forgotten!" he face-palmed in remorse "Serenity, you'll be having company with you!"

"Company? Huh, these wouldn't happen to be 'the boys' that you said weren't going to be there?"

"Nonono, just one person, another girl, your age I think".

Serenity's interest sparked; "Have you met her yet? Is she on the island already? Name? What's her name?"

He responded in a deep sigh "Uhhhhh, let's see...She shouldn't be on the island already, but if she is, then...well, she is then. I have not met her, but I spoke with her father, and her name is...Catherine? Ashley? No, no, it's...Ah! I can't remember!"

Serenity reclined back into her seat. "Well, let's hope that things aren't too awkward when we do meet her; I think I should be the one to ask first, save you the embarrassment"

"Jing', at my age I don't worry about embarrassment anymore".

They arrived in Hong Kong sometime in the evening, then from there they finished their trek to grandpa Chen's island (in between mainland China and the Dongsha Islands) through boat.

"Someday I'd like to have my own island" Serenity commented in humor and in slight confession.

"Well, if you become world renowned and play smart with your money, then perhaps you'll get one"

"Oooor, you could give me this one"

The old man caught on to the gag: "Why? Just can't keep patient enough for me to die you need it now?"

"What? No! I..." She smirked her lips and replied "Old man, you're going to outlive me anyway, so there really is no point in me asking for this one!"

All he could do was laugh.

The island wasn't too big - one could go completely around it in a span of an hour or so - and fairly colonized with lush vegetation. In a short walk up a stone path they reached Grandpa Chen's home; a large house with predominantly Japanese fixings blended in with Chinese elements (appropriate given that he had it constructed to accommodate the tastes of his late wife).

Two hours or so had passed when the expected guest had arrived at the manor's door: she stood about as tall as Serenity, maybe an inch or so more; her hair was scruffy, short at neck-length and a deep red; her eyes were a bright blue and her face was slightly and softly freckled. Accompanying her was a tall gentleman in a suit.

"Ah! You've finally made it! I'm sure that your flight was pleasant?" Grandpa Chen asked.

The suited man, not expecting conversation, responded "Oh, um, it was fine, not my favorite way of traveling though"

Grandpa Chen cocked his head slightly in puzzlement: "Your voice sounds different on the phone"

The suited man paused for a moment with the young woman's luggage in hand, then caught on "Oh! That was Mr. Miller you were talking to, I'm just hired on to make sure she got here safely! Now, if you'd excuse me so I could put these down inside..."

"Oh, sure, go right in, I'll show you to her room".

As the two men left inside, Serenity went up to meet her fellow guest. She extended her hand and greeted her with "Hi there, my name is Serenity". The young lady looked at her with slight uneasiness. Serenity quickly recoiled her hand to undo the discomforting greeting and pursed her lips in sheepish embarrassment. "I, uh, sorry about that".

The red-haired lass relaxed a bit and met Serenity's advance: "Don't be, I'm just...a tad nervous is all".

"New to Kung Fu? Because my grandpa could take things slow for you if you--"

"No, no, I'm not new to it at all"

"Oh! Then why so nervous?"

"I've got anxiety issues with meeting new people and going new places; easily overcome, just not in an instant"

"I see, I see..."

There was a brief silence before the young red-head caught on. In a burst of openness, she exclaimed "Ah! What am I doing?! I haven't even given you my name yet! Here I am just standing around like some...'Ashley', the name's 'Ashley".

"Hm, so much for being nervous" Serenity replied with a smirk.

Ashley smiled and retorted "That was all out nervousness, what're you talking about?"

The two shared a laugh as the sun set into dusk.

They went inside just as the suited man was heading out; Serenity caught up to her grandfather before Ashley got inside and told him "You were right, her name is 'Ashley". To that, the old man chuckled at himself. The suited man at the same time stopped and checked with Ashley to see if there was anything else he could do before he went back to her father, but she insisted that there was nothing. With his leaving, Grandpa Chen commented "Hmph, I was expecting the father" under his breath. Ashley caught what he said, however; "My father's in China on business, no time to take off his schedule to make sure I get here safely" she replied with a hint of disgruntlement. Grandpa Chen looked at her; "...That's...disappointing"

Serenity, attempting to prevent any sort tension, replied: "Grandpa..."

But Ashley seemed unbothered by his comment however, and merely replied "It's business, and I'm an adult anyway; I don't him holding my hand wherever I go".

Grandpa Chen looked at her, then followed up with a change of subject.

"Well ladies, you might want to go get your things situated in your rooms, I'll get to making dinner". As he went off into the kitchen area, he added "And just so you know, Ms...Ashley," He said as he tried to hide the fact that he forgot her name "we'll be starting off with our training first thing tomorrow morning".

She nodded in understanding, and as she watched the elder go into the kitchen she turned to Serenity and smiled: "You had to remind him of my name, didn't you?

Serenity nodded and smiled.


An Aronmorales Art Update (Loooooooooooooooong over due).

 Still can't decide on a background color.
 Still can't decide on a background color.
 Bat's armor I custom made.
 Bat's armor I custom made.
 Of all my own heroine's, she's the most
 Of all my own heroine's, she's the most "ripped".
 Watching "Ren & Stimpy" when I drew these; gotta love the pause button.
 This is a (somewhat) colored OC of mine, Spectacular! (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the name).
 This is a (somewhat) colored OC of mine, Spectacular! (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the name).
 Testing my hand at a more
 Testing my hand at a more "casual" scene.
 Did this in Colorado.
 Did this in Colorado.
 For a friend of a friend.
 For a friend of a friend.
 More Spectacular!
 More Spectacular!
 Having played MK9, I wanted to try and
 Having played MK9, I wanted to try and "MK" out one of my own.
 A sketch for a bigger piece I haven't got to yet.
 A sketch for a bigger piece I haven't got to yet.
 Two other OC's of mine, Raed & Serenity.
 Two other OC's of mine, Raed & Serenity.
 Another CO piece.
 Another CO piece.

Strange Stories, Amazing Facts.

I've been wanting to share with the Comicvine community some stories I found in what might be the most interesting book in exsistance. 
This book is a collection of tales that may, or may not be, true, but are no doubt interesting. 
Tonight I will share a story withyou from the book; hopefully it entertains. 

The Other Man In An Iron Mask.

Could a man walk around the world without showing his face? It was one of those idle questions that arose when members of London's National Sporting Club were gathered together after a good lunch in 1907. John Pierpont Morgan, the American millionaire, and the sporting peer, Lord Lonsdale, were arguing. Lonsdale said it could be done; Morgan said it could not. 
The argument resulted in a wager equivalent to $100,000, and all that was needed was someone to attempt the feat. In that same company, was Harry Bensley, a 31-year-old playboy with an annual income of 
£  5  ,000 from investments in Russia. He wanted to get away from the tedium of club life -- and offered his services. 
A stiff set of rules was drawn up, the main one being that, like the character in Alexandre Dumas' novel
The Man in the Iron Mask, Bensley would wear an Iron Mask at all times. In addition, he would push a baby carriage, set out with £ 1 in his pocket, and take nothing but a change of underwear.

He had to pass through a specified number of British towns and 125 in 18 other countries. He also had to find a wife on his journey, who was not to see his face; and to finance himself, he would sell picture postcards. To ensure that he kept to the rules, a paid escourt was to accompany him.

Harry set out on January 1, 1908. Wearing a 4-and-a-half pound Iron Helmet and pushing a 200-pound spindly-wheeled baby carriage, he left Trafalgar Square amid cheering crowds.

At Newmarket Races he met Edward VII, and sold him a postcard for £ 5. The amused King asked for an autograph, but this would have revealed his identity, known only to his backers, so Harry had to refuse. 
At Bexleyheath, Kent, a zealous policeman arrested him for selling postcards without a license. Harry appeared in court wearing his Mask, and the angry magistrate ordered him to remove it. But when the wager was explained to him, the magistrate allowed Harry to be charged as "The Man in the Iron Mask", and only fined him a small amount of money. 
Harry Bensley spent six years pushing his carriage across 12 countries, passing through New York, MOntreal, and Sydney. Two hundred offers of marriage poured in, some from titled ladies, but Harry declined them all. 
In August 1914 he arrived in Genoa, Italy, with only six more countries to visit. But the first World War had broken out, and as a patriotic young man he felt he had to join the British forces. The bet was called off. Harry was given a consolation prize that amounted to $20,000, which he gave to charity.

He was one of the lucky ones who survived the war, but in 1917 his fortunes suffered a blow. His investments were lost in the Russian Revolution, and he was penniless. He died in 1956, in a one-room apartment in Brighton.

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Hmm, what to blog 'bout today?

I've wanted to do a blog for a while, but I just couldn't think of anything...worthwhile to talk about. 
well, now I say "screw it", and here I am. 
"So hello friends" Would be a good way to start off I suppose, "what's new?"
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  Hi, this is chapter one (and so far the only chapter complete) of a story of mine. The characters are OC's of mine (and my brother), although more won't show up till later.
Please tell me what you think so far, I'm going to start the second one in...
5 minutes.




“It was a quite one that day, save for the singing of the local birds and the noise made by the livestock; relatively quite. Mother was preparing something, I think; it was either for me or for dinner. Father had just come inside from the fields and wanted something to drink…I can never remember what it is in his hand…anyway, he gives mother a kiss and comes over to see me in my crib; his face changes from clean to filthy ever time I see him…he leaves my side and goes to sit down at our small table, and before it all goes white, the last thing I see is mother standing over my crib smiling…”

*End Log*.

“And it happens every time…”

The young woman leaves her desk with a disgruntled sigh, stroking her long black hair behind her right ear. This would be the umpteenth time she has written in her log book about the same dream, and each time getting nowhere. Noticing the time, she leaves the confined space of her personal quarters and heads down stairs to the lobby.

“Hello Nate, how are you?”

The albino in shades gives a mock-irritated smirk.

“What have I told you ‘bout Nate? You know I hate it.”

“Of course I know, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have said it now would I?”

Giving a brief pause, he changes the subject.

“So, same dream again?”

“Ugh, YES!

“Get anywhere?”


“Bummer, I was really hoping you would, that way we’d stop talking about it.”

“Oh? And what would we talk about then?”

Anything” He says with a sigh.

She smiles.

“So, what’s new?”

“Same-old, same-old; I broke up a mugging last night, but that was the only action I got

Last night. Things are starting to get too quite around here, that or I’m never around when the…well, you know, hits the fan.”

“Quite is good Nathan, it means that people don’t have to be afraid of walking the streets at night.”

“I know, but still…”

He is cut off by the ringing of her phone; business call.

“Hello, Abigail Manley speaking…oh yes, we’re still on for Thursday…alright Mr. Borough, bye.”

 “Business plans?”

“Yes, just business.”

“Ah, you could tell me if you were seeing some body, I’m your friend, I think I should-“

JUST business.”

“Okay, okay…so what’s new?”

“Didn’t you already ask me that?”

“Nnnnnnnnahhiii don’t think so.”

“I’ve got a meeting with, well you heard on the phone, and aside from that…nothing really.”

Ms. Manley, head of Manley Tech corp., has nothing new going on in her life?”

“Nothing you’d consider interesting.”

He leans in close to where his eyes would meet hers if they weren’t blocked by the sunglasses.

“…Try me.”

She gives a small chuckle, and takes a deep breath.

“I was watching the news-“

Cutting her off, “Oh great, the news, we all know what happens when you watch-“

Now cutting him off, “I WAS WATCHING THE NEWS…”

He quiets down.

“Thank you, I was watching the news, and, well, you know well enough of what is going on in the world, and I started thinking…”

“That the world sucks?”

“No, that the world needs something.”

He sighs and rolls his eyes, “Don’t say heroes, it’s already got those.”

“But it doesn’t have an organized community of heroes.”

You mean like a team? ‘Cause the world already has those too.”

“Yes, but nothing the people really count on. The responds mainly to U.N. matters, and the Planetaries?”

Those guys.”

“Yes, well “those guys” are only involved when the Gods want them to.”

Muttering to himself, “Never liked those guys, even when I thought they were myth.”

“Who? The Planetaries?”

“No, the Greek Gods.”

“Oh, well anyway, the world doesn’t have-“

“And doesn’t need one.”

“Oh? And you think this because?”

“All of the world’s heroes are fine on their own, how many disasters have been avoided because of some cape’s single action?”

“How many more could be avoided if he teamed up with more?”

He shut up for that last one.

“Look Nathan, I’m not sure why you think heroes are better off alone, but I do know that a lot of people wouldn’t agree with you. Tell me, you aren’t afraid of not seeing any “action” are you? You aren’t afraid of someone pushing you out of your turf, are you? You aren’t-“

“All right, all RIGHT, I just don’t want people to start expecting everyone to join in on a team, we know Midknight works better alone.”

She gives him a raised brow.

“Umm, except for those rare occasions.”

“Right, whatever, if that’s how you want to be about it, then I won’t ask you to join.”

“I wasn’t gonna join anyway.”

“You would’ve liked it.”

She starts walking away towards a group of men in suits.

“So, I’ll see you again tomorrow?”

While she is still walking away,



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