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Carnage, The Crazy Symbiote

Carnage is considered one the most insane characters of history.
 Carnage destroys Hollywood
 Carnage destroys Hollywood
But what if someone else apart from Venom, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Spider face him. without doubt he/she will experiment the madness of Carnage.  

Carnage vs Cardcaptors 

just imagine one beautiful day in Tomoeda ( Sakura's Hometown) and then appears the red nightmare himself: Carnage. He came to this town to lure Venom through destroying it, and torturing people. Sakura and her friends appear to face him,
 Sakura vs Carnage
 Sakura vs Carnage
but even though she can control everything, Carnage, that has the ability to see from every part from his body, avoids being attacked by the clow cards.  
Even though Carnage is winning, Venom shows up just in time to help the cardcaptors. 

After a crushing battle with Carnage, Venom temporally transfer his symbiote to a wounded Sakura so she could fight Carnage easier, and beat him. After being wounded by Sakura with Venom-suit, Carnage flees just to lead his enemies to a deadly trap. Sakura, Syaoran, Meiling, Keroberos, Yue, and Venom (Now rebonded with his symbiote) arrives where Carnage is, just to see that he has a extremely powerful sonic blaster, which he got from Alistair Smythe, and he's about to use it kill all of them with it.  
He activate the blaster to its maximum power, and shoots a very strong sonic attack. Fortunately Sakura use her mirror card just in to reflect the sonics back to Carnage. Because it cannot stand against intense sound, the Carnage symbiote leaves Kasady, but promise him the it will back to him to get their revenge.  
Even though Carnage loses in this battle, the cardcaptors must have been experimented the real madness through fighting Carnage.

Spider-Man Returns to his Action-era

 I am really tired of this drama-era of Spider-Man. What's wrong with this guys, the Action-era was so and they got to replace it with this motherfucking drama.
These are some ideas I got to make to make Spider-Man go back to his Action-era, this time forever.
The Attack of Spider-Venom
Peter is tired that the people treat him as a criminal, while Osborn takes control of the superhero business. Then through all that he wish never be separated from the Venom symbiote. The symbiote sense this and leaves Gargan to reunite with its first love. Once they rebonded they form Spider-Venom, and fighting and destroying Osborn's legacy. This Spider-Venom is essentially the Black Spider-Man with a Venom mouth and clawed fingers. Then Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock) listened the news and goes stop spider-venom.

Peter Parker as Spider-Venom (here he has not mouth)
Peter Parker as Spider-Venom (here he has not mouth)
Spider-Venom finds Osborn ask him to say "I'm sorry" but Osborn denies it and spider-venom is prepared to kill him when Anti-Venom interferes and they got fierce battle. Anti-Venom wins. 
Venom Returns
After their battle, a piece of the Venom symbiote jumps to Anti-Venom and due it take some of Peter's white blood cells, it merged with the white symbiote and turns Eddie into Venom again.  
Eddie yells because he thought that he became a monster again, but realized that the symbiote has been purified from its negative by the anti-venom symbiote, and they are merged, the new two-minded symbiote can switch between the Venom and Anti-Venom forms.
Venom and Anti-Venom are the same guy: Eddie Brock
Venom and Anti-Venom are the same guy: Eddie Brock
Then the Venom symbiote in Spider-Man leaves him and return to Gargan, and then Spidey and Venom/Anti-Venom team-up to fight him. Spider-Man and Venom/Anti-venom won.
The Return of Carnage
After months of being on space, Carnage makes his way to go back to Earth to get his revenge.
After he was ripped by Sentry, he was found by Mephisto and offered him new abilities. Then Kasady sells him his soul, and the symbiote gains new powers, and abilities: now it was completely immune to sounds and heat, and also gain the ability to teleport itself wherever it wanted, ETC.
Spider-Man and Venom fight Carnage just like the old times
Spider-Man and Venom fight Carnage just like the old times
Then he returns to Earth to get on the ones that defeated him. He found Spider-Man and Venom/Anti-Venom and fight them. But he was interested on Eddie's new perfect symbiote and wish to absorb it. But Spidey and Eddie defeated despite his new powers. Carnage then abandons the battle and say that Sentry is the main course. Later Spider-Man goes crazy due Osborn's cure while he was bonded with the other venom symbiote. Venom knock him and seek the advice of Doctor Strange to him, to repay all what he did to him when he hated him.
Venom and the Land of the Lost Ones
Eddie seek out the advice of Reed Richards to help Peter, but this one tells him that the chemical had been disintegrated and Peter is now going crazy, and there's nothing to do to save from his madness.
Venom fights an evil Spider-Man in the Land of the Lost Ones
Venom fights an evil Spider-Man in the Land of the Lost Ones

But Eddie don't give up and seek out the advice of Doctor Strange. Strange told him that the only way to save Peter, is to remembering him who really is. Then he gave him a crystal to teleport him to the Land of the Lost Ones. This place is a dimension where lives everyone that had died, and have been lost in the time. Venom/Anti-Venom goes there but he had to face the demons the were guarding the gate. venom beat them and enters to the most amazing world he ever seen. The was by things that once lived on Earth but they die or were lost in time, Including dinosaurs. Venom then had to get 3 people from there, to make peter remember who really is. He take Gwen Stacy, and Ben Reilly, he later finds uncle Ben, but this one says that peter don't need him anymore, that he has now a very valuable friend that is now trying to help him. Eddie then takes the Mary Jane Watson that had been lost in time in the "One More Day" story arc. Then they return safely to Earth, and help peter remember who is. Peter was amazed by seeing both Ben (as Scarlet Spider) and Gwen alive, and Mary remembering that he's Spider-Man. Then Peter thanks Eddie for helping him, this says that it was the only thing he can do to repay him, for all what he done to him in the past. Now there is a problem, now there are two Mary Jane Watson's. 
The Return of the Scarlet Spider

 Time later, Peter and Ben try to rebuild their past when they are attacked by Kaine and they take on their superhero identities to face him. Successfully defeat him,

Guess Who's Back!
Guess Who's Back!

but Kaine was just a bait prepare for Osborn to lead them to a trap, he could not believe that Ben Reilly still alive, and wanted both to destroy them (as Green Goblin) by himself. Fortunately the two spider-heroes figured out how to defeat him... and that's exactly what they did. Then the Scarlet Spider rejoined the New Warriors, but just him, but also Spider-Man and Venom/Anti-Venom joined the team to finally stop Osborn and put to his reign once and for all.
The Encounter Between Universes/Spider-Man Meets Ultimate Spider-Man/Revelations 

 Once the New Warriors rejoined, they prepare to attack Osborn's headquarters to stop his reign.


Symbiotes: Friends or Foes?

I think symbiotes are not evil, they just reacting to their hosts' emotions. Venom was just reacting to Brock's thoughts and emotions toward Spider-Man when it bonded with him. Carnage reacted to Kasady's desire of kill people, that's exactly what the symbiote done along him. Toxin reacted to Mulligan's desire of protect innocent people, thinking he is cop, that's how became into one few heroic symbiotes on the marvel universe. 
The symbiotes are psychic, and can communicate with their hosts if they or their host want. When they bond with a host they gain all its memories, thoughts, and emotions, example: Venom gain the hatred that Eddie Brock felt for Spider-Man when it bonded with him, Carnage became insane when it bonded with Kasady 'cause of his desire to kill, Toxin became a hero when it bonded with Mulligan because he's a police officer. 
Many years ago Galactus ate one of the planets where symbiotes were living when they they came to that dimension, fortunately the symbiotes survived but they were left with a trauma that gave origin to the weaknesses against high vibrations and strong heat. The symbiotes are really scared by that, not harmed. 
In one point carnage bond with the silver surfer and made him attack people. That's because when a symbiote separates from its host it cleans up the negative emotions but stayed with it's host's memories and thoughts. But  'cause the trauma originate on its ancestors, the carnage symbiote would take more time to completely clean up the negative emotions within it, and when it bonded with silver surfer Kasady's evil desires and emotions were automatically transmitted along with his memories through carnage and take control of both of them. On other hand Kasady's memories could be transmitted to surfer's mind and automatically experienced all his bad life making him react to it and attack people. when silver surfer separate from the symbiote, he forgot all the bad experience he lived when he was bonded with it. That demonstrates if a symbiote bonds with someone that can't control its emotions, and if the symbiote cannot clean-up the negative emotions of a previous host (altogether with the memories) that emotions will take him/her over and will believe is that host once that has experience its memories, and will began to do that the previous host used to do. That same happened to Ben Reilly when he bonded with carnage and Spider-Carnage. 
A host can control and communicate with its symbiote when it's calm and can control its mind and emotions. Brock could almost control the venom symbiote because he was nearly calm and could control his emotions. A symbiote can amplify that emotions and desires 10 times. That can turn the host too insane that makes for impossible the symbiote take control of the mind of the host and his emotions and instead that evil emotions take control of both of them.  
The symbiotes have no intention to harm people, they just being manipulated by their hosts or any other being who wants to use their power for evil purposes. 
The trauma caused by Galactus in the symbiotes make they lose some control of his mind powers. That caused that the symbiotes couldn't purify their hosts' desires and emotions, causing all the madness in that specific group of symbiotes.  
Marvel Comics altered some characteristics of the symbiotes to make look bad, and make think people that  that are parasitic and evil and I don't agreed with that.

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