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... Why? 4

Why would DC approve anything about this book?honestly, I read it cause i expected it to be hilariously bad, it wasnt, it was honestly a horrible experience.first of all I havent read Catwoman lately,because it sucks, but i know about this plot about Gotham having an underground city, and i do think is a cool idea, but without actually knowing any details about it I got lost instantly on this comic regarding that concept as almost all of this comic takes place on that setting. because apparently...

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Utter Garbage 5

This issue of Batgirl marks two things. One is the end of the arc with James Jr and the second one is the return of Gail Simone to the title after being fired and subsequently unfired from it.There are several ways to see this issue on so many angles it just fails completely.One of the most important facts here is that Gail Simone had pushed this story since issue #5 with the return of Barbara Sr and James Jr. However the last 2 issues were written by Ray Fawkes, as a result this entire arc does...

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Not a good start 0

This will be the first issue of newest writer Christy Marx on this book. I really like Marx's writing in Sword of Sorcery, its just full of ideas and original content that is very easy to be fascinated by the world she created herself, so this first issue has been nothing short of a disappointment.One thing to notice is that Christy took this gig in fairly controversial circumstances that much likely didnt gave her enough time to work on this script but it doesnt come as a justification of the q...

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Into the Dead Zone(not the TV show) 0

Geoff johns continues with the final arc of his epic 9 year long run in Green Lantern, at this point Johns himself have become a synonymous of Green Lantern comics and if this issue is an indication of anything is that Johns plans to end a very high note.The Dead ZoneThe issue spends most of the time in the Dead Zone where Simon Baz encounters Hal and Sinestro as they talk and analyze their options to get out of there, the dialog is good as expected since Johns has written this characters for so...

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OMFG Batgirl is actually not bad 13

This was good, its the first time i can genuinely say that about batgirl, this was just goodthere are 2 things that stuck with me while opening the first pages100% Ray Fawkesthe first thing i notice reading this book is that Gail Simone's name is nowhere on it, not to say that i didnt knew that she wasnt writing the book but i was under the impresion that she at least plotted this, however she is literally not listed as plotter(which if that was the case she would had been listed), do you know w...

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Barbara Gordon is CRAZY! 8

Ever since Batgirl #1 one of the traits of Barbara Gordon in the new 52 is that she suffers a condition call PTSD which forces her to pretty much take really weird turns into the character, lets remember Barbara Gordon has eidetic memory which means that she will never ever forget of what happen to her in The new Killing Joke and she will never get over it in a sense that makes her satisfied, she will keep remember.I mention this cause this is by far the most unpleasant portray of Barbara Gordon...

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The new MUTE girl in town 4

well first i need to see I really liked the art here, its very stylized and good looking on most of the tiem, the only problem seem to be Catwoman face, but the image of the city, the buildings and backgrounds is just amazing, but overall this is an artist i want to see again soonthen the writing, the issue starts with Batgirl fighting a bunch of guys in skimasks in a building on fire, she kicks their asses why she thinks of them as poor homeless ppl that are just victims of the circumstances an...

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Death of writing 5

is this the worst issue of the series?no, issue 8 still has that honorbut there are just some things that are just amazing to seethis single issue is the synthesis of all that is the entire book, its just the model for it, bad plotting terrible dialog and a psychotic villain ith a paperthin motivationClarisse's backstoryI read it very carefully and 3 times just to be sure that i understood itand you know what?the Mirror no longer has the crappiest backstory in this Clarisse had pretty mu...

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The Worst single comic in DCnU history 1

I just really cannot believe DC publish thisI understand that Liefeld said he had problems with the editor Brian Smith, but this had to be backwards, its the editors that had to have problems with Liefeldthere is a ton of problems with this bookfirst of allThe continuity makes absolutely no senseit not only makes no sense with the Higgin's Deathstroke run and it makes no sense with Team 7 #0 which came the same week but most importantly it makes no sense on itselfthe concept of time doesnt exist...

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the new origin 0

Batgirl #0 is simple, Batgirl goes to the GCPD learns about Batman, then a criminal escapes he stops him and we get some details of her time as batgirl, and thats it its a very simple story but it has several problemsThe first half of the comic is dullit is far the worst of the series but its just ordinary and averagefor one the villain of Harry X is the funniest caricature of a villain in the book so far, and that's saying a lot, all his dialog is just hilarious, but i dont think its meant to b...

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