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Lethal Ladies

A list of some of the deadliest ladies in comics.

List items

  • Currently ranked as the best Martial Artist in the DCU. Originally the only language that she knew was violence. She is so tough she gives Batman a run for his money.

  • A character so bad that Batman has never beat her fairly one-on-one. A martial artist so dedicated that she kills all her instructors. So far the only person she can't consistently beat is her own daughter (and Batman but we covered this already).

  • She's been alive since World War II. She was one of Russia's best spies until she defected to the US. Natasha Romanov (Natalia Romanoff) has earned the name and reputation that proceeds her.

  • She's the person that was hired to replace Nick Fury as Director of SHIELD, need I say more?

  • Natasha's successor scores higher than her (on paper) but neither have ever truly beaten the other. Yelena was thought killed after she was turned into a Super Adaptoid but recently she was revealed to be in the possession of Norman Osborn.

  • Dinah is a superb fighter and one of the higher ranked fighters in the DCU. While not in Lady Shiva or Batman's league, she is a tough number none the less.

  • Madame Masque is the daughter of a crimelord and the former girlfriend (ok, one of many) of Tony Stark. Whitney Frost is dangerous with a capital D!

  • She is the daughter of the Red Skull. Little more need be said.

  • One of the baddest ladies in the Marvel Univerise. The only thing keeping her from a higher spot is that pesky little blotch on her record... she died once.

  • A former SHIELD Agent, Bobbi Moore-Barton is a master combatant that has earned her place on the Avengers many times over.