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Girl Power

A list of the most powerful women in comics

List items

  • The second strongest in the DCU takes the top spot on the Girl Power list.

  • A Kryptonian from Earth 2, Karen (Kara) is older thus stronger (and bustier) than her New Earth counterpart.

  • The younger (biologically) cousin of Superman, Supergirl is a teen with extaordinary powers.

  • One of the strongest Avengers (hence her being Rogue's Prime Target in her bad girl days), Carol has had several looks and several identities but none the less is one of Marvel's strongest ladies.

  • Rogue's power to absorb the abilities of anyone she touches makes her an omega level threat, however she currently only has her baseline absorbing power, no longer retaining any other abilities.

  • The cousin to the Hulk makes the top 5. While she does not suffer from multiple personality disorders of male Gamma Beings (Jeph Loeb's words) she is none the less easily the strongest women in the Marvel Universe. As the Vision found out in Avengers Disassembled, don't make Jen Mad!!!

  • The wife of Bruce (Hulk) Banner, Betty was "killed" by the Abomination to revenge himself upon the Hulk (as he could never beat his foe). The Leader and his group revived her and turned her into the Red She-Hulk.

  • Hailing from an alternate reality Earth, this Superwoman is a member of the CSA: Crime Syndicate of America.

  • As the daughter of Zeus, Cassie is a Demi-god and thus stronger than many others.

  • Sister of Diana and (sometimes) Goddess of the Moon, Donna is one of the strongest in the DCU.

  • A member of the Strontian Race, she is a first cousin of the Imperial Guardsman Gladiator.

  • The Anti-Heroine known as Moonstone (currently Ms Marvel) is equal to Carol in powers but as Carol knows how to defeat Karla now, the edge goes to Carol.

  • The Daughter of the Incredible Hulk & Thundra, Lyra hails from a possible future but now resides in the contemporary Marvel Universe (Earth 616). A strong women unless she gets mad, upon which she (get this) actually gets weaker.

  • Mother of Lyra and the strongest woman of her era.

  • Formerly a weakling, Titania took up Doom's offer to become super powered. She is the She-Hulks nemesis.

  • As a Daxamite Andromeda has all of the powers of a Kryptonian under a yellow sun but is allergic to lead.

  • Kryptonian

  • Swordmaiden of Asgard

  • New God

  • Kryptonian Flamebird (New Krypton Story)

  • Superwoman (New Krypton Story)

  • When she utters the word SHAZAM Mary Batson becomes Mary Marvel. Gifted with the Strength of Hercules, she rivals Kryptonians in power.

    Currently depowered by the Wizard Shazam.

  • Originally an unimpressive girl in stature, Caitlin's life changed upon manifesting her Gen Factor powers.

  • Mutant

  • A member of the Bana Sect of the Amazon's of Themyscira. Grace served as the Outsiders muscle.

  • The youngest (not counting Hope Summers) of the "198" remaining mutants on earth, Molly is a very strong little girl. Just ask Frank Castle.

  • She is the Queen of Hell, if that doesn't scream powerful, what does?

  • A fiery temper to match her powers, Kori easily makes the Top 10.