Welcome to Gotham City!

Some of the various sights and locations in and around Gotham City.

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  • Current home of Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Converted from an old animal shelter. Sold to them by the Broker.

  • Area called Park Row, but nicknamed 'Crime Alley', is a bad part of Gotham where the Waynes met their end.

  • The house of madness where Gotham's criminaly insane and/or meta-human prisoners end up. The actuall location seems to move everytime it gets rebuilt. Sometimes on Arkham Island, sometimes in the city itself.

  • Where those criminals not judged insane end up. Located on Blackgate Island.

  • Wayne family home.

  • The cave under Wayne Manor where The Batman operates from.

  • Alternative Batcave located under Wayne Enterprise in the city.

  • Bruce's city residence, Located on top of the Wayne Building. In later years, Dick moved in when he became Batman.

  • Landmark of Gotham, this building belongs to and is the main headqauters of the Wayne Enterprises company.

  • Famous Gotham nightclub used both by unsuspecting Gothamites as well as its criminal element. Run by Oswald 'The Penguin' Cobblepot.

  • In some incarnations, the Joker's accident takes place here.

  • The original base for Oracle (Barbara Gordon) and her Birds of Prey. It was destroyed during the events of "War Games".

  • The new Base for Oracle and the Birds of Prey (and now Batman,Inc.), converted from one of Ted Kord's (Blue Beetle II)company buildings.

  • Technically not within the city limits, but close enough. The swamp seems to have supernatural properties, and is the birth place of Solomon Grundy.