Just started reading A feast for crows, goodbye easter this is what my weekend will be about

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Loki shows his true colours. 0

The final part of the main story of this Young avengers stint and the shocks keep coming form the surprising twist at the end of the last issue, how will the Young Avengers react? And more importantly, how will they stop Mother?The GoodTo start off I would like to congratulate Jamie Mckelvie on his art through out his run on the book, he is able to give us great detail on the characters and still able to keep this amount of detail in the big spreads of the battles between the young heroes and t...

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Oa's death 0

After the destruction of the power battery last issue. We see the repercussions of Relic's assault on Oa and how the lanterns try to escape.The GoodI am enjoying the story throughout this mini event and this issue just continues the good and enjoyable story form the last issue. The writing continues to impress and the scene with the lanterns led by John Stewart leading a charge against Relic was a great scene, and the lanterns even hurting Relic was an enjoyable. Hal finally taking charge of th...

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Relic strikes 0

Relic the big bad in the last few issues of green lantern: new guardians finally strikes against Oa and the Green lantern corps. With so much build up can Vendetti and co. live up to the expectation?the goodTo begin with I want to give some well deserved credit to Billy Tan for his art since he started on this title and he isn't given enough credit, and since I was not a fan of his art in New Avengers, his art has a nice finish and he draws the wide range of aliens in the corps very well.Vendet...

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The fall of Shadow land. 0

Allot happened in this issue form the d├ębut of the new costume and the fall of shadow land, we also see that spider man now has an army, which is all huge developments but was the actual issue any good?the good I am a real fan of the new spider-man costume which first appears in this issue and seeing it in action as spider-man taking out hand ninjas was very nice to see, all of the costume just screams out awesome so I had to give a few points for the costume.It was nice to see that Shadow lan...

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War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3

This series is just getting better and better, many might think that it is slow at the start of the series but I would disagree and now that Mike Deadto has joined it is just a better series.The GoodJonathan Hickman is one of the best writers around and seeing him put together an epic storyline like this one is just blissful to behold, now with the help form such artists as Steve Epting or Mike Deadto it is just an amazing series and issue after issue is great.The issue bounces around a bit, bu...

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Uncanny Awesome more like. 2

I loved this issue from beginning to end, with the Apocalypse twins plan beginning to unfold as they raise the four horsemen of death and dispute starts between the team.The Good The issue starts with a dream of Logan's, it involves a brief appearance form Archangel and the abbaca version of Evan, it was very nice to see appearances from "dead" characters and even better to see that wolverine is still getting over Daken's death and blames himself for not taking a different course of action.Ric...

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