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Predictions for 2014

The title says it all I'm just listing my predictions for this coming year.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I think that with the coming film we will see some big changes in the comics, for example Venom joining and Captain Marvel we should see some more interesting stories dealing with the characters enemies. We should see some sort of explanation of how Thanos and Starlord are alive and hopefully the return of Richard Rider to comics.

Concerning the film I think it could be the surprise success of the year and will be a better film than Captain America and only loosing out to Godzilla in the film business, after seeing the SDCC preview I'm very hopeful for the film and hopefully we will see the introduction of Richard Rider at the end of the film.

Original Sin

The next marvel event, I have some high hopes for this apart form I have lost all faith in Jason Aaron but then he surprised me with Thor God of Thunder so this could go either way and with art form Mike Deadto it should be a fun read and it focusing on Nick Fury it should be good.

Moon Knight

The most anticipated All new Marvel Now title for me and I have very high hopes for this one with allot of twists and turns through out the series.

Anniversary year for DC

The next year is filled with anniversaries for DC, Hal Jordan's 55th anniversary, Batman's 75th, 20 years since Zero Hour and Hal's death and 10 sine his rebirth, 30 years since Dick Grayson became Nightwing and 10 years since Sue Dinby's death in identity crisis. With all of these anniversaries will should see some anniversary issues, a whole ton of them over in the bat family.

We should see some big changes in the Green Lantern side of things to honour the first appearance of the modern "space police" Green Lantern and of course we should see some kind of Nightwing anniversary.

So all in all a big year of anniversaries in the bat side of comics

Game of Thrones

As an avid watcher and reader of the franchise I am very excited for season 4 starting in March. But I have concerns about how slow the writing is and if the TV show takes over George R.R. Martin in the coming years, but this year expect more twists and turns and hopefully a new book.

Grant Morrison

Last Year two Morrison titles, that were announced for DC, never made it two the shelves in our comic shops they were multiversity and Wonder Woman Earth One, they simply disappeared. Because they both looked like great titles I hope we see them hit the shelves in the coming year.

DC's September

For the last three years DC have done something new and different every September, New 52, zero month and Villain Month, the latter being arguably the least successful. But what will they do in 2014? With the rumours of 5 years later materialising into futures end, a weekly series, I wonder what we will see this September. I hope that we still have the 5 years later and at the moment that seems the most likely suggestion.

The Wake

After seeing the first 5 issues and being blown away, and being told that they are only a prelude to the second part and the future glimpses we have being seeing are actually the main story line I for one think this is one of the must get titles of 2014

Image still dominating

For the past 5 years image have had unexpected growth and with the recent image comic expo we should expect some awesome new titles and a 6th year of unexpected growth.

With annoucements like Low, the great beyond, Nameless, C.O.W.L and many more made by some of the industries best, Remender, Morrison, Sepncer, Kirktman, Higgins, Snyder, Fraction and many more I strongly believe that Image will join marvel and DC at the head of the business and might even take them over.

The sift from film to TV to expand

With announcements like the flash, Iron fist, Daredevil, Luke cage, Defenders and more and more films being announced I strongly believe that these new films we lead into more TV show spin-offs, whether for good of for bad expect more TV show announcements that will shock, like Hourman. I for one would love to see a Doctor Fate show.

Announcements on the new Mass Effect

With N7 day this year revealing some new pictures of Bio-ware developing a new game I expect some announcements on what it's about and who will be filling the role of Shepard in the new game.


After seeing the trailer for the New Godzilla movie I was blown away and decided that this will beat any other film this year, the trailer looked great and I can't wait for another trailer and the film itself, this is the must see film of the year for me and it should be for you too.

That's it form me viners.

What are your predictions for the coming year.