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Cloud Atlas: Review and what do you guys think.

Just the other day I got out the blu-ray edition of Cloud Atlas and watched it, it is such a great film, save that for the review.

so I decided to to do a write up review on comic vine and see what comic vines views are on the movie.

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The cast was surprisingly famous with actors and actresses such as:

Tom Hanks

Halley Berry

Hugo Weaving

Huge Grant

With actors like these the film was really helped.


The film as a whole is a bit punchy with a total running time of 172 minutes, this could put some people off but it really has to be this long to interweave all six stories. The stories are all connected by the shooting star scar on all the main characters in each story but also with little connections, like the main one is the same character appears twice in two stories. This was a nice touch nearly my favourite part of the logistics of the film, but the best part was that the same actors appeared as different characters in each story, and no surprise that reincarnation is part of the mythos of the story.

Some times the jumping between stories can seem a bit sudden, such as we are only in one story for a couple of minutes before we move on, but looking back it does work. With great one liners and speeches, my favourite "what is the ocean but a multitude of droplets?".

Another nice bit with the actors playing different characters is that Hugo Weaving always played a bad guy.

Sometimes in the story based "106 years after the fall" you can't really understand what Tom Hanks is saying but it isn't that bad so that you can't get the general idea of what he's saying. The Timeline of stories is really enjoyable:

  • 19 hundreds
  • mid 1930's
  • 1971
  • 2012
  • 2147
  • 106 years after the fall.

It is really fun seeing the same locations and links from story to story.

Halley Berry and Tom Hanks were stand out performances, trying to fit into different roles for example in one story Tom Hanks is the ship doctor trying to kill a rich man on board in another he is a scientist. They really stood out as accomplished actors and actresses.

My favourite story is well I cant decide I loved all the stories.

I would highly recommend this film and I would give it a:

4.5 out of 5

every week from now on I will review a film or just do a review when I'm bored.