Just started reading A feast for crows, goodbye easter this is what my weekend will be about

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Goodbye Comic Vine, thank you for showing me that everything isn't so bad.

It's been a while since I last posted on here, or even joined in any meaningful discussion on a message board, so although I have been gone in a sense for a while I just needed to write a proper goodbye to something that has been a huge part of the formative years of my life.

Over the past year or so I've come to realise a few things; firstly that comics are stupid, and secondly that this stupidity of costumed crusaders battling villains in some hyper fantasised setting, is what makes this medium so great. Comics have helped me through some really tough times in my life. The idea of a super powered teen having the same problems I did was something that helped an overweight pre-pubesant thirteen year old through the first year of a new school where I didn't really fit in. In that same year I had some personal losses which at the time I didn't think bothered me, but looking back they really shook me to my very core and challenged my opinion of what I thought of myself. As I've crawled my way back from that deep low point in my life, where I suffered from some mild depression, comics have fallen by the wayside, I of course kept up a healthy pull list but going to the store or buying them online didn't seem as important as it once did.

Now before someone takes this the wrong way and says that I'm making out the all comic book readers are sad, fat depressives. I'm not, I was a sad, fat, depressive but comics are for everyone, hence the popularity on the big screen and at Hollywood block busters. I think comics are great, but for me I feel that now I'm 'better' they don't have a part in my life any more.

As I've said comics were one of the few things that I enjoyed in life and comic vine was a huge part of that. In 'the vine' I found a collective of like minded, hugely friendly (for the most part) and supportive people, in which I could always find a place to join in a discussion or voice my opinions. And I wish to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for helping me see that not everything was bad. It's not just the amazing community that I wish to thank but also the amazing people who run this site and fill it with top notch content from the old video reviews, that would help me decide what I was going to bye that week, or the best stuff in comics sections that I would always watch/read.

But as they say all good things must come to an end, and the amazing second home that comic vine has given me is one which I know must leave. I find myself wanting to do other things than read a comic, going out with my friends or to parties are the highlights of my life now not the monthly exploits of Invincible or Batman.

As such I've decided to call it quits on comic books and this amazing place that so many of us call home, but first a couple of thank yous to people on here who helped me through such a time;

@flazam: Someone who was once a dear, dear friend of mine. We have lost contact recently, I'm not even sure if your still active on here, but if you do see this I just want to say thanks for everything and bye 'robin'

@battle_forum_junkie @ccraft @themanintheshoe The three of you along with flazam formed part of a group where I could always come with questions or just to have a conversation, thanks guys.

And that's about that I suppose, way longer than I intended it too be but it was something I had to get off my chest instead of just shutting down my account. Maybe I just like the idea of ceremony.

But any way, Ciao, Adíos, Au revoir, see ya.

Goodbye Comic Vine

And thanks for everything.

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Predictions for 2014

The title says it all I'm just listing my predictions for this coming year.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I think that with the coming film we will see some big changes in the comics, for example Venom joining and Captain Marvel we should see some more interesting stories dealing with the characters enemies. We should see some sort of explanation of how Thanos and Starlord are alive and hopefully the return of Richard Rider to comics.

Concerning the film I think it could be the surprise success of the year and will be a better film than Captain America and only loosing out to Godzilla in the film business, after seeing the SDCC preview I'm very hopeful for the film and hopefully we will see the introduction of Richard Rider at the end of the film.

Original Sin

The next marvel event, I have some high hopes for this apart form I have lost all faith in Jason Aaron but then he surprised me with Thor God of Thunder so this could go either way and with art form Mike Deadto it should be a fun read and it focusing on Nick Fury it should be good.

Moon Knight

The most anticipated All new Marvel Now title for me and I have very high hopes for this one with allot of twists and turns through out the series.

Anniversary year for DC

The next year is filled with anniversaries for DC, Hal Jordan's 55th anniversary, Batman's 75th, 20 years since Zero Hour and Hal's death and 10 sine his rebirth, 30 years since Dick Grayson became Nightwing and 10 years since Sue Dinby's death in identity crisis. With all of these anniversaries will should see some anniversary issues, a whole ton of them over in the bat family.

We should see some big changes in the Green Lantern side of things to honour the first appearance of the modern "space police" Green Lantern and of course we should see some kind of Nightwing anniversary.

So all in all a big year of anniversaries in the bat side of comics

Game of Thrones

As an avid watcher and reader of the franchise I am very excited for season 4 starting in March. But I have concerns about how slow the writing is and if the TV show takes over George R.R. Martin in the coming years, but this year expect more twists and turns and hopefully a new book.

Grant Morrison

Last Year two Morrison titles, that were announced for DC, never made it two the shelves in our comic shops they were multiversity and Wonder Woman Earth One, they simply disappeared. Because they both looked like great titles I hope we see them hit the shelves in the coming year.

DC's September

For the last three years DC have done something new and different every September, New 52, zero month and Villain Month, the latter being arguably the least successful. But what will they do in 2014? With the rumours of 5 years later materialising into futures end, a weekly series, I wonder what we will see this September. I hope that we still have the 5 years later and at the moment that seems the most likely suggestion.

The Wake

After seeing the first 5 issues and being blown away, and being told that they are only a prelude to the second part and the future glimpses we have being seeing are actually the main story line I for one think this is one of the must get titles of 2014

Image still dominating

For the past 5 years image have had unexpected growth and with the recent image comic expo we should expect some awesome new titles and a 6th year of unexpected growth.

With annoucements like Low, the great beyond, Nameless, C.O.W.L and many more made by some of the industries best, Remender, Morrison, Sepncer, Kirktman, Higgins, Snyder, Fraction and many more I strongly believe that Image will join marvel and DC at the head of the business and might even take them over.

The sift from film to TV to expand

With announcements like the flash, Iron fist, Daredevil, Luke cage, Defenders and more and more films being announced I strongly believe that these new films we lead into more TV show spin-offs, whether for good of for bad expect more TV show announcements that will shock, like Hourman. I for one would love to see a Doctor Fate show.

Announcements on the new Mass Effect

With N7 day this year revealing some new pictures of Bio-ware developing a new game I expect some announcements on what it's about and who will be filling the role of Shepard in the new game.


After seeing the trailer for the New Godzilla movie I was blown away and decided that this will beat any other film this year, the trailer looked great and I can't wait for another trailer and the film itself, this is the must see film of the year for me and it should be for you too.

That's it form me viners.

What are your predictions for the coming year.


Nearly everything that Marvel has done recently is copied from the Earth X trilogy.

I was just reading through the Earth X trilogy and I saw allot of similarities between the two.


people being turned into Inhumans from a bomb, very similar
people being turned into Inhumans from a bomb, very similar

The most obvious example must this one. In both stories a bomb is set off that releases the Terrigen Mists into the air and mutates the population, yes in Earth X the whole population of the planet is mutated but the concept is still taken form the original story line.

In Earth X the mists are released in to the air by Black Bolt, because Inhumans are entering the world and Black Bolt fears that they will not survive in the harsh human environment so he creates the Earth an Inhuman environment, so he does it for his people.

In Infinity/ Inhumanity the bomb is set off by Black Bolt to, stop Thanos and reveal his son but as Maximus tells us it was to usher in a new Inhuman age, so for his people.

In both Ideas Black Bolt releases the Terrigen mists through a bomb for his people and the Earth's population is mutated.

Iceman's Powers are explored to it's full potential

Iceman takes on the red Hulk in multiple forms
Iceman takes on the red Hulk in multiple forms

In Earth X created a city of ice in the north pole and we really see how powerful he really is, he is also pinicle in the defence of the Human a a Torch in new York.

In the current marvel Iceman can make multiple forms of himself, giant versions of himself, he takes on the Hulk he even freezes hell over.

Loki a hero?

Earth X Loki is responsible for stopping Absorbing man and helps Doctor Strange and Thor
Earth X Loki is responsible for stopping Absorbing man and helps Doctor Strange and Thor
Loki with the Young Avengers
Loki with the Young Avengers

In Earth X Loki Is almost a hero he helps the child version of Captain Marvel stop Absorbing man form destroying Earth's heroes and New York, he stops Strange for being killed properly and helps Strange in his search for Clea. He even offers himself to death instead of Thor.

In the, excellent, Young Avengers in the Marvel Now line Loki is a key member of the Young Avengers and is pinnacle in stopping Mother form invading Earth.

Storm and Black Panther

Just that, to my knowledge, they were first married in this.

What are your views viners?

Any that I missed?


Cloud Atlas: Review and what do you guys think.

Just the other day I got out the blu-ray edition of Cloud Atlas and watched it, it is such a great film, save that for the review.

so I decided to to do a write up review on comic vine and see what comic vines views are on the movie.

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The cast was surprisingly famous with actors and actresses such as:

Tom Hanks

Halley Berry

Hugo Weaving

Huge Grant

With actors like these the film was really helped.


The film as a whole is a bit punchy with a total running time of 172 minutes, this could put some people off but it really has to be this long to interweave all six stories. The stories are all connected by the shooting star scar on all the main characters in each story but also with little connections, like the main one is the same character appears twice in two stories. This was a nice touch nearly my favourite part of the logistics of the film, but the best part was that the same actors appeared as different characters in each story, and no surprise that reincarnation is part of the mythos of the story.

Some times the jumping between stories can seem a bit sudden, such as we are only in one story for a couple of minutes before we move on, but looking back it does work. With great one liners and speeches, my favourite "what is the ocean but a multitude of droplets?".

Another nice bit with the actors playing different characters is that Hugo Weaving always played a bad guy.

Sometimes in the story based "106 years after the fall" you can't really understand what Tom Hanks is saying but it isn't that bad so that you can't get the general idea of what he's saying. The Timeline of stories is really enjoyable:

  • 19 hundreds
  • mid 1930's
  • 1971
  • 2012
  • 2147
  • 106 years after the fall.

It is really fun seeing the same locations and links from story to story.

Halley Berry and Tom Hanks were stand out performances, trying to fit into different roles for example in one story Tom Hanks is the ship doctor trying to kill a rich man on board in another he is a scientist. They really stood out as accomplished actors and actresses.

My favourite story is well I cant decide I loved all the stories.

I would highly recommend this film and I would give it a:

4.5 out of 5

every week from now on I will review a film or just do a review when I'm bored.


rate that film out of 10

thanks to @flazam for the idea from his rate that character out of 10.

so the title says it all rate the film out of 10 and if the their average is over 7 they are into the next round.

let's starts with a favourite of mine:



marvel reboot

this is just my idea for a marvel reboot its not finished but its a start


WRITER: Rick Remender

PENCILS: Lenil Francis Yu

CHARTERS: Black Panther, Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Hawkeye, scarlet witch, beast.

STORY: The avengers come to gather in a world unaware of heroes when the time travelling villain Kang the conqueror threatens earth’s safety. Based six years in the past the origin of the greatest team of heroes is here.


WRITER: Jonathan Hickman

PENCILS: Jim lee

CHARTERS: Luke cage, captain Britain, hank Pym, quicksilver, doctor strange, ms.marvel, Spiderwoman

STORY: The new avengers are a team of heroes put to gathered by the government to protect the U.S.A from threats. The government pulls the strings of this team find out the story of a team of heroes unaware of who their working for.


WRITER: Dan Slott

PENCILS: Brett Booth



WRITER: Greg Pak

PENCILS: David finch

STORY: who is Bruce banner? What is project hulk? What is the mystery behind Betty Ross’ disappearance? Where is the planet sakarr? And who is the man with the eye patch? Based seven years in the past this is where it all began.


WRITER: Daniel Way

PENCIL: Ed McGuiness

STORY: Richard Rider is normal guy, or is he? What happens when a helmet of cosmic proportion called worldmind and has to protect the world from an unknown mystery, based 5 years in the past.


WRITER: Brain Bendis

PENCIL: Bryan Hitch

CHARTERS: Nova, Quassar, Rocket Racoon, Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon, starlord, major victory, silver surfer, Ronan the accuser

STORY: The universe has always coped under the protection of nova corps but what happens when the cosmic warlord annhuilus brings on an annihilation wave the universe needs more than the nova corps. Based 4 years in the past, 2 years after the formation of the avengers.


WRITER: Mark Waid

PENCILS: John Cassady

CHARTERS: Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Fantomex,



WRITER: Jonathan Hickman

PENCILS: Steve Mcniven

STORY: Steve Rogers has survived World War 2 but can he survive the 21st century and all the threats it posses like a crazed Nazi scientist, his partner from world war two and a lingering doubt and disbelief in heroes, based seven years in the past this is where it begins.


WRITER: Daniel Way

PENCILS: paco medina



WRITER: Brain Bendis

PENCILS: Oliver Copiel

STORY: Mutants are only just starting to appear around the globe, even then they are hated and feared Charles Xavier is one of the world’s first mutants, read his story as he encounters Erik lansher, James howlett, king Namor of Atlantis, Moria Mctaggert, Michael Robinson and many other new mutants, this is the story of the first Xmen that nobody remembers.


WRITER: Jason Arron

PENCILS: Nick Bradshaw

STORY: the Jean grey school fro higher learning is a place of learning of peace of magic?

when dormannu attacks the school the xmen must team up with dr.strange to stop him


WRITER: Mark Waid

PENCILS: John Romota JR.

STORY: the start of the xmen origin, based 8 years in the past this is the definite story of the origin of the xavier school and the xmen.


WRITER: Dan Slott

PENCILS: Frank Cho

STORY: captain marvel, red hulk, brother voodoo, cable, hope summers. Are all names known throughout the universe but some of their greatest stories are yet to be discovered.


WRITER: Mark Waid

PENCILS: Andy Kubert

STORY: Ben Gimm, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm. they are the earth's prime astronauts but when an alien invasion from another reality is looming and the avengers are missing. They must protect the Earth but what happens when they veer of course into the path of intergalactic rays.


WRITER: Rick Remender

PENCILS: Brandoson Peterson

STORY: Ultron, an artificial mind and his first attempt at redesigning man is a vision, a vision of the future


Dc civil war

I'd just like to say this was all lavenger's idea and he decided what sides the heroes were on.

So it all starts when trust in heroes is dwindling after the most recent dc event, maybe trinity war, to resolve the situation the government put out a American sponsors hero.

When this hero makes a grab for power of the world, a bit like injustice. This hero is confronted by the justice league. Hal, who is on the JL, kills this hero/villain.

This starts a debate amongst the government about registration. They're concerned if superman or someone on his power levels did this. Eventually the government pass registration and a dispute starts in the justice league. Hal, shazam, Barry,Wally,hawk man are all pro reg, whilst batman, Wonder Woman, aquman , green arrow, zatana and cyborg are all anti reg.

Amanda Waller goes to Gotham and stages a bank robbery to speak with batman, when Amanda tells batman about the new pro reg team, batman tells he will have nothing to do with it and escapes.

If you want to see the sides look at lavenger's list.

In Gotham villains attack the mayors office, batman intervenes when he goes into the building he finds it on fire and looks at the bodys, when he does a retina scan he learns that the body's are fake.

It's a trap! The villains who attacked were the suicide squad. Batman is confronted by the pro reg heroes and is placed under arrest. When the anti reg heroes come in, a huge battle ensures and this is when Kyle defects over to the anti reg. Amanda tells Steve to take a shot on Wonder Woman and batman but instead he tells his men to fall back, Steve and Kyle are then placed under arrest.

Batman approaches superman to join anti reg abut they are interrupted by Hal and shazam a battle between the heroes takes place and superman decides to remain neutral.

Batman then plans a prison break and kid flash defects over to anti reg. during the battle of the prison brake Barry and wally take Bart's powers away and place him in prison.

Aquaman gets the Atlantan army to join anti reg, this adds to bat mans army but during a meeting of the anti reg heroes, simon baz, who was a spy on Hals side, gets thrown through the roof. His last words before he dies are "he's gone to far". We later learn that Hal has stolen green lantern rings to boost his power and shazam has stolen Mary and Freddys power.

A huge battle ensures and Hal is about to kill batman when the neutral heroes burst in and superman takes Hal out.

The government the repel the registration and Hal, shazam, hawkman are placed under arrest.

Batman and superman are placed on a council of politicians reviewing superheroes actions.

Epilogue: Amanda Waller is debriefing the suicide squad when death stroke comes down and kills her, he tells the suicide squad that whilst this mess was going on someone was creating an army.


how much you hate bendis

in this forum you have to say how much you hate bendis the rules are you score you score your post with numbers the higher the better low means its not that bad what hes done and high means its diabolical what hes done

ill start

his latest run on avengers -8



I just wanted to say that DC have ruined justice league by adding cyborg I love Martian manhunter so I just wanted to list cyborgs faults

1.he has no charter devolment

2.hes muscled martain manhunter out of the DC spotlight

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