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206781 World's Finest Comics #10 Issue There wasn't a character page for this character until today. :) 04/02/19 10:04AM 2 approved
206780 Mr. Gadget Character 04/02/19 10:02AM 12 approved
205681 New Character Character He is currently not in the database from what I could tell. :) 04/01/19 12:20PM 50 approved
133717 Kali'd Away Issue 11/19/18 08:24PM 2 approved
133716 Thug of war Issue 11/19/18 08:24PM 2 approved
130518 No Man's Land Episode Considering the timeline and the fact that "Orphan" was a boy, I believe it was Cassie Cain's father, David Cain, not Cassandra herself. 11/15/18 06:57PM 4 approved
38238 Null and Annoyed Episode The character that is referred to as "Null" has the power of gravity manipulation rather than light and sound manipulation. I made my change based on that. :) 06/30/18 06:05PM 4 approved