The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Things I like, don't like, and just can't stand...

List items

  • This wrapped up the AoA Series wonderfully. One of my favorite endings. The last image of Rogue and Magneto, amazing.

  • Really, you are going to kill the most powerful character in the current marvel universe with a helicarrior??? RIP Sentry

  • His death wasn't bad enough, you had to bring him back, make him near invulnerable, and then write him in all the same story lines just replaceing mobsters with monsters. Oh, clever, you just switched that b for an n.

  • I enjoyed this series so much. After having dropped of a lot of Xmen spinoffs this one brought me back full force!

  • The only thing good that came out of this was a couple of decent covers with Black Cat and Firestar... other then that, a waste of good paper.

  • Ugly in so many ways that go beyond the superficial...

  • Love, love, love!

    Beautifully written and Beautifully drawn; full of raw emotion.

  • I am sorry, but have you seen some of the art he gets away! Where is an editer when you need one!

    I know he isn't the only one, but he is judged to be one of the best and then... well... you've seen it!

  • I believe him to be unoriginal. He takes from everyone and gives nothing back... Just my opinion. And he is mean to kids!

  • Love it! A great way to have fun and be creative!

  • As the new Venom. Am enjoying this more than I should haha.