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Top 3 reasons why AVSX could be the most epic crossover ever

1) Guess who is back!

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Is the real HIM finally? And, will this comeback totally ruin the character? Epic or flop, i don't see other options

2) Gods need to talk.

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Now this is gorgeous. And this can be everything. Will thor "talk" to the phoenix convinving her to hold back? Will they fight?

3) Iron....Phoenix?

What's happening between Danny and the Phoenix Force?

Other reasons? Avengers vs X-Men (Nerdgasm). Scarlet is back and wanna kick some assess. Finally they use Wolverine as a HUMAN and not just a stupid assassin, and he seems to be a very important part in this conflict. There is so much that could happen now. All the best marvel writers are working to this. EVERYTHING could happen, the most epic crossover ever!