Marvel Event/Arc Reading Checklist 2004-2010

So according to good sources, Marvel Editor's decided to start a long series of events from Avengers Disassembled, all the way to The Heroic Age. What a mess. I originally just wanted to read Civil War, and then I found myself looking up House of M because of M-Day in Civil War X-Men, then I realized that Disassembled comes before that, and months later I realized there's more after the Initiative, that lead me to Secret Invasion, which in turn told me that Secret War comes first... God.

I can't wait to get all of this over with and go back to Dark Horse (and DC). In the mean while, I'm creating this checklist to help me out...

Note that this list is compiled from various sources. This includes Wikipedia, this site--ComicVine, comic book forums such as Comic Book Resources, Marvel Database, other readers and the comic books themselves. This also includes stories that lead up to the events in 2004, and events that deal with the aftermath in 2010.

Furthermore, I'll be organizing this list in "Arcs", or atleast trying to. If I havn't read something yet, I won't fill in the comment box. These arcs range from 2004, to 2010, as it's said that's how far the "Long Series of Events" go.

I have to note that I'm not a regular Marvel reader. I don't read these books because I'm collecting them monthly. I simply read because I am a fan of the characters, and have been since a child. I read these books in their collected format when I can.

Update 4/4/2013: Well, I don't know where this list is going, after War of Kings... I'll just have to keep on reading and find out. I might expand this list from 2010-2012, or something. Furthermore, I need to find TPB's for these, which I'll mark with an asterisk, and a number, of the editions collected. Argh, my chest hurts again...

Update 5/4/2013: Yeah, it's just been one day. I added the Annihilation part. I wonder when and how I'll be able to get to that, but I do know it comes before Secret Invasion.

Update 24/42013: Damn. I've finished Planet Hulk and Annihilation, and I think I'll take a break for a while, but I dunno. I also created a jpg reading list just in the case that shit happens.

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