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I suppose...

It would be best to be augmented and trained in the use of your powers that way there are no accidents, nobody gets hurt, and you can confidently use your powers knowing you are in full control of the situation.Mutations are random and can manifest with horrible results, freak accidents are the same they are terribly random and anything can happen, being chosen isn't bad but then you have to worry about doing what that force or person wants you to do for fear of that power being taken away.To touch on some with the devil are inherently bad considering the fact that the devil is evil and there will undoubtedly be consequences, symbiotes are typically only interested in self preservation/gain so there is no trust and once someone better comes along then say goodbye to all that power,inventing a source of power like a suit or weapon is ok if you know how to use it and if it is a qulity product.I think that covers most unless of course you're an alien in which case your powers are natural which come to think of it should have been my answer because unlike a mutant everyone around you will have the same power so the chances of hurting anyone accidently would greatly decrease.



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Valid points!