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@Hawk said:
" @Archer Sparrow: That name has me supisicious. "
how good of you to have the decency to be afraid of me I could rip your throat out
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Hey guys im looking for a team and was told this is the place to post

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 The moon was mid high above the clear Canadian forest of Dead Wood, Archer slowly parked his car atop a small distinct hill overlooking the forest. Archer slammed the door, slowly me he removed his black sunglasses opening his olive green eyes at the moon's light glow.He then removed his cellphone battery, preventing the GPS from being activated, he was no fool, quickly adapting to this centuries ruitines and habits. Where he was going he wanted no one to bare witness to it. Climbing over the small metal guarding meant to keep cars from plummeting to the bottom of the hill, He shrugged both shoulders he then closed his eyes as he leaned his body mass forward causing body to drop down into the air below.The window flew through his long hair as he descended, landing on his kneel with his right arm struck down into the ground.He rose pulling his dirt covered arm out from the soil opening his now red colored eyes up at the moon lowering them towards his surroundings. Intaking a small amount of air through his nostrils Archer could feel the flow of life within the woods, his long hair began to blow all of sideways as the wind caught it in its invisible net.Then using his bat-like super hearing he heard crackling sound of twigs breaking beneath the pressure of a footstep (prey...) he thought to himself as his eye color changed again this time to predatory pitch black with a small blood colored ring around his animal like iris. then using a few simple gestures Archer moved at speeds not visible to the mortal eye, In a blur of motion traveling close to 427 mph. He could feel the moisture coming off of his prey's breath as it exhaled.The scent was overwhelming to all the senses. Quickly he jumped on top of a tree using his supernatural strength and agility to climb to the very top, just within viewing point of his prey. The plan was simple thought Archer to himself inside his head kill the man responsible for murders that were being blamed on Archer indiscriminately.