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The New Ms. Marvel [SPOILERS IN REVIEW] 2

Meet Kamala Khan, an average sixteen-year-old girl from Jersey City that just so happens to become a superhero.Ms. Marvel Issue 1 is a great example of how to introduce a new character. The comic starts out in a deli, where she is enjoying the smells of meet that she is forbidden to eat by her faith, and she hears about a party being thrown at the waterfront later that evening. We learn that Kamala is a Muslim and the daughter of Pakistani immigrants. When she is told that she cannot go to the ...

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Not Clowning Around 0

LATE REVIEW. I really liked Grills in the short time that he was present in the comic, and his death was sad for me. It wasn't a Damian Wayne depression, but more like a "Man, that really sucks." Anyway...We take a short break from present time to look at the story behind our clowny gunman, Kazimierz Kazimierczak (Kah-See-Meersh. "Kazi" as his American friends say it). The tale of the loss of his family and way of life that ultimately led to his criminal activities, to me, was fascinating. After...

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