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Between the Big Two I would say that DC is better with their usage of female characters. Marvel has a habit of sticking to a certain female or small group of females for each of their franchises; Spider-woman, Storm, Invisible Woman, Captain Marvel, Emma Frost,Black Widow, Psylocke, Red She-hulk (to an extent) are just of the few that have been used ad nauseum over the past couple of years even though Marvel still has a large category of unused female characters, but still even when those select few women were used they barely get the same panel+story+development time that their male counterparts are getting.

DC has a bit more balance with their female superheroes/villains/side characters. Just sticking for the new 52 for now you can see that there's been a lot of female characters with headlining solo or team books since new 52 started. Batgirl, Batwoman, Birds of Prey,Catwoman,Hawk and Dove, Justice League Dark, Legion Lost,Legion of Super-Heroes, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Red Lanterns, Justice League of America,Suicide Squad, Supergirl, Teen Titans, Voodoo, Katana, Wonder Woman, World’s Finest are just some of the few that showcased a variety of leading ladies in one way or the other.

DC's treatment of their characters is piss poor all the way around, but mostly their females suffer from terrible writing and the curse of fridging for some dude's manpain, however, at least DC tries to expand their character use.

Although, they've been getting a little better lately Marvel still will just stick to the same ole', same ole' character roster without thinking of giving someone else a chance to shine.

All that being said, I still prefer Top Cow over both the Big Two, lol. But Image as a whole has been the best to female characters these past few years, so I voted for them

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She never asked him to wait she told the moment the kiss ended that she wasn't going to reenter their relationship and that she needed "space". He agreed with her and then decided for himself to wait.

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No apollo and midnighter? :(

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@AweSam: lol, despite Marvel trying to sell us a "love triangle" Mike Carey has pretty much kept Rogue's "relationship" with Magneto out of her "relationship" with Gambit. Opting to explore on the former rather than the latter. Actually not until fairly recently with Christos Gage, has the two relationships "mixed" together.

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@ExtraLarge: Well, that was completely rude and uncalled for.

Maybe Rogue is finally thinking about what she wants for her life instead of just falling back into the same thing over and over again? Maybe she wants to see other people? Maybe she wants to be single? Maybe she wants to join a nunnery? Maybe she doesn't want to be guilted into being in a relationship with someone?

Who knows, but I don't think it's wrong of her for wanting something different for her life.

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First and foremost I am a Rogue fan. I used to love ROMY, but I grew out of that once I began taking a closer look at their relationship throughout the years. From Beginning to end.

Some people like ROMY; other's don't. That's fine, but this thread is more about their breakup and why it is that Rogue is taking all the blame for the way her relationship with Gambit ended when she was only looking to reevaluate her life and all the decisions she's made.

The entire breakup from Milligan to Carey:

During Milligan’s run Gambit (unbeknownst to anyone else at the time) decided to join Apocalypse forces’ because he believed that apocalypse could save the mutants. He then opted to undergo transformation into the new Horseman of Death. Shortly after he debuted his new look and powers by attacking the x-men.


after rogue is shot and put into a coma by mystique; it is revealed that Gambit has made a deal with Mr Sinister and is now working for the Marauders again. He’s there to help Rogue. Rogue wakes up from her coma because mystique used baby goo (Hope) to somehow cure Rogue. Rogue gets angry at Raven and tries to death touch her, but she doesn’t have that power anymore so Raven lives. Rogue says needs space to herself after having a billion minds stuffed into her head. She leaves Gambit in the lab/room(?)

The end her X-Men Legacy arc where she gets her powers under control. She tell’s Gambit she isn’t ready to restart their relationship and Gambit complies with her.

I think it's entirely unfair to blame Rogue for what occurred. It's not like She had any idea what Gambit was doing with Apocalypse, yet she still held out hope for him.

After she had her mind occupied by the billion aliens, she decided to take some time to herself to do some "soul searching", While Gambit was off doing his own thing.

I believe most of us here is familiar with the Salvage arc of Legacy? So I'll just skip to Rogue getting her powers under control.

When she does get her powers under control she tells Gambit pretty much on the spot that she's not ready to start their relationship again, and he agrees by telling her to take all the time she needs. She does just this by taking a job as Teacher to a bunch of X-kids. After that she's pretty much been on mission to mission (as you've seen in Legacy), it was roughly....two months(maybe 6 weeks) later that she ran into Gambit having a conversation with "dark Gambit". From there they spoke about Rogue, her powers, how she's been avoiding Gambit for awhile, and at that time Gambit reveals (in his own dialogue) that he wants to get back together, but Rogue is still hesitant and tells him that although she loves him she's just not ready to be together again.

However, even after all of this there are some people who will insist that Rogue is "being a bitch" or that she is "dragging Gambit along", so why is that? Why is it when they both agreed to remain "friends" with only Gambit changing his mind at a later time; Rogue is demonized for deciding against a relationship renewal and Gambit is seen as a victimized saint?

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@MyraMyraMyra: I think you might be projecting a little bit of something that's not there.

Magneto is definitely not the dominant one in their relationship nor has been playing at "being a rock". Rogue has been calling the shots since day one if anything she's the dominant one.

He is very supportive of Rogue and her decisions and tries to help her when she asks. He even tried to get rogue to go back to Gambit when he realized that she was conflicted about her feelings for him, and Legacy's feelings for General. He has never forced her or tried to manipulate her into being something she's not.

As far as Gambit and Rogue go. Let's be honest. It wasn't Rogue's fault they broke up, and it was totally natural for her not to want to renew their relationship. She even told him upfront that she wasn't *ready* to even think about a relationship with him and he agreed with her then gave her space. So what's with all the "Rogue is being a horrible to Gambit" that's been going around? I don't get it. They both agreed to not start up again and just because Gambit changed his mind that doesn't mean that Rogue should have to.

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lol, Gambit went to join Apocalypse team; he personally chose to become a Horseman. Angel lost his wings to the events of Mutant Massacre and was completely suicidal because of that. Apocalypse offered Warren a way to stop his pain and for his wings to come back.

Batman didn't betray the Justice League. He, as a hero, did what he was supposed to do. Protect the innocent from the bad guys (even the bad guys who were once good).

Adam Beechen hit it right on the nail. It's all about the intentions.

Did the hero in question betray his team mates because of personal reasons?

Was the hero forced to betray his team?

Was the hero aware that he was betraying his team?

Does the hero have a history of betrayal?

Is the hero sorry for his betrayal or just sorry he was caught?

I think those are the questions to be considered when deciding if a hero is to be forgiven by those who he betrayed.

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@FourthDeity: I'm assuming s/he is referring to the Miligan arc of X-Men wherein Logan and Rogue had a bunch of sexual Tension which culminated in a kiss between the two.

It's not that far off though. They do have a long standing connection and understanding of each other.

Personally, I love MagnetoxRogue. It's something new for her and him. It's a good chance to see Rogue in a relationship with someone polar opposite of Gambit. Someone who's not so "attached". It gives her the opportunity to be Rogue; not just "Rogue in a relationship with that guy" I don't know. I believe that Rogue being in a relationship with Magneto is a good thing, but the writers need to show that relationship. Not just use it to create drama for a fake love triangle.

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I happen to be a VERY big fan of Rogue and if there is anything I feel should be addressed by what you wrote, its that her 25 year history was mostly defined by her relationship with Gambit. I most certainly do NOT agree with that. If anything, it was the other way around (unfortunately), but that's for another thread for some other day.

I'm basing my statement more on how her character digressed when she and gambit were forced together. The rogue during the 90's was almost entirely defined by her romance with Gambit She became Gambit's puppy (and he hers). Her very first solo series (and every one after that) was based on his story with his wife/ex-wife, and how she wanted revenge on rogue. Meanwhile, around the same time the plot of her being related to nightcrawler was moved into X-Men: Unlimited. She couldn't be anywhere without Gambit or mentioning Gambit in some way. It was like she wasn't a complete character without him. She didn't have that close relationship with the other X-Men like she did before getting her relationship.

Gambit wasn't that tied down. He was given plenty of solo and team-up stories where Rogue wasn't even mentioned. He had multiple ongoing series that rogue made small cameos in, but otherwise she wasn't there. He was given more freedom in the relationship to be a character.Honestly the only reason he's not as used as he should in the X-books is because Marvel just couldn't decide what character they wanted him to be so it all imploded after awhile lol. Is he the summer's long lost brother? Is he related to Sinister? Is her Sinister's clone? They just couldn't decide which way to go with him and that's what led to his eventual downfall in usage. :/

The relationship destroyed both characters but i believe Rogue was hurt more. It's like you said Gambit is lucky to be free of her Rogue's character was continually knocked down from her independent 80's character. She became more clingy and selfish in her ways, she whined and cried more about things that wouldn't have bothered her otherwise. I believe Marvel tried to turn the X-Men into a super super superhero soap opera, and in their venture they messed up a lot of good characterization.

It's better if they never get together again. It's just not safe for them as characters anymore.

It's more that I think Rogue would find it within her to pursue a relationship with him that I don't buy.

I can "get" why she would. She got to know him as an ally and then developed feelings for him at a time when he was in serious self-doubt as to whether or not he can actually be an x-man. She liked him and wanted him to stay good, but she was naive and didn't really understand what was it that was conflicting to him. I think she behaved like a girl with a crush for awhile when it came to him, but she grew out of it. However she never dealt with her feelings for him, and since he's been back her old feelings are starting (little by little) to resurface. This time she has more control though, she's not as idealistic when it comes to him as she used to be. She has the opportunity to be with Magnus except this time she's more mature (not by much but she's getting there) and she's not going to be swayed by her emotions. Some people say that's why she's been a bit indecisive her relationship with Magneto, but I personally think she's just avoiding having to make any long term decisions right now. She wants to have her cake and eat it too and wake up in the morning without a stomach ache :/

But we will have to agree to disagree on your take that Magneto wasn't responsible for human and mutant suffering alike.

I meant to type "solely responsible". I'm not arguing that he wasn't responsible both directly and indirectly for a lot of pain I'm just saying that constantly holding the pain he caused against him without chance for redemption is just as bad. Everyone should be extremely cautious of him, but they should at least give him a chance at redemption.

It is what it is. I don't like it. At all. You do. That's what makes this hobby of ours fun. Thank you for your take and time on this, I appreciate it. :)

No, thank you. It's nice to have an actual conversation on this topic. It's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. xD

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