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Stan Lee's The LEEGION of Superheroes

This list contains characters Stan "The Man" Lee and POW! Entertainment have co-created with other publishers from over the years that are NOT MARVEL (or from DC Comics...it was a minor stunt he did back in early 2000). There are is more, but they are from various films (live and animated), TV series (live action, anime), video games, webshows/web shorts, & books (as in books without illustrations, except for a few children and young adult novels) and they DO NOT have comic book adaptations: Riftworld, The 7th Portal (Data Raiders: The Thunderer, Oxblood, Gossamer, The Streak, Conjure Man, & Imitatia, & Izayus), The Accuser, The Drifter, Alien Factor (Logan's Losers), Superhero Christmas (The Protector, Protectress & the Young Protectors), Lightspeed, The Harpies, The Govenator [former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's comic book counterpart], Time Jumper, Verticus, The Annihilator, Hero Command (Captain Steamhammer, The Seer, The Twins), The Reflection (X-On, I-Guy, Eleanor Evans, Lisa Livingston, Michael Holden).

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[FYI, I know how to spell "legion". I thought the extra "e" would make more sense when you add Stan's last name for for kicks. As in, "we, your LEEGION of followers...". Who doesn't like a good pun? Also the name of the list is named after DC Comic's Legion of Superheroes. I still thought it was funny.]

UPDATE: Stan "The Man" Lee passed away on November 12th 2018. Here's to Stan, and thank you for being a marvelous, trailblazing comic book creator. Excelsior!

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