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Multiversity: Earth-Henshin

In Grant Morrison's run on Final Crisis he created an interesting set of Japanese superheroes, which then spawned a spin-off series "Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance" starring the reincarnated Forever People as Super Young Team. With Morrison's latest work on Multiversity, he should have a parallel world mirroring the success of Disney Pixar's BIG HERO 6, where the heroes of Japan are now the world's only saviors against kaiju monsters, super-villains, and criminals.

*Note: There are no actual comic book appearances of the following characters from "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo": Brushogun, Saico-Tek, Commander Uehara Daizo & the Tokyo Troopers, Mecha-Boi, Nya-Nya, Scarface, and Timoko.

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