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WWE top 10 most powerful beings

WWE can be thought as a comic verse or fictional universe. In that point of view, I have made a list of the most powerful beings in WWE verse.

List items

  • The supreme being of WWE universe

  • The king of kings , he has won WWE world championship 13 times, only short of cena and ric flair. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants , wherever he wants. If someone dares to challenge him, he can bury him with his signature golden shovel, or crush skull with his sledge hammer. He also has high reality warping abilities , and likes to rule and conquer.

  • Austin 3:16 won royal rumble 3 times. The ultimate face of attitude era, he likes drinking beers and whooping everyone. He never fears anything or anyone, so there is nothing that can stop him .....and this is the bottom like 'cause STONE COLD SAID SO

  • He did what no one has been able to do, or can do. He beat the undertaker clean in the middle of the ring at wrestlemania. He has beaten john cena clean in utter squash, and has some crazy strength. In past, he has beaten hulk hogan and the rock.

  • He needs to description. He is undead, can teleport, turn invisible, manipulate energy, and is unbeatable at wrestlemania (except brock)

  • The immortal one is some crazy powerful. He had held WWE title for years without losing.

  • He can overcome any odds. He never gives up , never loses , and no matter how bloodlusted he is, he never loses his calm. In his super cena state, he can beat omnipotents, resist reality warping or die and still kick out at two

  • He is the user of mighty RKO outta nowhere. His victims have ranged from hulk to superman to john cena to triple H.

  • He is THE ROCK. He has the power of millions of people, all packed into one elbow. He has fought stone cold thrice at wrestlemania and he has won a total of 8 WWE titles.

  • He is apparantly > superman, as all the superman's energy can be packed in his one punch. He fought brock lesnar at wrestlemania.