TOP TEN Most powerful heroes MCU

Not counting agents of shield, here are the top 10 most powerful heroes in MCUverse so far.

Hon'ble mentions:

Friends of Thor (including sif) , The super Soldiers (cap & BP) , Drax the destroyer etc.

List items

  • Unquestionably the #1 most powerful hero in MCU.

  • Was able to match thor w/ Mjolnir quite easily. He can use Mjolnir.

    His body is made of vibranium merged with organic matter.

  • Composite armor Iron Man is the most powerful human hero. He beat the hulk, fought Thor, beat ultron etc.

  • She is a telepath and telekinetic. She was able to solo the entire line up of avengers with little help from her brother & ultron.

  • THE strongest there is, he is always angry, and the strongest and most durable human on earth. He smashes everyone - even those stronger than him.

  • Powerful as giant man, and very versatile. He is dangerous especially with shrink discs.

  • The tree-like being is the most powerful Guardian of the galaxy.

  • He is basically iron man lite.

  • He is stronger than super soldiers, can lift cars easily.