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Top 25 strongest Dragon Ball characters

The ultimate list (movies & GT included) for the strongest characters in the Dragon ball series so far. It will feature no one more than once to keep the list simple.

Honourable mentions : Dabura , east kaioshin , BoJack, Cell , Pikkon

List items

  • Whis' sister. Apparantly stronger than him. The strongest being of 6th & 7 th universe combined. She is attendent of god of destruction champa in 6ht universe.

  • The ultimate being of 7th universe, the attendent of God of destruction beerus himself is much stronger than him & is his martial art master.

  • The god of destruction of 7th universe, beerus was the strongest opponent of goku ever. His job is to destroy planets.

  • He is the twin brother of beerus & god of destruction of 6th universe

  • The super saiyan god goku was the second strongest opponent beerus ever faced. He then surpassed the limits of god form itself to become SSB.

    He is the main character of the series, & continues to get stronger. He defeated frieza. He achieved a power above SSG , i.e. SSB, and can power up 10 times more, into super saiyan blue KaioKen x10

  • The strongest fighter of universe 6, hit is a legendary assassin who has never failed even once in his life and he has shown to overpower a SSB with little trouble. He also has a little time manipulation skills and he continues to improve in a battle.

  • Introduced as pure evil prince of saiyans, the prideful vegeta never stops training. He wants to get the strongest in the universe, & is equal to goku in strength & fighting abilities.

  • The terrifying ruler of the universe who ruled a large portion of universe. The evil emperor was the strongest being in the mortal universe, striking fear into his enemies.

    He blew up planet vegeta, & the first person to witness the wrath of the super saiyan.

    After being killed, he was revived with dragon balls & he trained for only four months, & reclaimed his title of the strongest in the universe , even above spuer sayan god, except for beerus & whis, but was ultimately defeated.

  • Super saiyan 4 gogeta , as he appeared in end of GT , was so strong that the fusion couldn't maintain him one being for even 10 minutes. He kicked the blast of fearful omega shenron , which was said to be capable of consuming and corrupting the entire universe. Even with blinking, he was able to shake omega shenron

  • Syn shenron, in his super omega shenron form, was able to handle two SS4s with ease. His negative energy ball was said to be able to consume the entire universe.

  • Some of the shadow dragons were weak, but others were able to handle even the super saiyan 4 goku.

  • super 17, an android made of #17 & hell fighter 17 fused together was not only extremely powerful, but could absorb bear limitless energy, making him even more dangerous.

  • A terrible tuffle science mix with super saiyan power, baby was the strongest being goku ever fought. He took over everyone on the planet & restored new planet plant.

  • Super vegitto , the mighty potara fusion of goku & vegeta, is the strongest being to ever appear in dragon ball manga. He was able to beat the hell out of buu even as a candy, wasn't absorbed like others and he wasn't even trying. His full strength is unknown.

  • One of the strongest universe 6 saiyans, he is taught by vegeta to go super saiyan and become one of the strongest beings in his universe.

  • The emperor of universe 6, he is incredibly strong, but nothing to super saiyan goku.

    He is the strongest fighter of Universe 6 besides Hit

  • Fused with his former self, uub became majuub, a warrior stronger than even SS3 goku. He is the strongest of the humans in DB world ever.

  • This weird monster was able to one-shot ultimate gohan, and withstand the damage done by super gotenks. After that, he transformed, and became even more powerful.

  • In his many forms & transformations due to absorptions, the dangerous pink majin was at the peak of his strength with the ultimate gohan absorbed in him. In that form, he was stronger than everyone except super vegitto.

    In his original form, he had killed the supreme gods million of years ago.

  • The strongest unfused being in entire Z , gohan was empowered by old kaioshin ritual. He was able to beat super buu effortlessly.

  • Super gotenks , or super saiyan 3 gotenks , was the fusion of goten and trunks. He was stronger than even SS3 goku and super buu. He rivaled ultimate gohan in power.

  • Super janemba was the essence of evil in the other world. He was able to beat super saiyan 3 goku and super saiyan 2 vegeta easily. They needed to fuse to defeat him.

  • The son of the evil half of kami, piccolo is basically four souls in one body. He is one of the most important characters in DB and DBZ. He is the strongest non saiyan in the Z fighter group. He is also the teacher and mentor of gohan, and former rival of goku.

    He is the only person to have killed goku in a battle when he killed goku and raditz with his special beam cannon. He is strong enough to rival super saiyans, but isn't anywhere close to any super saiyan 2.

  • The Metalman from universe 6 is incredibly powerful and has very unique skills. He gave SS vegeta trouble.

  • The legendary super saiyan is so strong that a combined effort of 4 super saiyans & a super namek can't do anything to him.

    When he returns years later, he is even more powerful, able to beat super saiyan 2 gohan with ease.