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Top 15 strongest humans of the franchise

There you go: The strongest pure humans, in a series filled with ridiculously strong people (especially aliens and monsters) , magic beings , and cyborgs.

Here is where the humans stand in comparison after taking these people out of equation:

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  • The strongest of all the humans. He has fought thrice in world tournament, and passed the preliminaries easily. He even reached the semifinals twice, putting a hell of fight before losing.

    He surpassed his master roshi, then surpassed the god of earth , then goes to namek and fights the strongest being in the universe FREEZA himself, but ends up dying. He trains for androids, and although still nowhere near saiyans, he got the best prize out of the battle : #18.

  • One of the strongest humans, he was the strongest human after since 22nd TB. He maintained his position of #1 till he died, & after training with king kai, then training for androids, he became even stronger.

    He hates to lose, and if he has a chance, he'll try his best, risking his life if required. He nearly sacrificed himself to stop cell.

  • He is one of the strongest humans. He is goku's first ever rival. Although a bit overconfident, he is highly skilled & strong.

    He surpassed roshi and god. He then defeated a saibaman without much trouble. Afterwards, he trains with king kai , and then trains for androids.

  • The weird looking friend of tien is amazingly one of the strongest humans on earth. He was stronger than kami after training, and he tried to take down nappa but failed. However, he's constantly training with a stronger person than him and has also trained with king kai.

  • He looks not very strong, but it will be a mistake to underestimate him. He also trained with god and surpassed him. Even before that, he was the strongest human till tien trained to fight piccolo daimao. He is the strongest non ki using human.

  • The former "strongest under the heavens" , "god of martial arts" , "kamesenin" master roshi is so strong that when we see him at his weakest, he blows up the moon. Do I need to say more?

  • He is tien's master, and very strong. He is the founder of crane style martial arts.

  • The deadliest assasin, Tao Pai Pai , was the inventor of dodonpa, and took out general blue with one hit , with his tongue !!!

    He beat goku with his both arms behind his back.

  • She is wife of goku, and most feared women among heroes. She is really strong, as evident by making up to (quater) finals of 23rd TB where not even king chappa or chiatzu could pass preiminary.

    She aso tought goten how to fight.

  • The grandfather of goku, who raised him to be a pure kind-hearted boy rather than a saiyan killer.

    He matched goku who beat down Tao without much trouble.

  • He won a tournament without being touched even once. He moves his hands so fast like he has 8 arms.

    After he's beaten by goku easily, he trains hard and becomes stronger.

  • He guards the sacred land of korin's tower. He is really strong guy who can resist bullets, and he actually made Tao use his hands, but was overpowered and killed.

    Goku brings him back to life with dragonballs.

  • The strongest fighter of RRA, he gave goku and friends a lot of trouble. He beat down krillin easily.

    He was killed by tao.

  • He fought goku in 21st TB semifinal, and was very closely matched by him.

  • He was fast and strong for goku to not totally destroy him. Even after seeing goku's performance, he still had confidence in taking him down.