The top 20 most powerful beings in Marvel

These are my views, make sure to comment whether you agree or disagree with this

Honorable mentions:

The Fulcrum - He is basically the god of celestials, but his power isn't hinted at all.

Tiamut - He became equal to fulcrum in power, see above.

Galactus (Last planet standing) - He was strong enough to be a challenge to the living tribunal, who needed a bunch of cosmic powerhouses to help him.

Cyttorak - His power is unknown. He is, however, probably more pwoerful than galactus. Some people believe that galactus would give him a hell of a fight or even beat him, while others think that the living tribunal would get owned by him (lol).

Anyone with infinity Gauntlet: Anyone with infinity gauntelt is quite significantly less powerful than Thanos with IG, but Adam warlock is the only one close up there with him. Adam defeated eternity with the IG.

Nemesis: The infinity being should be logically stronger than what thanos with IG was. But with no way to gauge the power, I can't quantify it. For all we know, it could be slightly above IG thanos, or even above Scathan.

HOM Wanda should get a mention as tearing a hole in reality, however, still no way to tell her power compared to beings in the list.

Tyrant - An easily universal threat qho can destroy galaxies in a blink.

Watcher - Powerful race of beings, most famous being uatu the watcher. He has shown enduring situations not even galactus would. However he is implied to be slightly below galactus and he does not interfere with anything, so there is no proper place to put him.

Dr Doom - Doom with Beyonders' powers was a beast but there is not a concrete power level to put him at.

Phoenix Force, Chaos, Order, Love, Hate, OKT with necro-sword, cosmic cube beings - Barely missed the mark.

Insane genis vell (see comments)

List items

  • The literal omnipotent , omniscient, omnipresent entity which handles everything in MU.

    It has no desires and is just interested in seeing how different realities play out.

  • Pre retcon beyonder showed power incomprehensible for anything and anyone, even beings who far surpass The Living Tribunal in power.

  • Adam warlock from some unknown reality has achieved omnipotence because of somehow the reality merging into him. He starts as powerful as eternity and infinity combined and still gains more and more pwoer. He subconsciuosly destroys all the spacetime itself, and later, TOAA appoints him as living tribunal, as a part of a deal.

    He states that he is different from previous living tribunal, and won't have any issues with threats like beyonders.

  • When Thanos absorbed the HotU, he became powerful enough to surpass the living tribunal. He later absorbs the living tribunal and the entire marvel multiverse.

  • They are extremely powerful race who killed all abstracts like eternity and even killed the living tribunal.

  • He very easily defeated Protege, who had the powers of the living tribunal, eternity and many others combined, just by a thumbs down.

    Hawk-god implied that him joining the battle was the most important thing they needed, despite having LT on their side.

    He also restrained Protege.

  • Pre retcon molecule man was the only person in the multiverse to even make beyonder feel anything. He was more powerful than the living tribunal.

  • He absorbed the power of cosmic beings and abstracts like Beyonder, eternity etc, and then he even absorbed the powers of the living tribunal. He was only kept in check by Scathan the approver, and then LT absorbed him by invoking some ancient one's powers.

  • He is basically (was) the judge of marvel multiverse.

  • Thanos rightfully claims his place in the top ten again, with another artifact (which is most commonly affiliated with him), The INFINITY GAUNTLET. It allowed Thanos to control all aspects of reality and become practically omnipotent. He defeats eternity easily and stomped the cosmic team sent by eternity.

  • He starts off as a "part" of eternity, as an equal half as chaos king. However, he absorbs 98.7% of the multiverse and becomes presumably more powerful.

    However unamped mikaboshi isn't all that impressive and is just an aspect of Oblivion (an abstract)

  • Magus had the infinity gauntlet at a time. However he is mentioned separately because he was unique in the sense that he had incomplete infinity gauntlet, with only 5 gems thanks to Thanos.

    He easily reversed the ultimate nullifier. He was defeated by the combined might of adam warlock, Eternity and infinity, then captured by the soul gem by warlock.

  • Eternity , Infinity , Oblivion, Death all stand on the same grounds , equal in power, role, & are concepts as abstracts.

    They possess the power to do multiversal destruction. They can erase entire realities, the space-time itself. They are basically all-powerful, omnipresent entities.

  • Ultimate nullifier can mullify almost anything short of IG. It can even nullify the entire multiverse.

  • Amped up hercules in Chaos War was able to fight Chaos king for appreciable time at his best. He also recreated a large amount of the multiverse.

  • While individually around galactus level, there are a lot of celestials, and combined as a team, they are easily multiversal threat.

    They are however, significantly inferior to eternity, who is their creator .

    Note that this is obviously not counting Scathan the approver.

  • She had the cosmic egg, containing 30 cosmic cubes. Her power was far superior to sum of 30 CC powers, but far inferior to infinity gauntlet and even beneath eternity & infinity.

  • The galactus engine was powerful enough to fight dozens of celestials and Galactus as well as multiple other beings at once without any issue, and was still winning.

  • He easily created a universe when he was a kid. He easily one-shotted mad celestials as an adult. He even made galactus planets his herald & rbought him back to life.

  • Galactus the lifebringer is at his best as of now. He defeated lord chaos and master order easily.

    He is free of his hunger issues, which helps him barely make to this list.